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  1. Tor Books, the U.S. publisher of The Wheel of Time, is planning to release new editions of the entire series, beginning October of this year. The new editions will feature brand-new cover designs. These new editions are wisely being timed to coincide with the forthcoming TV show from Amazon Studios. The cover art doesn't feature any new art featuring characters or scenes from the books but instead aims for mass appear with a stylized look. The covers are reminiscent of the UK mass market editions that were first released in 2014. Only the covers for the first six book
  2. After four years of relative quiet, excitement for the Wheel of Time is surging again thanks to the forthcoming TV show, scheduled for a 2020 or 2021 release on Amazon Prime. We know very little about the creative direction the show will take, but we know it left a positive impression on Brandon Sanderson, who recently shared his admiration for both the first two episode scripts, and for Rafe Judkins, the executive producer, writer, and showrunner. And, of course, there was a bit of excitement last week when Rafe and the studio announced that Rosamund Pike would be playing Moiraine. So w
  3. Academy Award-nominated actress Rosamund Pike has been cast as Moiraine Damodred in the upcoming Wheel of Time TV show. The announcement came today when the official Wheel of Time writer's room Twitter account shared an image of the actress reading The Eye of the World. Rafe Judkins, the executive producer on the show, said this on Twitter shortly after the announcement: Pike is a well-known actress with significant credits to her name that showcase her amazing range. Some of her notable roles include the lead in Gone Girl, and the James Bond film, Die Anoth
  4. Dragonmount is delighted to announce that we've (finally) launched our own Instagram account, @dragonmount_ Like our other social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter, we hope to provide frequent, unique, and enjoyable Wheel of Time content. We hope you'll join us on each of these accounts and become part of our growing community.
  5. There's been considerable hype this past week after Brandon Sanderson made numerous comments on reddit about his opinions of the early Wheel of Time TV show scripts. Brandon indicated that what he's seen so far has bee "really good" overall, but he also explained that changes might be coming. In the first of multiple reddit threads, Brandon explained: We don't know what these "unexpected decisions" are; Brandon could not say because he's under NDA. Naturally, that hasn't stopped WoT fans from generating theories. There's been speculation for a while that the
  6. Badali Jewelry, a long-time provider of officially-licensed Wheel of Time merchandise, is shutting down their WoT product line at the end of this month. The final day to place new custom orders is April 28, 2019. From the Badali Jewelry Facebook page: Some of their bestselling items were the Aes Sedai Great Serpent ring, their Asha'man pins, and their foxhead medallion. Dragonmount has been a long-time reseller of their products and we're sad to see them shuttering their line of quality goods. The reason for the shutdown is related to their lic
  7. Casting for the forthcoming Wheel of Time TV show has begun according to the London-based KVH Casting agency. KVH is run by Kelly Valentine Henry, who has been tapped as the show's casting director. The TV show is scheduled to film sometime this fall 2019 (likely September) in Prague in the Czech Republic. No actors have been officially announced yet, but that's expected to change in the coming weeks or months. The KVH website originally encouraged actors to send "submissions only" to submissions@wotcasting.com, but that notice was quickly taken offline,
  8. Tor Books has announced it plans to release Warrior of the Altaii, a previously-unpublished fantasy novel by Robert Jordan. The book is currently scheduled for release on October 8, 2019. Publication History Warrior of the Altaii was written before Robert Jordan began The Eye of the World (which was published in 1990). After finishing the manuscript, he received an offer of publication from Donald Wolheim at DAW Books. Jordan responded to the publisher that he was happy to receive such an offer, but wondered if some changes to the contract could be made. The publisher replied
  9. As reported earlier today, Amazon Studios has greenlit the first season of a Wheel of Time TV show. From The Hollywood Reporter: Backstory in Brief The story of getting the book series adapted for the screen has been long and tumultuous. A full history of the franchise's adaptation journey is beyond the scope of this article, but the short version is that the rights to the series were originally optioned by NBC in 2000, then held briefly by an independent group called Forsaken Films. In 2004 the option passed from Forsaken to Red Eagle Entertainment, who held the ri
