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  1. *stumbles in* Call a Yellow. I've got one helluva hangover.
  2. For when your research has hit a wall.
  3. Shitty couple of weeks. Just shitty. Sorry all, I am not the social bird lately.
  4. Yyyeah. I have been trying to keep my mellow over this wave of bathroom bills.
  5. Some of these names are just lewd, like Fanny Fister.
  6. It's kind of a strange environment as far as names go. The names that I've seen are punny and campy and it's a bit like naming a boat after a drag queen. I wanted to use Swedish Meatbrawl but it was taken. Other names I've seen are Gal Capone, Havoc Her Way, and Rolly Mary Mother of Derby. Other people do use parts of their legal name but it isn't an obligation to do so. Your legal name is attached to the derby name, your contact information and your league information but people seem to fancy the wild smash'em'ups with silly names.
  7. I used a pair of skates my friend wore when he was reffing derby and I had a much more productive practice this week. I picked out a derby name. When we make it all official, I'll skate under the moniker "Wrendy Torrance" and Imma fight like nails for the number "237."
  8. This is a very unfunny joke. May banana slugs take up residence in your sinuses.
  9. Oh, Light. I was sore this morning. Everything hurt everywhere.
  10. Eh. I make do where I'm at and I try not to think too hard about where I could be.
  11. I thought I would have trouble picking up skating again but it took me less than ten minutes to find my feet. I'm still a little shaky but I was already making laps with their regular skaters. Braking is difficult in rental skates, so that's definitely high on my list of things to master. Walls and floors aren't meant for stopping you.
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