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  1. Remember that in some places it's dangerous to drink water from the tap. Would be safer if you don't eat food sold in the streets.
  2. Oh! *squishyhugs her mentee* Congratulations, Thea! Here is a present for you! She is almost grown up already
  3. Well, you can understand people in the street or customers. They have no idea if it's psorasis and it's contagious. But in schools and such when you can find out what it is such behavior is really strange. Spreading information about it is the best way to change that I have some unknown skin anomaly myself and always wait for people to react on it.
  4. Kukaso - Aes Sedai - White Ajah Don't mind if there is but don't see how it should work.
  5. Ahaha! Dance classes were not for nothing, at least I can move my feet and hands how I choose
  6. Kukaso - Aes Sedai - White Ajah Commoner in a big city. Just like Misheru - a seamstress or innkeeper, or something like this
  7. Tyler, no, usually I do it outdoors and hunt big black and white dog in the bushes and with projectile But that's usually too fast to take a photo Thanks, Nya!
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