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  1. I'm on my first re-read, so I keep finding more great quotes. Like this one: "[People are] dead, and you cannot change it. Certainly not by dying yourself. Let yourself grieve. Don't hold it inside where it can fester." - Faile. tSR p 478 Not if someone could just get the memo to Rand......
  2. The Shadow Rising, Chapter 29. Perrin comes back to Emond's Field to find his entier family gone. It takes him about five pages to let his feelings out. Whenever any character has really strong feelings of one kind or another, it usualy "strikes a chord" with me. More so with sever despair, or strong love than others, but any really strong feeling.
  3. Let's see.... I want Tuon to outlaw the capturing of any more mareth'damane, and start learning how to channel. I want all the Sea Folk to be captured and made da'coval, or something similar, until they all learn some humility (it wouldn't hurt if a few specific rulers *cough*elayne*cough* were set at that level as well). I want the Towers, White and Black, to crumble and fall, figuratively speaking, at the onslaught of TG. Then Logain comes along and builds another society with both types of channelers. I want someone to "break" the world again, this time, turning it into
  4. Bu-bu-bu-but I have powers in my own little world. Don't they count? (down near the bottom) Long, yes. But the posts cease to be meaningful after they've said the same thing more than twice.....of if they are reduced to trying to slander their "opponent". It gets realy interesting when you get almost ten pages of two people who arn't ever going to change thier minds, but still go at it like cat's and dogs.
  5. The worst for me is when I come here and see theories involving people I don't rember ever reading about. Honestly, who thought "Setalle Anan, humm... who is she? Well......let's see. This, this, and this are true, so she must be this random AS who was only mentioned in one chapter in one book." Who put those two together!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?(not that I'm disagreeing with the verdict) But to keep them all in order, I fing encyclopeadia-wot very helpful.
  6. Settle down, Great Lord, or I'll have to go all water-slinging-vigilante-Asha'man on your butt.
  7. Am I the only one who thinks that this could make a great Clue edition? ("Greandal with bailfire in the pantry.") Someone call Hasbro.
  8. Well, if RAW and Luckers are the kings, then people like cloglord and Maj are at least major lords.
  9. Like I said, I'm a vigilante type person, or at leat I would be, if I had any small about of power. I'd be canstantly pitting myself againast you, getting the crap beat out of me, until, after I'm all but dead, I somehow come back and win. .....or are we not going by Hollywood rules?
  10. No. I leave the unnessisary (and stupid) tasks to the liberals. I'm more of a vigilante type person.
  11. Ha anyone thought (or more voiced the thought) that if RJ was making plans in case he died, he would have already chosen someone to finish it, known only to himself, Hariet, the "other", and possibly Tom? I read the artical that said that Hariet and Tom were the most likely candidated, but that was several months ago. Not only could much have changed, but we also know from experiance that Rj, and those close to him are (and, sadly, were) very good at keeping secrets (Asmodean). Plus, RJ was a very inteligent man. He would have had the forsight to take such a cumbersome burden off of Hariets sh
  12. I'd have to be one of those rare male whose strength is in Water (look at my sig). But on the whole moral thing.... I'd have to be good, just so I can go arownd berating all you bad guys, and beating you all in semi-epic showdowns. MUHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. (Oh....wait.....that's an evil laugh.....hum......)\ Seriously though, there would need to be some form of police force, just so you all don;t get too bigheaded, thinking you can rule the world and all *cough*greatlord*cough*
  13. This is assuming that the DO knew the prophsey. Think of it like this: A link of channlers come together, to create an ultimate wepon based on what they knew of the pattern. One of them has a Fortelling, and the group decides it needs to be on the Horn (I can't come up with a reason they would, though). Then then create this most powerful of ter'angreals, made to pull part of the world into TAR, or posible vica-versa, but they die in the process. Then no one would know that the incription was ment to be a prophesy, and would only realize what the Horn does when they test it.
