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  1. 1) do you think it's alignment indicative? 2 ( What about that Hally brought it up? 1) Nope and that was my point. Sorry it wasn't clear. 2) Could be reaching on Hally's part. Could just her eager to get things started. I'm happy to see her involved from the get go.
  2. Last one for today. I am a Norwegian Ridgeback...who am I?
  3. One left in this round, just need to drive to Phoenix
  4. Correct! Last one until this evening. I am a popular candy that comes with collectible cards...what am I?
  5. Correct! I solemnly swear that I am up to no good...what am I?
  6. Correct! Next one: I bought Harry a Firebolt..who am I
  7. Correct! Next one: I was how Hermione managed to take so many conflicting classes
  8. Correct! Next one: I was accused of being 'Slytherin's Monster'...who am I?
  9. Here you will guess characters, objects, and places. They will start easy and get harder. SPOILERS INCLUDED Points: Rhea 20 Basel 40 Niniel 45 Chae 5 Daruya 120 Kat 55 BFG 105 First one: I am the Half-Blood Prince...who am I
  10. It's difficult and not everyone can do it. I have a hard time reading people until D2. So even though I believe in the method, I tend not to unless I have a decent read. Problem comes in saying you peeked X,then X acts scummy. You then either have to stick with your cover read of X being town or choose to case them. Of course choosing the latter means everyone knows you aren't cop and it could get you lynched. It's confusing really and haRd unless you have at least a decent vibe that a player is town.
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