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  1. so tie him up and drag him...lol its inevitable he is going to have to do it sometime....
  2. aww but running through the store with the scanner is soooo much fun!!
  3. Oh Lor! *carefully snughugs* Dont shoot me for being so late, COngrats sweetie, you have been wanting this for a long time, hun, your gonna be a great mommy!!!!! Have you registered anywhere yet?
  4. I may not be an official sponser but I would love to speak on Chae's behalf! While I havent been super active, everytime I check the boards it is apparent that Chae has been there. Her posts are always lively and she brings a spunk that is definately characteristic of a Green! While I already call her a sister, it will be an honor to have her as an official Sister. *hugs* Congrats sweetie!!!!!
  5. *snugglehuggles* wow, my grandmintee got raised to Aes Sedai! I feel old!! Congrats Leane, you have been a lively and super active part of hte Ajah since day 1, I will be proud to call you Sister!!
  6. OMG! Both of my mentees raised in one thread!!! What a wonderful day!!! Congrats Tabby & Ani *snugglehuggles* Congrats everyone, you all will make great Accepteds!!!!!!!
  7. my grandmintee got raised!!! *snugglehuggles* Congrats Leane!!!!!!! Congrats to Brendalea and Mara also!! Cant wait to see Arianna's arches!!!!!
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