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  1. Hello everyone, I've been lurking here for years. first time i have seen something that made me want to register and post. Overrated fantasy series. hmmmm. Top of my list has to be LOTR, for many of the same reasons that have already been said. While i respect Tolkien for his influence on the genre of fantasy, i simply dont think he was that great at telling stories. Tolkien was a good writer who knew what he was doing, but his work is certainly not the perfect example of literature. I find LOTR to be too dense- he describes in one paragraph what many people would take several pages to do. Now this is an incredible skill. But for me it makes it very hard to read. You have to tunnel vision on every sentence to really get what he is saying. The first time i read The Two Towers i had no idea that Helm's Deep was a fortress or that there was a massive battle going on. Granted, this is a number of years ago before the movie came out, and i was only like 13 at the time, but still. And don't even get me started on Tom Bombadil..... My other contribution to this list would be Scott Bakker's Prince of Nothing series. I read the first two books, put it down and vowed never to return. I know lots of people like it and think its great. I found it repulsive. The only character that i thought was remotely interesting was Akka. Kelhus is about as interesting as Superman. And every single bloody female character seems to be little more than a sex toy and/or slave. Bakker has some stuff i think could be great, i thought his magic (what little you here of it) potentially could be really cool. And the Holy war idea is a nice take, as is the post-apocalyptic setting. Also Dune. going to reread it, see if it makes better sense and is better the second time. Man, i have too many books to get to and not enough time to read them......
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