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  1. Looks amazing, top notch, which I would expect nothing less from you. Lol.
  2. I agree with everything she said. Top that off with my interest in a celebrity's life ranks right up there with finding out when someone on the other side of the planet sneezed. I. Don't. Care. Lol. :) Everyone should be free to pursue their happily ever after.
  3. You should also be able to hold control and use the scroll wheel on the mouse for quick scrolling in IE.
  4. Knowing that the best way to train was to use himself as the one they attacked or defended from, due to the lengths that he trained for a few years now, he spoke to Ellisha, “Ellisha Sedai.” He said, his tone as serious as ever. “Keep in mind what I’ve taught you so far. Remember to maintain balance, recoil after each strike and most importantly of all; never to over extend yourself. We don’t want any injuries on your first day of training. Now, are you ready?” She gave him a rueful grin and in reply, began charging straight for him. It was easy training that put him to one side, deflecting her whole charge with one hand, throwing her off balance. “I remember telling you to keep your balance, Ellisha Sedai" Rekinu said as he leaned down over her, to offer his hand to help her stand again. “That was not a very balanced approach.” Ellisha Sedai scrambled to her feet, protesting. “You, you… caught me off guard that time!” she stammered, fumbling awkwardly in the dirt for her dagger. Shaking his head slowly, he retorted, with a bit of amusement, “I also remember telling you to always be on guard when facing an opponent.” She gave him a heated stare; fiery eyes burning, anger flashing as she replied, “I won’t be next time.” “Gery good,” he nodded, “then we shall continue.” On and on they went, blow after blow Ellisha lashed the Warder’s way; he gave her credit for two things. She struck fast. Though not viper fast, it was fast enough she would probably do well against a normal street tough. However most threats to an Aes Sedai were likely to not be from street toughs, and so if she were to have a chance he had to make her be fast enough to hit an assassin or other highly trained individuals. And that was why he was here after all. Rekinu could tell she was tiring and decided that the next run would be the last for the day. Interestingly, this time she changed her tactics. Instead of charging straight at him like she’d done on her previous attempts, she approached him carefully, maintaining a solid footwork and holding the knife in a protective manner. Closing the gap, she made a controlled stab straight for his centre, then again and again as he parried each blow. She was definitely trying to get him. Reki blocked each stroke, throwing her knife hand away from him, and she did not lose her balance as before. Grinning, it was time to end the session with a good way to attack fresh in her mind, he told her to end the session. But she was so focused on hitting him, she did not hear. Since she had not heard his statement to stop (as he could not demand an Aes Sedai to do anything), he used the flat of his hand and struck Ellisha’s knife wrist, with just enough pressure to force her to drop the knife. Due to the way she had been attacking at him in that instance, she bounced off his other arm that had been reaching out to steady her, and she crumpled to the ground unceremoniously. “You’ve done well, Ellisha Sedai.” He said, his hands folding behind his back. “I think that will be enough for now.” Rekinu turned and began walking away from her. "We are finish when I say we finish!” Came a snarl from behind him. Ellisha Sedai had gotten up, and as Rekinu turned towards her, she charged at him. Her charging at him was something he had seen many times in the practice fields and even in the performance of his duties outside of the tower. What gave him pause, what startled him was the anger directed right at him from those intense eyes of hers. He had had an Aes Sedai mat at him. Even his own, but this wasn't just anger; it was almost hate. As he struggled to reconcile how she could have so much hate at him, she threw a handful of dirt and sand in his face. Unexpected, his eyes were not able to close quickly enough to stop it. He also got a mouthful as he had been about to congratulate her when she charged at him. He stumbled back, completely blind, and in pain from the dirt in his eyes. The first blow of many that flowed was well placed in the center of his stomach, knocking the breath out of him as well. He fell over, with a slight "oof" as the air was forcibly propelled from him. The following moments, unable to gauge what exactly was going on left him scrabbling to block blows raining hard and fast on him from every