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  1. Hi everyone, 


    We're implementing some changes to the way that you log into Dragonmount.  


    How It Currently Works

    Currently Dragonmount allows you to login using your username. That’s how it’s been done since we opened in 1998. But usernames are always public-facing, which means that people or groups with ill-intent could easily target s specific account and try to to that account using brute force.  For example, they could take the name “Jason Denzel” and try lots of popular password combinations, hoping to break in. Now, we have plenty of ways to detect these brute force attacks and block them.  But still, it’s a modern best practice to not use a username for a login anymore. 


    What's Changing


    Beginning Thursday, June 24 July 8 all users will log onto Dragonmount using an email address instead of a username. Your existing password will continue to work like normal.  In addition, users will also be able to login using their Facebook, Twitter, or Google accounts.  (We have plans to implement AppleID login at a future date and to offer optional Two-Factor authentication.). We've extended the date to give people more time to validate their email. We'll make the change after we send out July newsletter.

    Required Actions
    No action is required on your part except to please take a moment to verify that your email address on record is current.   (Click your user name in the upper right corner > Account Settings) 
    Also, while you're there, please consider checking your Notification settings to see if you're receiving our monthly newsletter. It's a great way to have a recap of the latest Wheel of time and community news sent to your Inbox. 
    Thank you for being part of this amazing community. If you have questions, please email webmaster@dragonmount.com
  2. On 2/14/2021 at 9:56 AM, GoldberrysHusband said:

    Oh, I didn't get scared at all 😀 Like I said, I don't suppose I'm going to be very active before I'm going to get really deep in the series. These past few days have been very hectic and I had no proper time for reading, so I'm only about 77 % through TEOTW (currently meeting Elayne), so I don't feel like it's really proper to roam the forums (fora? heh...). But thankfully I would say I'm a rather fast reader in general, so I think I'll catch up.


    I don't mind getting into discussions and arguments (I'm an apologist by nature and St. Dominic and G. K. Chesterton are on my proverbial bedside table, so to speak), so I'm fine with whatever comes my way - and although I realize it's supposed to be about the Ogier in WOT, the "don't be hasty" comment reminded me of one of my favourite characters in a pleasant way... you know where and whom I'm talking about.


    (From the movie:

    "We lost the ent-wives."

    "How did they die?"

    "We can't find them!"


    ...just... hilarious)


    When I decide to finish something, I usually do so (I finished Malazan remember? 😀), so unless something really unpredictable happens, I won't get scared, I won't jump the ship and I'm probably going to be an active member proper, I hope. As long as I'm welcome, which - like I said - the general WOT community seems really welcoming in general, so I don't think that's going to be a problem.


    Just one thing - and I hope you don't take this personally - what's with the forum's engine? It's cripplingly slow for me (like, the page loads for a whole minute or two) and it's not my internet connection - I tried several rather fast ones, but it keeps its really slow pace and honestly, it's somewhat unpleasant, patient as I might be in general. Is this a known problem? Or is there any way I could improve that for me?


    Oh, and remember I come from a backwoods country, so if I'm ever going to be misunderstood, blame it on my thin grasp of the English language and have patience with me, I beg of you 🙂


    Hi there, thanks for posting this. Yes, I'm aware of this issue and it drives me crazy, too. It only started in the past several months. We have plenty of hardware, and our internet speed to our servers is fine. (Other websites hosted on the same hardware load fine). It's a configuration issue somewhere and I just haven't had time to solve the issue yet. But I agree that it's a problem and I'll definitely work on it when time allows. Thank you for your patience! 

  3. Amazon's official WoTonPrime social media accounts revealed today a brief video showcasing Tam al'Thor's iconic heron-marked sword. The video showed how the sword went through its design phase to becoming an actual prop seen in the show.




    This is the first official glimpse of a notable prop seen in the show. 


    Tam al'Thor is played by Game of Thrones alumni actor Michael McElhatton. (View all of the announced cast here.)


