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  1. Enemy breakdown by class:

    2  Negh'Var Battleships

    3  Vor'cha Warships

    3 Birds Of Prey

    3  BaH'reth Frigates

    3 4  Suv'tiS Fighters

    8  Po'gach Destroyers


    Grid progress:

    Print or follow on google drive: StarTrekBattleship

    A-3 Miss

    A-11 Miss

    B-2 Miss

    F -15 Miss

    C-2 Hit

    C-3 Hit (port engine down)

    C-4 Hit

    C-5 (Bird of Prey destroyed)

    C-20 Hit (Vor'cha Warship destroyed)

    C-21 Hit (shields down)

    C-22 hit (main engines down)

    C-23 Hit

    C-24 Hit (cloaking device deactivated)

    C-25 Miss

    D-2 Miss

    E-16 Miss

    F-16 Hit

    G-15 Miss

    G-16 Hit

    H-7 Miss

    H-8 Miss

    H-9 Miss

    H-10 Miss

    H-16 Hit

    I-5 Miss

    I-6 Miss

    I-7 Hit

    I-8 Hit

    I-9 Hit

    I-10 Hit

    I-11 Hit (engines down)

    I-12 Hit (Negh'Var Battleship destroyed)

    I-16 Hit (Bird of Prey destroyed) 

    I-20 Hit

    I-21 Miss

    K-20 Hit

    L-13 Miss

    L-20 Hit (Dead in the water)

    M-20 Hit (Vor'cha Warship destroyed)

    N-4 Hit (Bird of Prey destroyed)

    N-10 Miss

    O-4 Hit

    O-10 Miss

    O-11 Hit (Vor'cha Warship destroyed)

    O-12 Hit

    O-13 Hit

    O-14 Hit

    O-15 Hit

    O-16 Miss

    P-3 Miss

    P-4 Hit (Life support down)

    P-10 Miss

    P-13 Hit

    Q-4 Hit

    Q-13 Hit

    R-4 Miss

    T-3 Miss

    T-19 Miss

    U-1 Hit (Po'gach Destroyer destroyed)

    U-2 Miss

    W-24 Hit (Po'gach Destroyer destroyed)

    X-4 Hit (Suv'tiS Fighter destroyed)

    X-5 Hit

    X-6 Miss

    X-22 Miss

    X-23 Miss

    X-26 Miss


    Starfleet Points:

    Song - 16

    Basel Gill - 5

    Cross - 21

    JamesBrown - 16

    WolfbrotherKronos - 0

    Aiel Heart - 0


  2. RED ALERT!!! 

    Welcome to the WHITE AJAH game of Battleship!


    Starfleet has sent all its best ships into the neutral zone as we prepare for attack by a rogue group of Klingons!

    Are you ready to sit in the captain's chair? 





    This is a straightforward game of battleship.

    The grid is set up from left to right as letters and top to bottom as numbers. 

    You can pick letters A-Z and number 1-26. 

    Example:  Player one says "I pick T-18" and the mod replies "hit" or "miss". 

    Every hit gets you 1 point. Every ship you destroy gets you 3 points.

    There are 23 ships in total that vary in size. They can be facing vertical or horizontal.


    Make it so!



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