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    I love to learn history, and Sci-fi is my favorite style to read. In addition to reading, i love to play video games, like Rise of nations, Battle for Middle Earth, Age of Empires, Halo, League of Legends that kind of stuff.

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  1. Lol. Yea, I don't deal with money (thankfully). What's your favorite thing about your job Ryrin?
  2. Anything and everything. Since we are smugglers, the more lucrative the better. Lol!
  3. Lol at least you didn't do it two times in a row!
  4. Well sheepherder. I'm just going to suck at this game. But having fun is the important thing!! :)
  5. Thanks lady and ryrin. I'm doing better now that I've slept a couple times lol. Dropped a congressmans call? Lol, but that was a frantic couple of moments. Lol.
  6. The reluctant Astronaut?
  7. It was a rookie mistake, and I don't make mistakes often. I wasn't written up over it, so it's not like I got in a LOT of trouble, but I did what I could do to mitigate the damage, and I'm always reliable for what needs to be done irregardless of what is needed done. So I'm sure my record speaks for itself about how I normally am.
  8. Singing in the rain? (Probably way off base, lol)
  9. Yea, totally true story. Got quite the reaming by three of the six managers. It makes us look very bad... Not happy with myself right now. :(
  10. Not quite that hot here in Kansas. Though I pulled a big bobo at work today..... Was asked by a bank president to delete a user account for someone who quit... I goofed and deleted the account for the bank president instead... I'm going to go home now and crawl into bed. :(
  11. Rashi, soooo good to see you! Lol
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