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  1. I'm immune to your threats. You cannot hurt me. I own this place. Chop all your want, my neck is iron. But if you must execute somebody for my crimes...take Barm instead. You can have him
  2. *stumbles in drunk, shirt untucked, holding a bottle of whiskey* I hear Jenn's on trial. Is it too late to chop off her head? I know 3 facts, 2 of which are true: I taught Kathana how to drive Jimmy once defeated me in a sword duel for her hand in marriage I appointed her Amyrlin Seat of the White Tower on Day 2 of Dragonmount's opening after she sent me a funny fan fiction story. Oh, and 15 years later, people STILL think we're married. *shakes fist at Jimmy*
  3. You were 17. But you told me you were 18. I almost got arrested
  4. The fact that his middle name is Rand is pure, pure WIN.
  5. Dun dun dun dun! NFL Football season is here. I don't know about you, but I'm a huge football fan. (Sorry overseas people, I mean American Football, not "soccer") If you follow my personal twitter account ([twitter]jasondenzel[/twitter]), you may know I'm a huge San Francisco 49er fan. I was talking smack on twitter the other day when I jokingly told another WoT fan that Colin Kaepernick was the NFL's version of the Dragon Reborn: Same height, same weight, muscular, mixed parentage, arm tattoos, incredibly talented beyond most QB's (including many star veterans), and has had a meteoric r
  6. Oops. Made a mistake with the store. It should all be fixed now.
  7. On June 25, a short story called River of Souls will be published in the Unfettered anthology from Grim Oak Press. Unfettered is a collection of short stories from some of today's best fantasy writers including Patrick Rothfuss, Terry Brooks, Tad Williams, Naomi Novik, Peter Orullian, Lev Grossman and more. It's edited by Shawn Speakman, an up-and-coming writer and cancer survivor who is raising funds through sales of this book to help pay for his medical treatments. If you don't want to know anything more, you can go the Grim Oak Press website and order your copy. You can also pre-order the
  8. From the album: Jason's Wheel of Time pics

    More details on my personal website: http://www.jasondenzel.com/2013/whelan/
  9. From the album: Jason's Wheel of Time pics

    More details on my personal website: http://www.jasondenzel.com/2013/whelan/
  10. At JordanCon V, I had the distinct privilege to purchase one of Michael Whelan's original concept paintings for A Memory of Light. The story behind is this image is that it’s one of several concepts that Michael provided to Tor Books. From what I understand, this particular painting was one of the top choices to become the actual book cover, but the publisher wanted an image which included the lunar eclipse. If this image had been selected, Michael would have re-painted it, and added a significant amount of more detail. The painting depicts Rand, holding Callandor, outside the cave at S
  11. Earlier this month we posted on Facebook about 16-year-old Ben Wolverton, son of fantasy author David Wolverton (aka David Farland). Ben was in a terrible long boarding accident which left him with severe brain trauma and other serious injuries. Unfortunately his family doesn't have health insurance and the medical bills are stacking up. Dragonmount, along with several other websites and authors, are trying to spread the word about ways you can help Ben and his family. Please join us in contributing in one or more ways. Book Bomb A "book bomb" is where we encourage as many people a
  12. Tor Books launched a Wheel of Time mobile text campaign today. If you text the word Epic to 555111, you'll receive 3-5 trivia alerts per week. Here's the press release: And no, despite this news article going live on April 1, this is not a joke.
  13. The ebook version of A Memory of Light is now available on the Dragonmount eBook store. The AMOL ebook is discounted to $13.99 in our store. As with all titles in our online store, the AMOL ebook is entirely DRM-Free. When you purchase it, you'll have access to download both the Kindle-compatible file (.mobi), as well as a standard .epub file which works on Apple iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch), all Barnes & Noble Nooks, and most Android devices. Get A Memory of Light in our eBook store now. By purchasing this ebook through our store, you are helping to support Dragonmount. Cli
  14. Jason Denzel

    New Spring

    Artwork by Jason Chan

    © Tor Books

  15. Tor Books unveiled a brand new book cover for the print edition of A Crown of Swords. The artwork is by Tyler Jacobson and depicts the scene where Rand meets Cadsuane for the first time. Here's the full image. Click to see a larger version in our Gallery: Be sure to check out the full feature on Tor.com. This new edition matches the style Tor has been using for the series over the past few years. Most of the second edition book covers feature the same artwork from the ebook editions, but this new artwork is brand new. Wheel of Time second edition book covers:
  16. Artwork by Michael Whelan

    © Tor Books

  17. Tor.com posted a lengthy interview between Tor publisher Tom Doherty and Harriet McDougal (Robert Jordan's widow, and the editor of the entire Wheel of Time series). They cover many topics ranging from their approach to marketing The Eye of the World in 1990: ... to discussion about the upcoming ebook release of A Memory of Light (due on April 9th, and soon to be available on our online store) The full interview can be found here on Tor.com.
  18. A Memory of Light, the final book in the Wheel of Time series, has debuted at #1 on the New York Times bestseller list. This is the seventh straight book in the series to debut at #1. Congratulations to Brandon, Harriet, Team Jordan, and everyone at Tor Books. This is a fitting and appropriate accomplishment for the end of the series. AMOL also debuted at #1 on the USA Today bestseller list, as well as #1 on the Ingram, National Indie, and Amazon.com lists. Buy the book & support Dragonmount InterviewsGoodreads NPR Nethspace City Pages Brandon's blog (he a
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