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  1. I think the Audio books are fantastic, I caught so much detail in hearing them speak. You can also be happy to know that the same two people have done the voice recordings for this series since book 1, so it flows well from book to book. There were a few changes in pronounciation, Moggy being the most obvious. I loved how well they developed each character's voice, as you could tell who was talking by just the voice yet it all still sounded like the same reader, not some voice actor doing every character in a cartoon. I didn't read the whole thread so sorry if this was already said but it's worth pointing out that the man and woman in the audio books are actually married, which I would think has a lot to do with their solid chemistry and consistancy. Michael Kramer and Kate Reading's real names are Nick Bernard and Jennifer Mendenhall. The only other thing that got to me was the audiobooks in Brandon's books. While words on a page probably wouldn't read much differently, he writes a lot of 'he said/she said' after every line of dialogue. "Hello!" Rand said. "Where have you been you woolhead!" Min said. "I was away doing stuff!" Rand said. This tends to get a little obnoxious, but not intolerable.
  2. I could picture this question coming up when Mat attempts to retreive the Horn.
  3. Ya, I don't have the links but I know this has already been discussed by RJ and on these boards. Luckers is exactly right.
  4. It's an interesting possibility, there is certainly evidence to support it but I'm also under the impression that Verin would have known, and would have included her on the list. The fact that Verin said not to trust her doesn't mean much to me, as there are many in the White Tower that would say the same about other non-black's. For example, Elaida wasn't black, but I'm sure many close to Rand would warn him not to trust her. Moiraine also said to be weary of all Aes Sedai.
  5. Good stuff there. I think he phrased the response in an interesting way. Not only did he let us know that he can still feel the True Power, but like an Aes Sedai he also didn't even answer the question. This response will just feed into the theory that Rand now has access to some entirely new power since VoG.
  6. Regarding your first question: Correct me if I'm wrong, but I seem to recall them finding an envelope sealed with red wax in her room. It seemed to indicate that Verin left her some instruction to flee or do something important, and she listened. The details of the letter are not (yet) known to us.
  7. I read through the first 5 or so pages of this and want to apologize if any of this has already been discussed. I can definitely be sold on the Verin theory, I actually want to believe it was her. But one major thing changes this for me... The food she made tasted great. This makes me think that whoever this is was recently in the company of Rand or somewhere Rand had been, and brought the food with them. Assuming this is true, this also indicates that this meeting took place after VoG. Verin died before VoG, so while it doesn't prove that it's not her, it seems to contradict it. As far as motive goes, anyone could speculate a motive. Maybe she realizes that EVERYONE is needed for the last battle. We know she likely had something to do with the White Cloaks via her mysterious letter to Galad... Maybe she asked these questions to get Avi thinking about the Shaido and the rest of the Aiel in the waste. They decided not to follow Rand because they feared what would come of the Aiel after TG. By making Avi think about what the rest of the Aiel would do after TG, she may come up with a way to bring the rest of the Aiel to TG with her. Also, if it was Verin I can understand why her motive wasn't clear. If her motive was obvious, she would have been betraying her oaths to the DO. Like everything else she's done throughout the books, she tends to plant seeds and guide people in very cryptic ways as a means of getting around her oaths, much like any normal Aes Sedai. I think the only other things I could buy are a Jenn Aiel or a Wise One in disguise.
  8. Gotcha. So if there wasn't a prophecy about it, why are we assuming that the cirle will have 3? Why not 4? 5? 13?
  9. I might be wrong but two things; 1) Doesn't the prophecy state that it would be Rand and 2 women? 2) I'm pretty sure a circle can't have more men than woman. Can anyone confirm?