  10. Rafe Judkins, the showrunner for the potential Wheel of Time TV show, answered an assortment of fan questions on Twitter this morning. You can find the entire thread here. Overall Show Status "In development." Amazon Studios is the network currently developing the show. The production studio is Sony Pictures Television, working with Radar Pictures. There has been no official announcement about the show being green-lit yet. This means that while a lot of people are working on developing ideas and screenplays, until a public announcement happens, we do not know if a pilot or fu
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  14. Hi everyone, Dragonmont is about to undergo a major upgrade that will leave the site and forums offline for a couple of days, possibly a week. This upgrade will begin later this week, sometime between Nov 9-11). I don't know how long it will be offline, but I expect it to be no longer than a week. During this time we'll be upgrading every aspect of the website. New forum features, better security, and (finally!) mobile-friendly pages everywhere. If you have any questions about things, email webmaster@dragonmount.com Thanks! Jason
  15. Today, September 19, 2017 marks 19 years of Dragonmount being online. Every year, Jenn and I debate what the exact launch day was, but she’s adamant that Sept 19 is the correct one. I believe her, because, well, one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned over the last 19 years is that I should listen to what Jenn says. So today it is. So what’s happening with DM these days? Well, judging from the slow-moving news on the front page, not a whole lot. But don’t let that fool you. We’re currently working on a major website upgrade: everything from the forums to the news page to the ebo
  16. Wonderful find, qwurp. Congratulations. That's an old signature, too.
  17. Hi everyone, As we gear up for a major website upgrade (including improved forums!), I need to run some occasional tests and take the website down. I will generally try to do this in the evening, after 9 PM U.S. Pacific time, GMT -8 (the time used by the server). During this time the forums and most of the website will be inaccessible. No data will be lost. Everything is backed up on a regular basis. Thanks for your patience. If you have any urgent issues, please email help@dragonmount.com Thanks
  18. Thanks for your donations and support, everyone. Some quick replies: - I've not investigated the coding editor, but if there's a way to keep it, we will. - Yes, Cloudflare is needed for both performance and security. Is there a specific thing it's doing which limits you in in some way? If so, I can investigate. - Killashandra: JordanCon is always looking for volunteers to help out. They would love your assistance. Check out their webpage for more info. If you can't find details, send them an email. Jason
  19. Hello Dragonmount family, I started a giant forum post here but it sorta eveolved into a full-blown GoFundMe campaign. Please follow the link below and consider helping out if you can. You guys mean the world to me and it's difficult for me to ask this. https://www.gofundme.com/dragonmount-year20-upgrade -Jason
  20. Barnes & Noble plans to release a new, leather-bound edition of The Eye of The World. This new edition will be available in stores on September 30th. You can also pre-order a copy online. The Eye of the World--the opening volume of The Wheel of Time saga--joins an impressive list of well-known novels in Barnes & Noble's Collectible Editions. The images provided on B&N's website show the spine and cover (shown here), as well as an interior photo and the back cover. The interior looks the same as the editions we're already familiar with from Tor. The back cover includes an error in that the
  21. I've reviewed this entire thread and I hearby decree Nyn--and all her body parts--are completely absolved of all crimes they are accused of. #ExecutiveOrder
  22. Thanks everyone. You're all the best-est bunch of fan-friends EVER. (Gah, where did you get that picture of me?) ;-)
  23. Various fans have alerted us to the fact that FX is airing a TV show tomorrow (Monday, Feb 9) called The Wheel of Time: Winter Dragon. Here's what we know: It is our understanding that The Wheel of Time movie and TV rights are currently owned by Red Eagle Entertainment. REE has had these rights for many years. During that time, they've been involved in several significant efforts to produce a feature film or TV show. We've reported on these efforts in the past, and have supported them at various times. (Full disclosure: I was a consultant for them on some of these efforts.) W
  24. Today Tor Books released new information about the Wheel of Time Companion, the upcoming encyclopedia-style supplement to the Wheel of Time series. Here's what we know about the book so far: It will be released in November 2015. It's organized alphabetically, like an encyclopedia, with entries for all 2,000+ named characters in the series. It includes a complete dictionary for the Old Tongue. It includes other information about the characters, history, and world such as the relative strengths for many channelers. It includes new maps and character illustrations (although we are not sure i
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