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  1. Empty. There was nothing left in Lillian, in fact there wasn't much of Lillian to hold anything. Three days. Three days with Ja'varan, her captor and as she had soon understood, one of the Forsaken. She hadn't understood at first, she'd even almost killed her, something she had cursed herself for failing. But then, there had been little time for cursing after that, now there was little will to do anything. She had prided herself on the strength of her mind, the strength of her will and the strength of her heart. They had meant little by the second day, everytime she was taken wi
  2. Opening the door, Lillian was surprised and not by the person who was on the other side of the doorframe. Arette, there with a plate of cookies no less that were in her hands within five seconds. The big smile and the cookies, Lillian was almost tempted to believe that Darienna had said something and it was only because she hoped that it wasn't the case that Lillian bit her tongue. There were a few times that she really just wanted to be alone, and this was definitely right up there with them. Rory. That girl, that stupid bloody girl. Lillian was still raging inwardly over what had h
  3. The sudden switch in emotion was not something that Mia had been prepared for. One moment she was feeling good from head to toe, next moment she was roiling with a seething anger that wasn't her own yet for all intents and purposes was. She wanted to wring someone's neck, and that was a problem because the only person in her immediate vicinity was Annais. Well, that and a problem in general, if Annais could be so mercurial in her shifts of mood, t was going to be a steep learning curve. Even if she'd been forewarned and she knew of it beforehand, it didn't quite prepare her for the reality
  4. "Cabbage." One of the problems with having confronted a lot of riddles over the years was that she remembered the answers to those that she had already solved. It did take a bit of the fun out of it, but at the same time that simply meant that she had to search for new riddles. The only way to keep sharp was to keep searching, and Lillian wasn't going to assume that, because the girl was young, she may not have heard of a riddle that she herself had not found. But, now to ask her another riddle as they came close to her room, something a little more challenging. "He who made me doesn'
  5. There was improvement, that much Anton was certain of. At the same time, there was still a great deal of room for improvement. Regardless, a good effort for the first day and by the time that they were done, Anton felt that Raithgar was getting an inkling of the technique. It was drills and repetition that would help it become natural for the young lad to do as a reflex rather than a premeditated movement. All in time, and there was no rush for the moment, that and the lad had traveled a fair way, it would be a couple of days before he began to really settle in at all. Smiling at Rait
  6. Awareness. Mia felt like she was a touch tipsy at the feeling that rushed into her. A little trepidation, but a good deal of happiness and if she knew her Bond lore right, that was also being magnified by her own feelings. Amplified by mirroring back and forth, there was a sense of shared goodwill that was between them that could only before be perceived, not felt. It was a unique feeling, and one that left Mia speechless as she simply allowed it all to wash over her until Annais spoiled the moment. A joke? She could feel the shift from simple good feelings to amusement, Mia made
  7. Seeing who it was that opened the door, Suzette lowered her stick a little. After all, as a wanderer she had much less to fear from a woman than she did a man. She didn't look Cairhienin, but then, that wasn't a problem. "Light shine on you. I am Suzette, I've been traveling from Cairhien and I was hoping to find someone living in these parts. Half the farms I've come across have been abandoned, and the other half aren't always that friendly. I was hoping that I might be able to trade with you, I would like to buy any provisions you might be willing to sell." Cairma raised an eyebro
  8. Waiting until Estel finished, Darienna didn't hesitate in her response. "I didn't give you mentees to 'fix you'. I gave you mentees so that you would have the opportunity to fix yourself, I gave you responsibility because I know that are capable. You might have convinced yourself that you're unworthy to be an Aes Sedai, but no one becomes one unless they can be one. You have talent, you don't have the most brilliant mind but you're not a dunce either and if you backed yourself, if you really genuinely believed in yourself for just one moment, you might realise that as well." "And why?
  9. "Thats an interesting observation." Darienna smiled slightly as she leaned back in her seat. It seemed small steps were required, one at a time. "So, when you're ready you will? Its not something that just magically happens Estel, its something that has to be worked at and its something you, or anyone else, needs help with. But, I tell you what, I'll make you a deal. If you can tell me that you don't want to change, that you don't hate yourself and torment yourself with that self-loathing, or that you haven't entertained one suicidal thought, I'll admit I don't know a thing and you can w
  10. It was perhaps not so surprising that it was the Accepted who complained and tried to weasal her way out of the experience she was about to have. It was important to not think of it as a punishment, while it had a retributive aspect (not to mention amusing), the purpose of the exercise was to modify the behaviour of those who had participated. Therefore, it would be more appropriate to regard what was about to happen as a form of training as opposed to punishment. As the Mistress of Novices, she trained those under her to learn how to better behave themselves, or at least be more shrewd and
  11. "Quiet, please. There is no need for talk until Kira arrives." The Mistress of Novices smiled in thanks and sipped quietly at her tea, waiting for the remaining girl to arrive. And when Kirsa finally made her appearance looking ten kinds of worse for ware, Darienna quickly motioned for her to join them. "Gather around, girls, and listen to me very carefully." As the girls crowded around, Darienna lit her pipe. She inhaled and exhaled in a slow and content way, filling the air with the acquired scent of burnt tabac. A thought came to mind that caused her to smile slightly as she sur
  12. Watching Corinne as she left, Darienna knew that this was more than likely going to come back to haunt her at some point. Having said that, she would deal with it when the time came, for now the Blue Sister Estel Liones was going to be the focal point of her attention. The woman who had just entered, closing the door behind her sharply and addressing her in a tone that communicated a good deal of fury. Well, at least she wasn't a husk, better angry than a husk, that meant there was still that spark within her. All it needed was the right encouragement. Gesturing to one of the seats on
  13. Listening to the ravings of the Blue Sitter before her, Darienna could have taken the woman by the scruff of the neck and put her through the wall. It was exactly this sort of raving that revealed why the Blues never succeeded in helping Estel. Once the first few decided she was a lost cause, the idea was contagious. Whoever then tried was expected to fail, Estel was expected to fail, and the vicious cycle continued and continued until Estel needed no assistance at all. Even with no one to put her down, she was perfectly capable of doing that to herself. But there was a difference thi
  14. Grinding her pipe slightly with her teeth as a very simple weave of air smothered the flame within her pipe, Darienna was not amused. She had never been appreciative of a weave being made an inch or two infront of her face, in particular by someone who was trying to get under her skin. Corinne was becoming suitably incensed, there weren't many younger sisters that challenged their elders but Darienna was amongst them. She had a job to do, a woman whose claim to authority was that they had been two hundred years a fool didn't make them any less a fool. Embracing saidar once more, Darien
  15. Darienna wasn't exactly looking forward to the confrontation that was going to ensue when her and Corinne reached her office. At the same time, she had not expected to be able to do what she had without repercussion, and that she had Corinne to deal with who had a reputation for shrewdness was forseeable. Having said that, if the woman though that she was going to have any luck with her, Darienna was going to have to remedy the other woman's ignorance and re-educate her. She had waited long enough for someone to do something and no one had, she was not going to wear someone elses ire becaus
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