  10. In a reference to Rand's line towards the Borderlanders near the end of ToM: "the guardian forkroot only blocks the One Power"
  11. Lanfear?! Sorry, I'm a sucker for characters in any story that go through some form of redemption. I'd love Lanfear to come back to the light, and eventually sacrifice herself in an effort to help save the world. Generally every concept RJ has introduced into the books has eventually crept in as an actual event. For example, we've all heard about how 13x13 works from lonnnng ago, and I'm guessing we'll finally get confirmation that Taim and his Asha'man have had that done to them. Another concept we've heard is that no one can be in the shadow so long that they cannot be brought back to the light. Who has been in the shadow longer than the person who actually created the bore in the DO's prison in the first place? Sure, I'm EXTREMELY skeptical of her intentions in the dream scene at the end of ToM, but it's definitely something to consider. The only person that you could even argue came back to the light has been Asmodean, so I'd say we're still waiting for this to actually happen. Besides, who would know how to seal the bore better than the one that made it?
  12. I'm not agreeing/disagreeing with the opinion, but it's fair to point out the contradiction in that. Let's change a few words in there and see if it makes any more sense. "if Rand put extra weaves on Callandor I think we all could agree they'd do something quite nasty. If Narishma could figure of the weaves then one of the forsaken sure as hell could have." Rand, The Dragon Reborn, the most powerful channeler on the planet, had set wards on Callandor. Wards that he was SUPREMELY confident would prevent any Forsaken from being able to get around. Wards that you propose he subconsciously 'forgot' to tell Narishma about, and yet Narishma was able to just figure them out? I just can't fathom that.
  13. Almost makes you wish that Dreamspike was still around, it would certainly make traveling to inside the WT a lot harder. :D Then again, there is still one at the Black Tower, and people at the Black Tower that would like to get back to the White Tower...
  14. To clarify, Moiraine mentioned that 'someone' came looking for a woman in Finnland, and stated that Moiraine wasn't the one he was looking for. The speculation is that someone was sent to find Lanfear before she died, and the man is has been speculated as Moridin. The fact remains though, that after Mat and Thom recovered Moiraine, they happened across the remains of the doorway that led to Tear and it was destroyed.
  15. Couldn't have said it much better myself. I'd say on a scale of 1-10, she was a 4 for me pre-waste, 7 from Salidar until her capture, and a 9 from then on. I actually just finished my first read through the series a month or so ago (which took me about 2 years of paced reading, though I sped up as the series went on).
  16. IIRC he also still hasn't learned that Mesaana has been essentially taken care of, though I'm sure that would come out in conversation with people he knows. He'll at least be brought up to speed on Aran'gar/Halima by Egwene and friends, so he won't be completely blind by that. All of that being said, technically Mesaana could still be killed and reborn, and Dashiva/Oran'gar and Sammael weren't killed with balefire so they can be reborn again too. By that logic, he'll still be looking for 6. My guess is this all gets tied up by the end. Think of it from the other side's perspective. If you are a 'chosen' and have dedicated your life to serving the Dark One, who has now been defeated at TG, why would you bother to continue to harrass TDR? If he can beat the Dark One, I want no part of him. They all chose the Dark One for personal greed, not so much because of a hate for the light. If the DO is no longer around to fulfill that greed, why bother?
  17. Here's my take on it. The Eelfinns aren't genies in a bottle that can grant you any 3 wishes you want. The Aelfinn only provide answers, and they're often vague. The things that the Eelfinn give have to be things they are capabale of giving, and even then they make you pay for what you want in a bargain. The price for each thing has to be something they consider a fair trade. This is why they considered Mat foolish to not set the price for his demands in his first visit. Even if they could grant those things, imagine what someone would need to give up in a bargain to obtain them.
  18. This is what I had assumed as well. I also considered that this could have just been a side effect of Narishma's partial madness from pre-cleansing, as this was before Nynaeve could heal such effects. I figured it's possible that maybe he just 'thought' there were things Rand hadn't mentioned, much like other Asha'man 'thought' fades were following them and shadows were trying to overwhelm them while they channeled. My guess is if he had actually sprung any one of Rand's wards he wasn't prepared for, he wouldn't have made it back with Callandor. Rand was extremely confident that Callandor was safe, so to think Narishma could get around unexpected wards that the Forsaken could not is far-fetched to me.
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