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    hiking, reading, gardening, knitting, watching movies, star gazing, writing, playing video games and doing stuff with friends :)

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  1. Hey Aiel Heart I love you!

  2. Eeeeeeh.... No. Sometimes it sounds good but not a craving... Never have I ever sat on my roof
  3. FINALLY I'M HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Nope. Still enjoy running barefoot though Never have I ever smoked
  5. I have. Not crazy about the plain ones. If I'm in the mood, all good. I have an obsession with the peanut and peanut butter ones though :P Never have I ever waxed my legs
  6. The wikia might have something but I'm not sure
  7. Aiel Heart


    Whatever stuff I need to upload
  8. Hey RandA where have you been?

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    2. Aiel Heart

      Aiel Heart

      Ah reddit. Haven't been sucked into that void yet, though I am on it.

      Out of college, got a job, looking for one that will be a better fit right now. Life :P

    3. RandA lThor

      RandA lThor

      Haha sorry, I didn't get a notification for this :P And hehehehe, I have a bad feeling it'll get to you eventually, that's what happened to me, and now I'm a mod of a sub with over 600k+ subscribers :| RIP my free time


      And oh nice! What are you working in right now?

    4. Aiel Heart

      Aiel Heart

      Well I'm a staff member here, so that's where my free time goes now :P Which sub?


      The autism field; applying at the various centers that do therapies and such

  9. I really need to stop this end of the month disappearing act...

  10. (I don't like swimming either...) I have also not tried one! Never have I ever stolen my sister's clothes
  11. I've tried running daily. It lasted about a week. Never have I ever gone to work out just to work out
  12. Nope! Laying out in the sun reading or drying off is different. Just to tan... Neh. Never have I ever dyed my hair (can't remember whether I've used that one yet...)
  13. The logic puzzles of it have caught my fancy at times... Never have I ever gotten my nails done at a salon
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