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  1. Besie, you look very pretty here And it turns out that that it's actually colder in South Africa then here when there is Winter and Summer here Hiarth, you look very cool and much brighter with this color Congratulations, Nyn!
  2. Kukaso - Aes Sedai - White Ajah I know Misheru I'm home person myself so I don't visit other Ajahs and Warders much. I'll try to do it more
  3. It's not about feminism really but about equal rights but I've just met an interesting situation. I was trying to find a room to rent and about 90% of ads say "Only for women"! (I guess others don't say it but will prefer women anyway) I wonder if it's possible to rent a room in Moscow if you are a guy at all. It seems our society have lots of prejudices about any social group.
  4. I think they just don't care about our recipes :) Just divide their meat as it's convenient for them :)
  5. Omg! I hope it's not too much trouble! I'm ok with simple o I know you mean it with dots :) I type it like this myself when I'm lazy to copy/paste. I just don't like the word "kuka" :) I'd rather shorten it to the last part but with "a" at the end but I don't even know how to write it so it'd sound right :) It's ok if you forget though :) There will be always somebody who don't know about it anyway.
  6. People always shorten my name too. I say it's Yekaterina they immediately call me Katia( or even Katen'ka, Katiusha or something you'd really expect only from close friends or relatives) *headdesk* Can't say it really annoys me but it's surprising. Why?! For some reason it annoys me when the other girl at work is called Kamilla when her name is Tamilla really. Even in emails when it's written right there. I really don't like to be called Kuka instead of Kukasö. But everybody do anyway so I really try not to be annoyed by it :)
  7. Kukaso - Aes Sedai - White Ajah I'd like to vote for the Black Tower and the Kin both.
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