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  1. Damn.. I'm reading book 4 and I haven't seen Elyas since Eotw but I think he's awesome. I was shocked when I heard that he has been a warder...
  2. LOL.. I'm 16 and I have read WOT almost for a year but I tokk a break now in the middle of the Shadow Rising
  3. lol.. I wish Egwene and Rand not had broke up.. I think that would be the best relationship..
  4. I like the scene when Rand meet Queen Morgase for the first time in Caemlyn..
  5. I can join several divisions... :D
  6. well.. that's up to Jordan :P
  7. Okey.. Then I'll join the band..
  8. *Hugs back* YAY!!!!!!!!!! :D So what should I make sweetie?? A warder
  9. Tanchico... book four? This definetly isn't the forum for you then ;). You will probally have the books spoiled for you if you read the threads here. Ohh that's already too late.. I know more than I should so... :( But whatever.. I like this site so I wont quit.
  10. Okey.. Uno is awesome.. i have to agree with you about that
  11. Ebou Dar.??... I've heard about it but.. never read about it in the book.-.. Nynaeve is in Tanchico or something with Elayne...I'M SURE i'll come to that in the future...
  12. Hey Kaptain Victorious. LOL I see you are here too..And I'm too lazy to edit my avatar.. I'll do it if an angry damin order me to do it but not b4 Og hei til deg MsDanya... Kult at det er så mange norske her :P hva er fiddles forresten..
  13. But Nynaeve can only channel when she get pissed off...That's her weakness
  14. Hei... Velkommen bror... Vi norske må holde sammen :P Goldeneys.. do you know him .. he's a member on my forum too.
  15. Well.. I agree with you but don't forget that this is fantasy.. i believe that everything can happen..
  16. Nynaeve has huge powers when it comes to healing.. who knows what she is capable of :lol:
  17. But Logain is a darkfriend.. Why should he help Rand :?
  18. What's everyone's favourite character?? :D Mine's Mat... He's just awesome.
  19. I'm only on book 4 and there's so many names here I never have heard of..lol
  20. Thanks.. I've been into this RP-things since early spring so I know how it works.. But is it any kind of character you miss?? I'm open to make anything.
  21. Rand has always been a bit sick after EOTW if you ask me
  22. haha.. perhaps I should. hmm.. . This site needs some moderation maybe.. J/K.. :D I hope i can jump into some roleplay here.. It's not the first time I'm doing this so I know how it works.. It all started on "the great hall",then I joined two other forums as well..
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