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  1. Haha, very funny. Thanks for sharing. If you do it again, I'll kill you. Happy Holidays. - Jason the Magnificent PS: Can I have Jimmy's copy of Attack of the Clones?
  2. A few years ago I remember seeing this website after Bush won the US election. http://www.sorryeverybody.com/ Politics aside, I think it's a great idea to do something like this for RJ and Harriet. Here's what I am thinking: - We encourage every fan to take a photo of themselves holding a sign saying "Get Well Soon" or something like that - You can write it on a pice of paper, on your forehead, or any other creative way you want. (Keeping it clean of course) - All photos get submitted to a page on DM - RJ has a chance to cruise through them and see everyone's submitted p
  3. So RJ has flat out asked people to do something nice for Harriet. So...to the DM community....ideas? J
  4. Spacey....nice sword in the sig. I like :)
  5. Hi everyone I posted this on the staff board but want you to be aware of it too. If you have questions, feel free to email webmaster@dragonmount.com or ask it here in this thread. One of the admins will reply. -------------------------- As you might have seen, the DM server went down earlier today and has been offline most of the day. I host DM from my house, which has an extremely high speed fiber connection connected to it. (Ask me about it another time if you want to geek out over it. :P) Anyway, there was a power outage at the house today. The server rebooted as it normal
  6. Well..... drat. I wanted that sorcerer monk. Maybe a Sorcerer / Ranger? J
  7. I played the game at lunch today. Made a human sorcerer. Will multi him into a monk when I get a chance. The "kits" sound awesome. I literally spent 40 minutes or more just trying to get the perfect character. There are SO MANY options! I love it. I wish I could be everything. hehe The game engine is better than I expected. I thought it was "fake 3D" like Baldur's Gate. This is true 3D with full camera movement options. And it supports 5.1 surround sound. :-D J
  8. Dude, I officially give you the um....uh.... "Dragonmount Medal of Honor for Today Only" for that answer. Congratulations...I guess. It's such a, um...honor.. Thanks for the detailed reply. It makes sense now. I was thinking of doing a human mage / monk. Or maybe a mage / ranger. That's awesome that my favored class is the highest. So in other words, I can be a human 2-class person and never get the XP penalty, right? J
  9. So I got this cool new game called Neverwinter Nights. Have any of you heard of it? Kidding. But I really did JUST pick it up. Got the Platinum edition thingie. I realize I am 3-5 years late to the party, but it's all good. I am eager to try it out. This is also the first time I've come into heavy contact with D&D d20 rules. My teenager years were filled with the AD&D 2nd edition rules. The only d20 experience I have is with "Knights of the Old Republic". Anyway, the question I have for anybody who knows d20 is this.... I am trying to figure out multi-classing. In AD
  10. It does slow thew site down. Grrrr My hope is to generate enough revenue by directly selling ad space. Once we can do that, we can dump the WIlliam Shatner DVD club. *shudder*
  11. I hate running stupid banner ads like this at DM. The "Shoot the Monkey", "Shoot the Duck", "Shoot the Hostage"..... What's DM? A banner site for the NRA. (Not even on a cold day in hell for that one) Anyway, sorry for the crappy banners. I'm working with the ad agerncy to provide better ones. Jason
  12. Hi everyone I'm going to use this thread as a compliment to the normal DM News page to deliver the latest Memory of Light news. Right now there's not a lot to report. We know this will for sure be the final novel in the main sequence novels. There is no release date, or even a release year. There are A LOT of pplot threads to finish up, but RJ has promised that this is the last book in the story. Based on this, it could be 2007 or later before we read the novel.
  13. You discovered one of the most over-looked facts in the series in my opinion. Yes, LoC has a single reference to why Demandred hates Lews Therin / Rand so much. It has to do with the fact that he loved Ilyena. But of course she went for Lews Therin who was always "thaaaaat much better" than Demandred. I hope this plays a role in the final novel. Demandred certainly is key to many events. BTW -- do a search on Demandred in our Character Database and then look for Ileyna references. J
  14. You guys are getting a special 24-48 hour sneak peek (sneak listen?) at the -FIRST EVER- Wheel of Time podcast, hosted right here on DM. It's definitely a little rough around the edges still, but we're working on it. Jayson and Carrie worked very hard to get to this point, and will need a little time getting used to the format. But overall they did a great job. Please give it a listen and submit ideas. In a day or two I will post this all over DM, tell the other websites, tell RJ, etc. The show is weekly and will be available on our website and through iTunes. http://www.drago
  15. Do yourself a favor and read the "Otori" trilogy by Lian Hearn. Book 1 is "Across the Nightingale Floor". It's incredible. Even RJ gave it a big thumbs up. We've talked about it several times. Edit: TheDiceAgain... Good call on DUNE. By far my favorite stand alone novel, ever. J
  16. Hey there 1) POst a picture of your new puppy in our Gallery! 2) I just got a black lab puppy too! Her first name is Lucy, but her middle name is Min. (Lucy Min Denzel). She's a black-lab / border collie mix. Adorable. Maybe I should post pictures too. 3) Names: - Gaul - Asmo - Asmodean - Loial - Tam - Rahvin - RJ - Young Bull - Lan - Fain - Fade - Logain - Jahar (Narashima) - Lews Therin
  17. RJ told me today he would try to post to the blog this week. Says he has an announcement of some kind. Woo hoo! I am not sure what it is. Could be the Mike Miller thing (see this news article), or could be something totally different. We'll see Jason
  18. Yeah, we will re-post the 13 Forsaken for Christmas J
  19. PS... Be sure that you bookmark the new RSS links that you see all over this website. The old RSS links to RJ's blog will not work. J
  20. Hey Isabel, I just emailed RJ about an hour ago to tell him that his blog is back online. I also asked him to test it out this week if he had a chance so I can make sure it all goes smoothly. Hopefully it will. Although I'll feel silly if he posts and is does something unpredictable liks saying : EMAIL ROBERT JORDAN AT HIS PERSONAL HOME ACCOUNT HERE.... Doh! (Not that you guys would mind, huh?!) J
  21. Hi there My name is Jason. I'm the guy who runs this site, and the guy you can yell at when it goes down. Although it sounds a little corny at times, I really apreciate each and every new visitor who decides to show up and register. I don't always have the time to post here on the forums, or welcome everyone, but if I could, I definiitely would. Please enjoy these forums, as well as the rest of the website, and send me an email or PM if you ever just want to say hi. May you all find water and shade. Jason
  22. Hey everybody. Does this new DM site seem faster, slower, or about the same as the old DM?
  23. This thread officially makes these forums a "Wheel of Time" forum. No WoT forum is complete without an over-played Asmodean disucssion :) J
  24. Yes, I know many of you reading this are not sure if you're "allowed" to post yet. Go on. Go wild. if you're here... you're here. Welcome to DM 7.0, even if things are not quite done yet. Jason
  25. Well, I suppose I should be the first to post. Here it is....long live DM 7.0 May you all find water and shade. Jason
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