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  1. For myself, I think traditional weapons would be best.


    As the question made no mention of any training, I have to assume a situation where I'm taken as I am now, about to be thrust into a battle, and given the choice of weapons or the One Power.


    Now, I have no idea how to use the One Power. And, as we've read time and again, accessing the True Source is dangerous, at best. And even after that's mastered, it takes time to learn how to be dangerous with the One Power.


    With traditional weapons - swords, staves, and perhaps some projectile weapons - I at least know enough to not hurt myself, and would like to think that I would have a sporting chance against many possible opponents.

  2. The cleansing is definitely the climax of the book, and a really good scene, but it's not my favorite in the book.


    I really like the scene where Rand and Min are in Andor, and he's confronted by all his ladies. And then he's bonded to them. 'Course there's also the next bit, that's slightly comical, but it's not as good as the bonding. IMHO

  3. Oh wow. There's so much.....


    I'm going to have to go with the last Lan and Nynaeve scene in The Shadow Rising: "If you die, I will not survive you long."


    Call me dense - because I am - but it was the first time realized the relationship between them.

  4. Can I put two? Too bad, I'm gonna anyway.


    The first actually comes from the site itself, shortly after I joined. In response to something I had posted, one person was being a jerk. Completely unbidden, several other members, people who I didn't know, and who didn't know me, came to my defense. Not tearing the other down, but instead, building me up. That's really what I remember best. The wonderful people, who can disagree and argue over the tiniest details, but still stand together as one.




    The second is, of course, when I got the e-mail from Virginia saying, in fine, "Thanks for editing, do you want to join us to record tonight?" There was much wall bouncing done.

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