    About Tam's sword (spoilers for books 1-2)

    In the Wheel of Time books, Tam al'Thor, Rand's adoptive father, received a heron-marked sword during his time as a soldier. The heron marking indicates that he reached the rank of a blade master. At the beginning of the book series, which takes place approximately 20 years after he earned the sword, Tam has long retired the blade to his attic. He gives it to Rand on Winternight because he fears ominous danger lurking near their remote home. Rand keeps the sword for the duration of his adventures in the first two novels. The sword is ultimately destroyed during his battle with Ba'alzamon over the city of Falme. 


    The sword seen in this video is likely to feature a prominent role in season 1 of Amazon's Wheel of Time TV show









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  4. Hi Annilori, while you're entitled to your opinion, I'd like to share the counter argument that the upcoming TV show is an adaptation. There's no possible way that Robert Jordan's books could be faithfully adapted "own to the stubble of Perrin's beard."  I happen to know some of the people involved in the show personally. These talented people care deeply about the books. It changed many of their lives for the better. Harriet and Brandon are involved and all offer their blessing. Harriet is giddy with excitement over the casting. 


    It's OK to be disappointed and it's OK to not watch the show. The books will forever remain unchanged. But please don't buy into the false hype that this show is somehow motivated by anything other than trying to share an incredible story. 


    If it helps, think of the show as a fresh turn of the Wheel:  the 3rd Age of the books has gone and left, the Wheel has turned, and the Age has come again. With its new coming, the same events play out, but some things are different, some faces are new, but the overall story repeats. 

  5. In our latest episode of The Wheel of Time Community Show, Kitty teaches us how to bake Wheel of Time Honeycakes!



    You can download the full recipe here: WoT_Honeycakes.pdf



    Wheel of Time Honeycakes


    * Remove any storage items from the oven before preheating.
    * If using regular table/iodized salt instead of kosher salt, use half the amount of salt.
    * In a hot kitchen, chill prepped ingredients and dough as needed.
    * If you don’t want excess honey butter, halve the recipe for it.
    * If working with a half batch at a time, wrap the other half of the dough with plastic wrap and refrigerate. 
    * Put a bowl of flour by your work surface when rolling the dough.  Pour it back into the container when done.
    * Have fun.  It’s not a souffle. 

    Ingredients - volume | weight

    3 cups | 13.5 ounces all purpose flour
    1 tablespoon baking powder
    1 teaspoon kosher salt
    1 cup dairy milk (any percentage)
    1/4 cup | 2 ounces honey
    1 1/2 sticks | 6 ounces frozen unsalted butter (freeze in wrapper)

    Honey Butter
    6 Tablespoons | 3 ounces unsalted butter roughly chopped into chunks
    6 Tablespoons | 3 ounces honey
    1 teaspoon kosher salt


    1. Grate 6 ounces of frozen butter with a box grater (side with big holes).  Put back in the freezer.
    2. Place an oven rack in the center and preheat the oven to 400 degrees.  Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. 
    3. Make the honey butter.  Place the butter chunks, honey, and salt into a microwave-safe bowl.  Microwave at 10-second intervals, stirring in between each one until the butter is almost melted.  Keep stirring until fully combined and set aside.
    4. In a bowl, whisk the flour, baking powder, and salt for one minute. In a separate bowl, mix the milk and honey until completely combined. 
    5. Add the grated butter into the flour and mix until it's the size of small peas, or until uniform. Slowly drizzle in the milk and honey mixture into the flour and mix gently just until there are no dry spots.
    6. Lightly flour your work surface and plop the dough out. Gently pat it into a rough rectangle and then roll to about 1/2 inch thick. *If you don’t want to fold the dough, roll it to 1 inch thick instead and skip to step 7*. Get the honey butter and lightly brush it onto the dough. Fold it in thirds, like a letter, rotate 90 degrees, and roll it into a 1/2 inch thick rectangle again, sprinkling flour as needed for stickiness.  REPEAT THIS TWICE MORE for a total of 3 rounds of folding.  After the last round, roll it to about 1 inch thick. Slice off all 4 edges of your dough rectangle as close to the side as possible. Lightly roll/pat these into weird looking dough balls.
    7. Cut the dough in half the long way, and then evenly cut 4 times across to make a total of 10 honeycakes. Place them on the parchment paper/baking sheet, keeping them at least an inch apart.  Don’t forget to add the weird scrap dough ones!  Brush the tops and sides with more honey butter and bake at 400 degrees until the tops are nicely browned, 12-16 minutes with rotating halfway through. 
    8. Brush the hot honeycakes with more honey butter, and walk away.
    9. Let cool for at least 10 minutes.  Serve with… more honey butter! 