direction. She seemed to have a goal to bruise every inch of his body, and was definitely making a run for it. After the first two blows, and another one that broke his nose, he was able to assume a small piece of the Void and deflect the rest of the blows from his vital areas, while struggling to blink his eyes to see more than a vague blur through the pain. Through the whole thing he kept reminding himself if was an Aes Sedai that was hitting him. He was Light bound to serve and protect, so he would NOT lash back. He could not fathom why she was so furious, but he would not retaliate. He would NOT. It became a litany in his mind, one word with each blow. Finally, it stopped. He waited a small moment, before clearing his eyes with his hands, wiping away the dirt and sand as best he could without water. As his eyes cleared some, he saw Kira sanding by him, offering him a hand to help him up. He accepted gingerly, checking the hand he grasped her for blood, he did not want her to get dirty with it. She spoke to him, with sadness in her eyes, dispite the serenity painted there, he could still see it. "I can only offer my sincerest apologies for this Gaidin. I can tell you healing isn't among my strengths, but I can do a little of you wish." Staring at her, still trying to figure out what he had done, he shook his head to clear it, before stopping with a wince and nodded his agreement. She turned to Ellisha. "Can I trust you to keep control?" Before Elisha could reply, Rekinu decided to speak up. His voice was steady, and for that he was grateful. "Elisha, I commend you for the unexpected moves, though remember to not," he paused as he picked up the knife, wincing a little, before continuing; "to not drop your knife. It should stay on you at all times. Setting it aside carelessly is bound to get you into a situation where it is needed to defend yourself, and you will not have it." He hesitated another moment, before kneeling. "Elisha Sedai, what have I done to shame you so? If I have sullied my honor, just say the word and I will do penance." Rekinu Alasayaar, Thoroughly confused.
  5. Rekinu listened to her reasons for the chosen weapons, nodding as she listed them. Knife throwing was not too common, but it certainly was a good choice if you had fast wrists. And sure hands. Regular knives, like what both Aes Sedai were training was more of a resort. Unless you dedicated yourself to training in weapons 100%, you were going to be using them defensively. However you could conceal them in almost any location making the idea of you having them preposterous if you were Aes Sedai. The sword was a big bigger of a training part. Rekinu remembered well the first years of training. The constant aches and the almost constant pain from the jarring of the training lathes hitting each other. After she finished telling him what she had chosen, he told her "good, then since both of you are working on knives, we will focus on those for now. He motioned her to a table to he side with blunt training knives of wood were placed. There were only two more, different lengths, and he wordlessly motioned her to pick one. "Tomorrow you can pick one more like the real ones you plan on using at the training weaponry. For now pick one of these." Turning he returned to the middle of the training area as he had done earlier this morning and closed his eyes, breathing deeply, big calming breaths, becoming one with himself, readying himself for training. He was serious about these training activities, their lives could depend on how well he taught them. When he heard her approach he opened his eyes. "As I did yesterday, so will I do today. First, hold the knife. Holding it wrong could spell disaster for the whole engagement. We will then spend time taking turns grappling and attacking each other, as well as defending. I will attack you Sedai Ellisha first, and then you me, before Kira will join us. ___________ (Ooc, practice as you wish) Rekinu about to develop a headache
  6. While getting ready that morning for his continuation of practice with Kira, Rekinu was surprised at the interruption of his morning routine with a visit from the Master of Trainees. "Rekinu, i have another student for you to work with starting today. Another Blue, and she has had... a hard time... with the other trainer I had her with yesterday. You are calm, and so I assign you to work with her." No small talk, just the assignment and he was gone. Wondering what the Aes Sedai had done to anger the other trainer that she had had, Rekinu shrugged. He was used to there being some Aes Sedai who believed that they were above and beyond much better at anything than anyone else. His Sedai, Taia, was not like that, but he counted himself lucky to have such a caring Aes Sedai in