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  1. Been almost a year since theres been any information at all i have to start wondering if its vapor
  2. Lets hope the same catastrophe doesnt happen for The Wheel of Time
  3. Useless character being useless until the very end
  4. cant wait for news on it, ill post it here as it comes Isnt game of thrones the first book in a song of fire and ice? and theyve made it how many seasons long now? I would hope it doesnt get dragged out into something terrible and change the plot or happenings a terrible amount
  5. Dreadlords: 50% chance of dying Deathlords: 15% chance of dying Chosen: 5% chance of dying Nae'blis: 1% chance of dying i know there were more ranks but im very tired and cannot recall, theres one with 99% chance of dieing
  6. Led Zep, heh I'm more than a match for you with my 0's
  7. Might've been, that's what brought me here after all
  8. Thats a druid in aquatic form, i dont know why a druid symbol is my avatar but for now ill just leave it till i find something better.
  9. nope, perhaps i just blend in instead. You might be remembering someone else I thought Light points up to 20 cost 1 point less or something...? but yeah TP would be handy too. We'll see who has the coolest people first ; ^)
  10. Which side has less people currently? Maybe ill join that side. But the light side having cheaper points is nice too, i guess we'll have to see, thats a ways away anyways isn't it? I cannot remember most of the series so i couldnt give you an asha'man, and 20's, California.
  11. It says " interior illustrations used with permission by Wizards of the Coast Copyright © 2001 Wizards of the Coast inc. Ornament art for the chapters is done by Matthew c Nielson and the cover art is done by Charles Keegan. So sounds like the only bits added are inserted bits of stock art heh
  12. So far (about six chapters in) there have been 2 black and white shaded pics of nothing much, one was just titled "a wolfbrother" and I can't recall the other one, I'll check it when I head home, left the book in my car, remind me later heh
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