    Please leave comments and suggestions below. We love hearing from you!

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  6. Harriet McDougal is best known for her illustrious career as a book editor, including for her work on the Wheel of Time. She's also been an acclaimed sponsor, donor, and all-around humanitarian, but now she can add one more thing to her list of accomplishments:  being featured on TV.


    Recently, TV personality Monty Don featured her home on his program, Monty Don's American Gardens. In this particular episode he explores the gardens of the Southern United States, including Harriet's hometown of Charleston, South Carolina. 


    We coved this topic in our latest episode of The Wheel of Time Community Show on YouTube. Take a look:


    Tell us what you think in the comments, and don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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  7. The Dusty Wheel YouTube channel hosted an interview with Brandon Sanderson tonight. They talked about the Wheel of Time books and the upcoming Amazon Prime TV show. Some WoT-related highlights of the program included:


    • Brandon discussing his excitement (& hesitations) for the upcoming TV show.
    • Brandon's on-set discussion with Barney Harris, the actor playing Mat Cauthon. 
    • Some behind-the-scenes discussion about writing the final 3 WoT novels. 


    "Prank Scene"

    10 years ago, Brandon asked a select group of fans to read early drafts of Towers of Midnight, the thirteenth and penultimate book in the series. Today, he revealed a special scene from that book that he wrote exclusively for one of those fans, Matt Hatch.  Matt is the founder of Theoryland.com, a WoT website known for its obsessive passionate attention to details. If there's ever been a "looney" theory made about the books, chances are that it's been discussed in extreme details on that forum.  Today, in addition to maintaining Theoryland, Matt is now the Innkeeper of the Dusty Wheel. Because today is April 1st (April Fool's Day), Brandon received permission from Harriet to share the scene he wrote for Matt. The scene is only ~250  words long, and takes place during Chapter 57: A Rabbit for Supper.


    Here's the scene, in its complete form. (The italicized text is from the actual book, and is included to provide context for the scene.)



        He must have made a face at the thought, for Thom chuckled and Moiraine smiled again.  The two of them soon lost interest in sporting with Mat, however, and turned to a soft discussion.  That affection in their eyes was true.  They did love each other.  Light!  How had Mat missed it?  He felt like a man who had brought a hog to a horse race.
        He turned to make himself scarce and leave the two alone, but he froze.  
        That was no dear in the bushes.  It was too tall, too wide.  Moiraine gasped suddenly.  “Channeling,” she said, leaping to her feet as a bar of something white and brilliant cut through the air toward the camp. 
        Mat cursed, rolling out of the way.  It narrowly missed him.  An older woman burst from the bushes.  She had gray hair set with little ornaments, and she had the ageless face of an Aes Sedai.  
        “You!” Moiraine said.  “Cadsuane!"
        Cadsuane cackled, letting loose another bar of Balefire, but an unexpected knife thrown by Thom startled her, and she missed Moiraine narrowly.
        “She must be one of the Forsaken!” Mat cried from beside a log where he’d thrown himself.
        “Forsaken?” Cadsuane exclaimed.  “I’m the Dark One!”
        “Not for long,” Moiraine said, causually waving her hand in the air.  A Gateway split the air right in the middle of Cadsuane, chopping her in half.  Instead of blood, a dark, tar-like substance--stuck with beetles and dead flies--splurted out onto the ground.  
        “That was a tad easier than I thought it would be,” Thom noted.
        “Yes,” Moiraine said, settling herself beside the fire.  “But I’m certain it had Matt going for a moment or two.”
        “Me?” Mat asked.
        “No,” she said.  “The other Matt.  We should continue what we were doing.”
        Mat scratched his head, but shrugged and continued on his way.
        He went to scout the area where their gateway was supposed appear.  It had better.  They had no supplies, and Mat did not fancy flagging down a ship and riding the long way back to Caemlyn.


