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  1. Too start off, I'm not well versed in SoIaF lore, however after reading the last 100 pages I just have to get something out there. First and foremost, Jon has been my favorite character since the death of Eddard, mainly because they are very similar. I've read a lot of speculation concerning his rebirth, however is death is somewhat ambiguous. He was surrounded by wildlings who I believe would have defended him; immediately Leathers (and Wun Wun), and then the somewhat drunk Tormund and his horde of wildlings who moments earlier declared support for Jon and were reported as outnumbering the brothers by as much as 5 to 1, including those who would remain loyal to Jon and would likely fight alongside the wildlings if it came down to it. As far as his survival is concerned, if Moqorro (sp?) Could heal a festering wound on a boat, what is to stop Melisandre from healing Jon on the Wall, where she is significantly stronger? I mean hell, Loras isn't dead yet, and that's just rediculous. I do subscribe to the belief that he is AA reborn. Sacrifice was made out to be a key factor in the saga of AA (stabbing his wife and all), and throughout DwD we see Jon sacrifice something quite different, although no less meaningful. He gives up his friends, his wolf due to his worries concerning the wildling skinchanger and his boar, and he gives up his standing among his brothers by flooding the realm with wildlings; his final act even goes as far as to sacrifice his honor by breaking his vows and waging war against Ramsay Snow with a wildling army. That's probably enough on Jon (he's Lyanna and Rhaegar's son, Ned claimed him to keep Robert from killing him along with the other Dragons), in closing, if he gets reborn into Ghost I'll be pissed. I can't stop! My favorite line in the book was when Jon coldly asked Bowen Marsh what would happen if the wildlings at Hardhome died, it was just awesome. That went on a little longer than I would have liked, but it was necessary, I was pretty angry when he died. As far as the bodies thrown over the walls of Mereen are concerned, while I'm 100% certain they are victims of the pale mare, I really hope it was Daario, I hate his character almost as much as I like Jon. As cool as Bran is, I would be somewhat annoyed if he is confined to that cave for the remaining two books. There are a number of ways GRRM could get around that, I hope he chooses to employ one. And I really like Davos, but I am confused with how Rickon is going to be incorporated into the story. He is still very very young, and using him as a figurehead for the North would be akin to having a boy king on the Iron Throne. Speaking of other boy kings, Tommen won't last much longer. Cersei has never been entirely sane, but now after her humiliating walk through Kings Landing, she'll either be cimpletely inactive and allow the Tyrells to take control (unlikely), or go completely off her rocker and ruin everything until she's killed (maybe by jaime if he escapes Catelyn?) As far as Aegon is concerned, I'm pretty happy with that. It's good to know where Varys stands, and I like Jon Connington. I figured that all the true knights were gone with the days of Arthur Dayne and Gerold Hightower and such (I haven't forgotten Barristan Selmy either), however Connington seems like a swell fella. Aegon has yet to prove himself, but I'm not a huge fan of Dany's inactivity, so consider this an open relationship. People seem to not like Quentyn, and I don't quite get why. He was young and stupid, and died for it, but I liked Gerris significantly less. Arch, however, is awesome. I approve of anyone who Barristan likes. I'm pretty sure Coldhands could be Benjen, it seems odd that there was never any real closure, and who else could it be? There is no way Stannis is dead. How on earth did it go from an envoy from the iron bank to war and death in no seconds flat? I don't buy it. That dragged on, but not as much as these next few years will..
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