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  1. Hi! I’m here too ? Congrats, Mashi! ? And thanks, Rhea! You were a great First Reasoner!
  2. Elaevia, that sounds cool ☺️ I began running couple of years ago with c25k and finally ran 7*3 relay with my sisters. Races are such a motivation ?
  3. What’s wrong with -50C in Russia? ? We have mild Winters in Moscow lately: 0 - -10C. When I was a child it was colder.
  4. I decided that I’ll never do it on my own and signed up for the program. There is a menu counted specially for me, video exercises and daily routine: drinking enough water, getting enough sleep etc. And the most important part for me - you need to send reports of your weekly progress. I’ve already lost 5 kg. ? 7 more to go.
  5. Oops! I meant it for the White Tower and Warders board. Can anybody move it please ?
  6. I’m a member of White Ajah and love puzzles but come on! What I need to do to get access to this forum once: Mark all traffic lights: mark all taxis: Mark all traffic lights again: Mark all fire hydrants: Mark all motorcycles Mark all busses Look at the new images appearing and mark busses again! ??‍♀️ New set of pictures “mark busses”! look at new images appearing! Really??! Really??! How many puzzles do you need to solve to proof you are not a robot??? And if robots can solve first three they probably can solve others too? Are there anybody who can do something about captcha at this site? I can understand there are problems but there are simpler captcha things I’m sure. Anybody get those too or it’s especially for me? ?
  7. Kukasö, White Aes Sedai Of course, Aes Sedai! (Are we at the White Tower or not?)
  8. Thanks for information! Hope everyone stays safe. I can't imagine living in a place where hurricanes are normal. It's so frightening.
  9. Kukasö - White. I like the idea of yhe same number of days each month but I'm against all changes. In Russia we changed calendar at the beginning of the XX century and it's crazy to remember all the dates in two versions!
  10. Kukasö - White Aes Sedai I don't prepare for Christmas till New Year. New Year preparations start on December
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