    It's unlikely that any other fan had a scene written exclusively for them, even it was intended as a joke and obviously not included in the final book. 


    Michael Kramer, one of the audiobook narrators for the series, made a recording of this scene that you can listen to here. 

    Be sure to check out the video from The Dusty Wheel on YouTube, and subscribe to their channel. 

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  8. January 15, 2020 marks the 30-year anniversary of the publication of The Eye of the World by Robert Jordan.  Although there are neither beginnings nor endings to the Wheel of Time, this date does mark the official beginning of the book franchise. 


    After leaving a career as a nuclear engineer, Robert Jordan (a pen name for James Rigney Jr, who went by "Jim" to his friends and family) began a prolific writing career. He wrote in a variety of genres, using a different pen name for each one, eventually making a name for himself in the fantasy publishing industry primarily on the strength of his Conan novels. (Robert Jordan did not create the Conan character or write the original novels. He wrote later ones in the series over 50 years after the original author, Robert E. Howard died). 


    Originally pitched to Tor Books as a 3-book series, Tor publisher Tom Doherty laughed at the sheer scope of The Wheel of Time and instead offered Jim a 6-book contract.  Tor believed in the first book so much that they did a heavy marketing push, going so far as to commission an alternative book cover and creating 5,000 advance reader copies, which was unheard of now, or then. 


    To celebrate this 30-year anniversary occasion, we asked Harriet McDougal, Robert Jordan's wife and editor, what her memories were of that time in 1990.  Here's what she sent us:



    September 1989 brought Hurricane Hugo, which caused over $200,000 worth of damage to our house. It was awful. That December brought … snow.  A tremendous rarity in Charleston.  Now known as the Christmas Hell froze over.  It even froze  some of the city’s water mains. First, owing to the lack of water pressure, the third floor bathroom had no water. Then the second floor had no water either.  The ground floor powder room slowed to a trickle. A good friend who visited from New York for Christmas (together with two other Christmas visitors) found me in the kitchen very sadly filling my mother’s big pickling kettle with water so we’d have something to flush the downstairs toilet with. He said,


    “What are you doing?”


    “I’m saving some water in case the city supply fails.”


    “What’ll we do if it does?”


    “I don’t know.”


    “Oh. Well we’ll just have to drink our own urine.”


    This tickled my funny bone. “Yeah. Go get the empty wine bottles out of the recycling. We’ll label the bottles so we’ll each have our own private vintage.”


    Then I couldn’t help laughing. So I got Christmas back. 


    And the water mains didn’t totally fail. So we didn’t have to establish our private labels.


    So where was Robert Jordan? He was working flat out on The Great Hunt. Tom Doherty, the publisher, was insisting on publishing it within a year of Eye’s publication. This was really tight. So dear Jim would have Christmas Day away from the keyboard, but no other.


    New Year’s Day came. We ate our hoppin’john, collards, and some pork, in order to conjure up prosperity in the new year. It worked!


    And that, my friends, is about all I remember of that winter of The Eye.


    - Harriet McDougal


    We're also asking YOU to share your memories of how you found this special book. You can reply here to this article, or you can reply on our social media:

    Be sure to check out our Eye of the World info page, as well as our Book Summary and Chapter Recaps.