that respect. She treated him like a person, albeit one that knew much less than her (which was true most of the time) but she still valued his opinions and thoughts on situations, and let him made his own decisions when they were not together. Deciding not to worry about it, nothing he did would likely change the request, nor did he even know if the Aes Sedai in question was one of the prickly ones or not. Kira was a good student to work with, she had obviously thought of learning to fight without the One Power before, and although many things she knew were erroneous, it showed her willingness to learn, which made for a fine pupal. After arriving at their set apart location, Rekinu started his warm up procedures. It wasn't too long before Kira showed up and started limbering up as they had discussed and learned the first time. Good working out could avoid pulled muscles and soreness. Not that a sister was likely to leave themselves that way, requesting healing from a different sister would wash that away in a heartbeat, but the warders were not allowed such luxury as those kind of mistakes were best made (and LEARNED WELL) while IN the Tower Grounds training than in the field where your life, or worse, the lives of others, depended upon your actions. Once he saw her nod to him her readiness for the training, he took out the knife and started showing her, as a review, the actions that they would be going through, the ones they had practiced the day before. Seeing that she appeared to be ready, they started, with him attacking her again, but a bit faster than before. Having done this multiple times, he knew where to stop the practice knife before it touched her skin, so that she was not struck, as she worked on getting her response times faster. After working at it for a half hour or so, they were interrupted. “Gaidin Rekinu,” the Master of Trainees called, “You have a new student.” Turning, he saw the Master of Trainees and another woman, presumedly the other Aes Sedai Blue, though she was NOT wearing blue today. approaching the middle of the practice area. “Gaidin,” she said curtly, with a barely imperceptible nod of her head. “Rekinu,” the Master of Trainees continued, “This is Ellisha Sedai. Ellisha Sedai, this is Gaidin Rekinu. He’ll be instructing you on the use o–” “Yes thank you master,” she interrupted the man before he could continue, “I can work the rest out myself.” The Master of Trainees bowed, looking at Rekinu for a mere moment before turning to walk back to the main courtyard. Hmm... thought Rekinu, I believe he owes me. Sighing inwardly, this looked like one of the 'other' kinds of Aes Sedai.he thought to himself before turning back to the Ellisha who had already started talking in a haughty sort of way. Kira, he noticed, had picked up the stave, assuming, correctly, that they were going to work on that next. “So…” Ellisha cooed, pacing slowly towards the centre of the clearing and the awkward silence that prevailed, “shall we get started then? I’m a bit impatient, if you haven’t worked that out yet. Oh.” She paused, looking toward to the other Aes Sedai. “I’m sorry, you two must have been in the middle of something. I apologise, do continue, I’ll watch from here if that’s alright with you.” The other Blue gave her a look and Ellisha saw she gripped a quarterstaff with both her hands. “Gardening really isn’t my thing after-all,” she added, with a touch of sarcasm. Taking a deep breath, Rekinu thought of the Oneness taught to all Warder Trainees to be able to rid him self of any extra emotions before speaking. "Ellisha sedai, that" he pointed to the tower while speaking "Is your domain. This" he spread his hand to include the area they were in. "Is mine. When I am there, then I will do as I am told, barring any thing going against any order my Aes Sedai has given me. Here, if you wish to learn, I will teach. But we ALWAYS start with the basics before going on to more advanced. Now, since Kira has already done her stretches, you will need to do yours. If needed I will show you what to do, but any limbering exercise will do. While you are doing that, I will work with Kira on the beginning of the STAVE training, which is one of my personal favorites." Not looking back to her face, and cursing the Master of Trainees in his mind, he turned back to Kira and said "Are you ready? First we will observe handling. No, not like you are.. gardening with the staff, more like a walking stick you might see someone hiking hold it. Like that! Now, holding it like that you are more prepared to be able to use the Stave as a defensive item, then, even more importantly, in an offensive manner." Rekinu Alasayaar Looks like training is about to be.... a blast... >.>
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