  14. Still, not set up that way in the first couple of books. Which is what you do in series. But not how RJ always wrote. There was nothing in the first books to indicate Mat becoming nobility. Who says the same cannot be true of Perrin. Some one please correct me if im wrong, but isn't there considerable talk, between everyone but Faile and Perrin, about "waht marrying Faile ment" and the broken crown (whatever that is).
  15. I'v pondered long over why the Sea folk have so much screen time, but what I came up with was no where near a romantic as Luckers idea. My theory is this: RJ knowes that there will be several characters in his book that are not likeable, even several that are utright hated *cough*faile*cough*cough*. But all the main characters are, for all intents and perpouses, his children. Like any loving fater, he dosn't enjoy seeing them hated. So he creates this race of minor, stuck-up charachters, that rival even the AS, and shoves them everywhere he can. That way, the readers have them to use as a
  16. The hair color in my pics is natural, so........ what do you mean by this?
  17. ...with the word "chick" very loosely defined. It takes absolutely no time to find some post, or even an entire thread, that speaks extreme hate for Faile. But no where can I find anything that talks about what’s going on in that crazy little head of hers. So.... This is a thread to [glow=red,2,300]DISCUSS[/glow] Faile. Please refrain from just saying "she is so annoying..."I can't stand her...", and other hate-bashing (I think I just made that phrase up!). I realize that there will be some hate come out talking about her, but let's try and keep it minimal. Please?
  18. Keep in mind that this was while Rhavin was ruling, in all but name. Most likely, Morgase didn't even hear about the Trolloc attack (the Whitecloaks tried really hard to keep it all "hush-hush", even with Fain spreading the word about, and Morgase only got the tidbits that Rhavin threw her), and she only heard about the raising of the flag of Manetheren because Tallanvor went and told her. And, if you think about it, Morgase kinda stoped carring about it when she started running from Rhavin.
  19. There are several more simmilar quotes, I'm just too lazy to go find them all right now. I pointed these out to show that I'm not the only one with this opinion:[glow=yellow,2,300] Tor needs to compile all the notes that RJ has written, and audio he has recorded since he started the series and publish them in one large tome[/glow], simmilar to the BWB, only put them in exactly as they are, or where, when they were created (or if he modified them, leave that in too). I don't know of any other authors or series that this has been done for, but it would be awsome just the same.
  20. Never trust anything you read on Wiki, unless you have verified it from at least two other sources (or you don't really care if the info is right or wrong). The best place for info from the books is The Encyclopaedia WoT . They have everything.
  21. Hurin doesn’t really smell DFs. He smells violence. Since most shadowspawn live for nothing but, they are easily "smelled." Same with really bad DFs, and Fain. It is impossible to be that evil without doing serious violence. As far as Selene goes: I could very easily be wrong, but I think that Lanfear had just recently come out of her "stasis"(I can't think of any better term for it). Since the smell of things fades after a while, and let's be honest, 3000 years is a long while, any violence that she had done personally will have faded. Knowing Lanfear's obsession with LTT, I don't thin
  22. Of course, if they don't finish it (a fate worse than being bailfired), then Luckers, RAW, and one or two others will be caught in their neverending debates over what "this specific quote means, and why it discounts your quote." :P ;) ;D
  23. But to do the same thing to Seanchan that was done to Aridhol would require gaining the ear of the current ruler. Lets see.....almost the entier royal family is dead; the new Emperess would be on her gaurd tword anyone from randland; not to mention that her Prince of Ravens would recognise him as a DF off the bat. I compleatly agree that Fain can relese Mashadar on the world again, I just don't see it happening to the Seanchan.
  24. That is exactly the reason I believe that he didn't write it that way. For the most part, that I have seen, RJ stayed away from Christian characterizations, relying more heavily on other, usually older legends. Of course, that's where he didn't follow the regular fantasy clichés (which he only really did in EotW), or carve his own paths trough the wonderfully uncharted terrain of his own universe. Yes, Rand is the "savior" of his world, but that dosn't mean he has to go to a "heaven" and come back in "shining glory."
  25. I hate most of the Sea Folk. More specificly, all of the Sea Folk in leadership positions. Honestly, their arrogance makes the Aes Sedai seem like normal people.
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