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  9. Everyone please welcome @Ark1002, the new Club Leader for the Cosmere Club. I'll let him introduce himself, but he's a long-time WoT and Sander-fan, and he's graciously offered to run this club, facilitate some discussion and help all of us enjoy Brandon's magnum opus. 


    Please give him a warm welcome and dive into the stuff he's got ready for you. 



  10. In order to cut down on spam and invalid accounts, and overall increase the security of our website, we have marked a large number of accounts in our database as outdated. If you have one of these accounts, you'll be prompted to change your email address. 


    If you believe you are seeing this in error, or are certain your email is correct and current, please send an email from that account to Webmaster@dragonmount.com and we'll sort it out. 



  11. Hello, fellow writers!  I've had a brave volunteer come forth to lead our intrepid club to glory. Please welcome @Arie as our new Club leader.  She'll keep you wild hoards in line and also attempt to bring civility to these desolate wastes by facilitating some interesting and (hopefully) useful conversation.


    Please welcome her, and give her misery a friendly hello. 



  12. Answers:

    • It’s on my To-Do list to get the episodes onto the main site. (Well, technically, they are already uploaded and ready. But I don’t have a landing page for them and I also want to write a little history to go with it.)
    • The new podcast will get a big intro as we get closer to its launch. 
    • The new podcast will start recording as we get much closer to the release of the TV show. It might be a year+. Depends on the TV show schedule, right?
    • The vast majority of new podcast episodes will be free. 
    • Patreon subscribers will be able to listen to the podcast episode “outtakes” along with maybe some live episodes. 
    • Right now, the plan is to partner with an established podcast network. They do an annual membership drive, and we may choose to create an additional episode exclusively for them to help drive membership to them. My understanding is this isn’t a requirement on our part, but we might do it anyway to help out. 

    @Kathy Campbell might have more info. She’s going to be the new podcast lead. 

  13. Dragonmount is launching a Patreon in order to provide even more incredible Wheel of Time content.


    Here's why.


    For 21 years Dragonmount has provided what I think is top-notch WoT content. (That's more than half my life!) The vast majority of it has been self-funded, or done with the assistance of ad revenue, online store sales, or (on occasion), member donations. 


    In addition, a large portion of my earnings from my own book sales have also gone to fund this grand enterprise. (I'm happy to do it!)


    But with the Wheel of Time TV show coming soon, along with a major boom of new fans, my volunteer staff and I have stepped up our game in order to be ready for the challenge. Here's a run-down of some of the things we've already done recently so far:


    • Upgraded hardware.
    • Invested in cloud-based redundancy & backups.
    • Integrated w/ bleeding-edge content & security systems.
    • Revamped the entire website.
    • Improved the mobile experience.
    • Overhauled our forums
    • Launched online Clubs.
    • Countless other small things....


    And most notably, you've probably already noticed but we've drastically improved our social media presence


    So the volunteer staff and I are ready to take DM, and the WoT community, to the next level. But to do that, we need your help. That's where this Patreon comes in.


    We're seeking people to help us fund our efforts by donating as little as $5 per month. In return, you'll get some notable incentives including:

    • Additional WoT history, insight, content.
    • Extra 4th Age podcast episodes.
    • Access to live online chats w/ cool people like Team Jordan & Brandon Sanderson.
    • Instant access to download "Finding Robert Jordan", a short story written by me.


    If you love what we're doing, and want to see us take it to the next level, I hope you'll consider supporting us. Take a look at our Patreon page to read the details. Spread the word. Tell people how much you love getting exclusive stuff that provides insight to the series.


    We all know how special the Wheel of Time is. Our community is about to be Reborn into a new Age of fandom. This is an exciting time for the franchise, and it's my goal to have Dragonmount continue to be a top-notch location for all things WoT.


    Thanks for reading this thread, and I hope you'll consider backing us!


