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  1. *Wonders why everyone hates Elayne and loves Mat*
  2. I hope both Perrin and Mat meet their ends in aMoL.. Re-reading Eye of the World reminded me just how much I hate Mat.
  3. I'd say The Gathering Storm, No. 12.. Loved the fact that Egwene's plot to overthrow Elaida finally hit a climax with Elaida losing it and the Seanchan finally attacking the WT.
  4. I would like to have seen more of: Graendal Cyndane/Lanfear Moghedien Mesaana Semirhage Alivia Nynaeve Aviendha
  5. -Egwene's pride, arrogance, self-importance, and self-glorification -EVERYTHING about Gawyn -Mat -Mat's story arcs -Perrin -Perrin's story arcs -Girl Perrin is sleeping with -Girl Perrin is sleeping with's story arcs -The fact that most of the characters I hate (see above) will survive the LB and that most of the characters I love (Graendal) will not -The fact that Rand lost his left hand -The fact that Cyndane and Moghedien are mind-trapped (makes them much less interesting) -The fact that Semirhage was killed off immediately after finally being introduced -That the discovery of M
  6. Someone here mentioned Taim being a new Forsaken.. I don't know if this has ever been brought up, but hasn't it been said that Rand was puzzled as to how Taim managed to fight off the taint while channeling for so many years? I'm guessing that like the other male Forsaken before the cleansing, he had the DO's protection from the counterstroke which confirms his status as possibly a new Chosen.
  7. Now THERE'S a fascinating idea I hadn't come across before... Don't think it will happen, but would certainly be an interesting twist! While I can't ever imagine Graendal dying, I don't think it will happen either.. but one can hope =/ After all, she's the most explored Forsaken in the books. Rand dying seems too predictable. I've always imagined that his death would be metaphorical.. I recall the prophecies said that his blood had to spill at SG? That could refer to his ancestors/relatives that technically share the same blood as him.
  8. Survive List Nynaeve Graendal Cyndane and Moghedien (under new management of Graendal) Rand Min Elayne Aviendha Logain Wise Ones Egwene Alivia Galad.. if he abandons the Whitecloaks. If not, he can just die with them Berelain Moiraine Thom Siuan Morgase The guy Morgase is sleeping with Death List Mat.. because he annoys me Tuon.. might as well eliminate the rest of Mat's ties. With that said: High Blood and Low Blood Everyone else associated with Mat including the Band of the Red Hand Perrin.. because his story arcs are abysmally boring Faile.. because she is
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