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  1. Back in 1997, before George R.R. Martin's fantasy series, A Song of Ice and Fire, had exploded into mainstream popularity, he had one very special fan: Robert Jordan. Jordan had read--A GAME OF THRONES, the first book in Martin's series--end enjoyed it a great deal. He wrote a letter to Martin's publisher requesting a signed copy. Here's a copy of this letter, as obtained by Terez. George Martin has been very open about his admiration and affection for Robert Jordan. In fact, Jordan went on to provide Martin with a quote that the publisher put on the cover of Martin's later books.
  2. Congratulations to Ann Leckie, the author of Ancillary Justice, which won the 2014 Hugo Award for Best Novel. The Hugo Awards are one of the most prominent awards in the Science Fiction and Fantasy community. They are given out annually at the WorldCon convention. The Wheel of Time was honored as one of the five short-listed nominees for the award this year. We’ve posted a lot of information over the past few months about WoT’s eligibility and subsequent nomination. Despite the fact that it didn't win, I believe the series is cementing its legacy as one of the most beloved and important fa
  3. Our friends at the Waygate Foundation have notified us of a charity auction they're hosting to benefit Room to Read, which is a worthy organization helping to promote literacy and gender equality across the world. Up for bid is a unique set of medieval gauntlets, signed by an impressive list of authors and artists. Here are the names: Brandon Sanderson Howard Tayler Michael R Underwood Howard Andrew Jones Tobias Buckell John Klima Pat Rothfuss John Scalzi Courtney Allison Moulton Aimee Carter Kelley Armstrong Saladin Ahmed Jaime Ramsey Matthew Alan Thyer Jacqueline Carey Sandra Taylor Kame
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