    (PS: Backers will also get occasional special content for my sci-fi & fantasy books as well! So it you enjoyed the #MysticTrilogy, or want to learn more, or want to be the first to hear about my next writing projects, you can get that through the Patreon!)


    Patreon Link



  14. How to add Social Media icons to your profile


    1. Log into Dragonmount.
    2. Click Your name in the upper right corner.
    3. Select "Social Info"
    4. Fill out your Social Media links.
    5. Save your changes.


    Once set, your social media links & icons will appear alongside your name in the Forums and Clubs


    How To change your Title (the label that appears under or beside your name)

    Note: You must have at least one (1) content entry (forum post, club post, etc) in order to be eligible to change your member title.

    1. Log into Dragonmount.
    2. Click Your name in the upper right corner.
    3. Select "Profile"
    4. Click the "Edit Profile" button
    5. Edit your "Member Title"
    6. Save your changes.


  15. Hi everyone,


    Welcome to the next iteration of Dragonmount! The core team of admins and I have been meeting and working for several months to bring you a new set of community features. We've also archived most of the older, outdated forums that were just collecting dust and making the community feel scattered. The Internet has a changed a lot since we opened in 1998, and it continues to evolve. Much of the Wheel of Time fandom lives on social media now, so we're adapting with the times.  


    Here's a breakdown of what we've added and changed:


    • Clubs have been added! 
      • http://dragonmount.com/clubs 
      • All of our Social Groups (or "Orgs"), along with the Dragon Reborn Role Playing group, are now called Clubs.
      • We have a variety of types of clubs:
      • All registered visitors are able to join as many clubs as they like. 
      • Each Club has its own forum, and (optionally), it's own blog, image gallery, and secondary forums. 
      • Some (but not all), clubs may have secondary, private club spaces.  At our initial launch, this will be the White Tower club, and the Wheel of Time Playing Club. We're still evolving and figuring out the logistics for these private forums, so please have patience. But also understand that our intention is to dramatically reduce the amount of private and members-only forums across our site. Speak to the Club Leader or one of the admins for more information.
      • Some former social groups (Wolfkin, Aiel, Seanchan, etc) have been temporarily archived due to inactivity. We may bring them back at a later date. 
      • Interested in starting a new Club, or resurrecting one of our archived ones? Here's how
    • Forum Changes
      • Most of our older forums have been archived.
      • The forums will now primary focus on discussion of the WoT Books, and TV show. 
      • The "General Discussion" forum has been renamed to "Off Topic."
      • All Club Leaders have access to archived Social Group & Dragon Reborn Role Playing threads. If you are a Club Member and want some older posts migrated to your new Club forum, contact the Club Leader and they can make that happen. 
    • Social Media Integration
      • The Dragonmount forums now allow you to link to your social media. 
      • To set up your Social Media:
        • Log into DM
        • Click Your name in the upper right corner
        • Select "Social Info"
        • Fill out your Social Media links
      • Once set, your social media links & icons will appear alongside your name in the Forums and Clubs



    There's many small changes throughout the website, and new features will continue to be added. The admins and I hope you'll enjoy these new Clubs, and we can't wait for the next major phase of WoT fandom.  Thanks for being a part of the community with us!


    Jason Denzel



  16. Hi everyone,


    The original 4th Age podcast ran for well over 100 episodes. The DM staff is in the process of organizing those and making them available for download. We have a lot on our plate right now, but plan to make them available in the coming weeks. 


    Also, keep an eye out for a forthcoming announcement about the rebirth of the show.... :myrddraal:

  17. Hi everyone,


    Dragonmont is about to undergo a major upgrade that will leave the site and forums offline for a couple of days, possibly a week. This upgrade will begin later this week, sometime between Nov 9-11). I don't know how long it will be offline, but I expect it to be no longer than a week.


    During this time we'll be upgrading every aspect of the website. New forum features, better security, and (finally!) mobile-friendly pages everywhere. 


    If you have any questions about things, email webmaster@dragonmount.com




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