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  1. Over the weekend we reported that the" rel="external nofollow">http://www.dragonmount.com/index.php/News/events/the-wheel-of-time-nominated-for-hugo-award-r752'>the collective Wheel of Time saga has been nominated for the 2013 Best Novel Hugo Award. The Hugos are one of the most prestigious awards in the Science Fiction & Fantasy community. Congratulations to Robert Jordan, Brandon Sanderson and Harriet McDougal for this honor. In response to the nomination, Harriet said: Brandon" rel="external nofollow">http://brandonsanderson.com/the-wheel-of-time-nominated-for-a-hugo-award/'>Brandon post
  2. We all know that Brandon Sanderson completed The Wheel of Time based off of Robert Jordan's notes. We know that those notes were so extensive that Harriet McDougal, RJ's wife and editor, claimed there were easily more words in the notes than words in all the books. Many of those notes, along with many original items from Robert Jordan's office were donated to The College of Charleston Special Collections department. An entire blog exists to showcase some of the items in that collection. From their website: Recently, our good friend Terez had the opportunity to explore these archives. In
  3. If you're interested in acquiring an autographed copy of A Memory of Light, you can order them through Brandon Sanderson's online store. There's an option to have it simply signed with an autograph only, or to have it personalized with a brief message. Of course another option is to buy or bring a copy to one of the upcoming events that Brandon will be hosting. He begins his 3-week U.S. tour tonight in Provo, Utah. Next month Brandon will attend JordanCon 6, along with fantasy author Patrick Rothfuss.
  4. We're pleased to present our latest item in our Wheel of Time jewelry catalogue. Available immediately is a snake-wheel pendant available in Bronze, Silver, and 14k. Gold. The bronze pendant starts at $19.99. The Dragonmount jewelry store features over a hundred jewelry items for men and women, including Aes Sedai rings, Asha'man pins, Mat Cauthon foxhead medallions, and even cour'souvras. If you're a Wheel of Time fan, or know somebody who would enjoy these items, please consider picking one up to support our website. Each jewelry item is dramatically lower than retail price be
  5. Harriet McDougal, Robert Jordan's widow and the editor of The Wheel of Time series, recently told Dragonmount that she expects the WoT Encyclopedia to be handed into Tor Books for publication later than originally expected. While attending the first annual JordanCon In 2009, Harriet said that she was under contract with Tor to create an Encyclopedia which described the world, its characters, and its history in greater detail (!). Also likely to be included are things like ranking lists of channelers, and rosters of Aes Sedai Ajahs. Harriet also said that the Encyclopedia was due to be han
  6. A few weeks ago, a group of Utah Filmmakers called Wheel of 9 Productions released a Wheel of Time fan film called Flight From Shadow. The 20-minute film is based on the chapter from The Eye of the World entitled Four Kings in Shadow. It features a strong cast of actors, strong visual effects, and outstanding costume and production design. While some aspects of the movie deviated slightly from the books, there's no denying that the film was crafted with a loving hand by a group of fans who cared deeply for Robert Jordan's work. Some of the Dragonmount staff has had a chance to me
  7. This morning Brandon Sanderson launched a new page on his website discussing the process of creating the final three Wheel of Time novels: The Gathering Storm, Towers of Midnight, and A Memory of Light. The page is intended to be the first in an on-going series of articles chronicling some of the lessons and discoveries he made while writing these books. But Brandon said that a lot of details about why he made certain decisions will have to wait before being shared with us: Head over to his website and enjoy some of his insights about reading Robert Jordan's notes for the first t
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