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  1. There is no way for Sauromon to win. He dosn't have legions of mages. JRRT wrote his bookes with a miniumum of magic; he is trying to show how Humans can take care of their own problems, how they don't need extra help from others. The Frosaken and Dreadlords would just rip right whatever forces were arrayed against them. They might not even need to send in the Shadowspawn.
  2. I had compleatly forgotten about the Lanfear/Cyndane scenario. Unless the Finns had some way to still Lanfear before she died (which theory has been pretty much destroyed by RJ), then burning-out has to be able to be healed. Unless, of course, there is some other factor to her power-loss that we haven't caught, or seen, as of yet. Using aevogt's paper analogy (and dissagreing with him at the same time), what Rand did was more like tearing the paper into several parts. Much more messy than cutting (stilling), but you still have all the peices, so you can "heal" them back together.
  3. And sniffing. Don't forget the sniffing. And a wrap-up of Lan's story line (what would you do with that?). :o ??? :o ??? :o ??? :o ??? :o
  4. Oh, come on Luckers. Just throw in some lenthy descriptions of the pattern of the leaves in the gutters, and the length and exact color and health of the lawn, some long, drawn-out arguments between his wives about jsut how muel-headed he is being (with Avi explaining why the comparison between him and a loadbeast is so accutate), and several pointless and unimportant sceans about the AS, and you've got one.........book.
  5. Rahvin wasn't shielding his dreams. When Mat goes to Camlyn in tDR, Basil Gill, the innkeeper of the Queens Blessings, talks about how he had told someone about a dream he had had, then later heard his dream being passed around as gossip. When he tracked the romor to its scource, it was some guy on the other side of the city who said the he had had the dream.That\s the only example of it, though. There isn't really any more POVs from, or sceans with, Camlyners after that. The others might be shielding their dreams, but i don't think that it is nessisary for saidar weilders to do so. Ot
  6. Oh, sure, severings has been healed, but that dosn't mean the "burning-out" can be undone. Just ingore me if any of these facts are wrong: I havent done a compleate reread recently. The people who are severed are still somewhat connected to the TS; healing them is just repairing an existing bond. Unless I'm very much mistaken (likly), they can even sort-of sense the TS waiting. We know that they can feel damane, or anyone else on the wrong side of the adam. There connection was just cut. But none of that holds true for someone who has been burnt-out. We know that they can't link using
  7. ::) some people (saidinwielder, Great Lord, ect.) ::) I have to go with the sexy inn maid. All the rest I know way too much about to even think of any of them in such a way.
  8. None of the POVs that we've gotten have shown any connection between the three women, just each of them with Rand, so I would assume that the death of one of them wouldn't effect either of the others, except through Rand.
  9. Let's count now. How many WoT movie threads are there on just the first three pages of this discussion? 4? 5? However many there are, they all seem to discuss the same thing: Who should potray whom? Whilst all this is well and good, we seem to skip over the most important parts: Who all is behind the camera? Who should take on the highly chalenging tasks of... ...tearing WoT to shreads, figuring out the most pivotal parts, mixing them around, and putting it all back together again in a way pleasing to everyone, otherwise known as script-writing. ...take all the peices and par
  10. Asmodean. What can I say? I'm a musician above all, and there are so few of us left that we must stick together, even the fictional ones.
  11. Just because any WoT based movie would need comic relief: Sandra Bullock Aes Sedai, with her Warders, John Leguizamo and Robin Williams, maybe some other commidic old-timeers as well.
  12. Oh, dear lord, no! I'd rather never see it than see some over-enthusiastic amature(s) do even a fan-fictoin version. Arn't those three close enough to blows as it is?
  13. I think I've given my thoughts on this already, somewhere........ Most assuredly, Light.
  14. Let's just set up a bank to distribute it to everyone here, ay?
  15. And you're both wrong. Luckers was reffering to Mydrall having dreams, as he stated here: emphasis mine, of course ...
  16. If they were gravely wounded, they woulnd't be in such a state as to be able to enter TAR physicaly. If there was someone else there strong enough to take them, that person would just heal them on the spot. IMO (not that it counts much), just entering TAR by dreaming wouldn't help at all. One must also keep in mind the wonky time flow in TAR. If one was taken there, they might get more time before they actually die, but, then again, they might get substatualy less time. Not even Mat would bet his life on TAR time flow being slow at just the moment when it needs to be.
  17. If you were gravely wounded in the real world and then PHYSICALLY transported into TAR, you would PHYSICALLY die soon after your arrival unless healed. Healing on someone physically in TAR is little different than someone in the real world. Being in TAR would make no difference. If they were as gravely wounded as the word "gravely" implies they would not have the ability to enter TAR in any other way as they probably would be unconscious and thus not able to dream. Even small hurts wouldn't dissapear. We see this when Egwene enters TAR phisicaly to get to Salidar, right after she "
  18. Which is what RAW and others have said. Nope. Greandel (sp?) in the pantry with bailfire :P
  19. That depends entierly on tbe AS doing the weaving. I don't think that any would be able to do it. When Moraine simply holds a would-be assasign, who is then shot, she thinks that it is very close to using the power as a wepon. Unless the AS were black, I don't think that they could think of holding a person while they were suffocating on a pillow as anything other that using the Power as a wepon.
  20. Or it could be simmilar to what Ingtar did: Join the DO as a way to stay alive. He proves that every group will have one or two lunatics who believe that the way to save everyone would be to align with the DO. A lunitic pacifist would be more likely thatn other lunitics, though.
  21. Oh. please do anyway. Understandable. Why would they? I son't she could play that major a role, anymore. She's too in love with Perrin to do anything that can hurt him, and the only major part she could play would be killing him. Understand that I'm still not excatly sure just what I belive. But it is possible that after she fell in love with, and married Perrin she could have changed: "No one has been in the Dark so long that they cannot be brought to the light." I'm just suggestling that she could have been before she met him, and for some time after.
  22. You have to have better than that. Please, someone, tear this limb from limb. I DON'T WANT IT TO BE TRUE!!!! Not that I nessisarly like Faile, but I don't want Perrin to be married to a DF.
  23. Oh boy. Here we go..... I've had this theory floating in my head for a couple days, trying to work up the courage to post it. I'll just say it write out (and hope I don't just erase it and go one with my life). Faile is a darkfriend. Not too much supporting evidence for this, but I give what I have. When we first see her, in Remen's Wayland's Forge, she is alone in the room (not surprising) and the only one of the crowd staring exclusively at Perrin. This in itself is not too odd, except that we know that several DFs knew wh
  24. I just passed this point in my very first re-read. SH hasn't realy been introduced yet, not until the prologe of LoC. Anyway...... Even after reading all the facts and debate (well...not all of it) going on out there, and preaty much beliveing that it was Greandal, when I read it again, my first thought was that Lanfear was blaringly obvious, closly followed by "oh, wait. She just disapeared that morning. Hum." But after thinking (which hurts) long and hard about it, I came up with a semi-plausible theory: After Lanfear fell through the doorway, she somehow convices the Fi
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