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  1. Sorry to hear about anyone dying, and it's sad that the entire series had one artist for all except the last book. I hope for the sake of continuity whoever does the art has a very similar style. With all of that said, I've always thought the cover art was terrible. The eBook covers are light years better. I also think in comparison to other mainstream fantasy worlds (stories, video games, etc) I have to say WoT is severely lacking in quality fan art, or I'm looking in all the wrong places.
  2. You're digging at a lot of words here, but in the context of the sentence saying "Thirteen women who could barely channel" and then "Thirteen of the weakest women in the tower" back to back in two sentences that compare against each other clarifies that 'they' doesn't include novices. Morgase and anyone else that can channel is enrolled as a novice, even if they don't have the potential to ever become an Aes Sedai. By definition, the 13 weakest women in the tower if including novices would essentially be the same thing as saying 13 who can barely channel. I also think it's pretty self explainatory that a Novice or even an Accepted would make-up part of the group sent to capture The Dragon Reborn. http://13depository.blogspot.com/2009/02/saidar-strength-ranking.html According to RJ's notes, Morgase is a 1, and the lowest Aes Sedai are 4s. Also, remember what Egwene was able to manage while stuffed with Forkroot while linked to a bunch of weak novices that could barely channel. And she was able to teach them all how to link pretty quickly, so I can't imagine it's terribly difficult to learn.
  3. This is all of the 1. Rand following Fain where he meets Selene, then back again, TGH11 & TGH17. 2. Rand ports everyone from Steading Tsofu to Toman Head in TGH36. 3. Rand travelling towards Rhuidean the first time from Tear in TSR22 4. There are ruins nearby the Shadowspawn attack on the White Cloaks, Grady can feel a male channeling nearby in ToM41. It's assumed that this is being done via portal stone. If the last is in-fact a portal stone, and it's being done by a man, it's possible that it's being done by a man from the Black Tower, or one of the remaining Forsaken. If that's true, I'd guess that it did take a lot of power to operate for Grady to feel it that far away. I'm also guessing that if they were easy to use, the 'how' would have been re-discovered by woman by now, seeing as how Verin knew a lot about them (TGH37). Another possibility is that if Loial did read that only the most powerful could use them in AoL, his source was wrong.
  4. I can definitely see some similarities between the two people, but I don't picture Odin's hat to look anything like Mat's. And in all of the fan-art/cover-art/etc I've never seen it illustrated that way.
  5. Makes me think of The Sopranos ending. My take is that it intentionally just ended arbitrarily to remind viewers that the show was a story about going through life, that the journey (not the destination) is the real story. I think an ending like that worked for The Sopranos. I don't think it worked for Lost. I think a good science fiction fantasy story needs to be just as much about the climax as it is about everything leading up to it.
  6. Has anyone every bothered to ask if there are any plans to release ALL of RJ's notes? I'd even be willing to pay for a supplemental book with scans of all the notes, almost like a compendium of random knowledge. Just looking at Cadsuane's backstory, there's a lot of depth to her character beyond what comes up in the books. They could release essentially a post-humous memoirs on his Wheel of Time experiences. Possible plot twists he since reconsidered/etc.
  7. Twitter clue: "I said a code had to do with something Aes Sedai could do. Hint: it'd be very useful in RJ's home town." RJ was from Charleston, SC. All I can think of is something weather related, as they're in a prime hurricane landing territory.
  8. Wait, where did you see the hint 'list'? I just checked his twitter and I'm not seeing it...
  9. The first two things that come to mind are the list of things stolen from the tower by the Black Ajah, and the list of Black sisters Verin compiled for Egwene.
  10. This is an easy to misunderstand confusion as there were two 'talents' discussed at the same time. The 'unweaving' is the one that most wise ones know and can be taught, this isn't a 'talent' at all. Elayne was able to grasp the concept and attempt it, and was mostly successfull just with a big boom. This is the one that isn't so much a talent as it is a skill not known to Aes Sedai. The second one is the actual talent, reading residues. Avi explains it to Elayne, and the whole reason they unweave the gateway is because they don't want to risk a Seanchan damane having the same talent and being able to learn traveling. When a weave is ended, it leaves a residue that someone like Avi can read and understand even after the weave is gone. The weave has to be 'unwoven' to prevent any residues from being left behind. In this sense, the two things go hand in hand, which explains why people confuse the two.
  11. Let me highlight a few lines from the original quote again. It's really hard for me to interpret this as "this just means he is who he is as a character now" or "it just means he's where he's supposed to be for when he gets included in the last battle". He didn't dance around it. He said it flat out.
  12. I think this means we'll see another city. Where do you think it can be? I can only think of Seanchan (not so likely) or the Blight (which has been some discussion about, concerning the red-veiled Aiel). Not sure if it was this name or not, but there was a Tweet were he elaborated on a name he turned into a city and he said it was going to be in the Blight.
  13. First of all, RJ only wrote the last scene, not the entire end of the book. Second, the above quotes were from Oct 28th. That being said: "Been coordinating heavily with Alan R. from Team Jordan on Last Battle tactics" (Oct 25) and "Okay, over the next two weeks, I'll write the final climatic scenes of the entire Wheel of Time. All save the last scene, which RJ did." (Oct 17) I'd say that's about as clear as it gets that he's not merely approaching the last battle. He's writing it.
  14. Even still, the way I read it: -He said he's writing the end of the book now -He hasn't written Perrin in awhile -Perrin's story is done
  15. So Brandon posted a few lines today on Twitter, WARNING THIS MAY BE CONSIDERED SPOILER (though I'm guessing if you're reading this thread, you're ok with him hinting at events that play out in AMoL). This is what he said: I had to read this over a few times. After the first time through, my immediate reaction was "he just told us Perrin is only in the beginning of the book, and given his drifting thoughts I'd say it's pretty unlikely Perrin ends up dying. If you can't wait to get back to someone, they probably aren't dead, and if their story is done, they probably don't die." That being said, I guess his quote could indicate that he's been writing chapters out of order, or that he simply meant he missed writing a chapter from Perrin's POV (he could be in chapters just from say Rand's POV). But he did say 'his story has been told', which brings me back to my initial point... I dunno, what do you guys think? Did anyone even really think RJ would stray from his traditional style and kill off one of our main characters anyways? A side note, Brandon said within the last week or so that he was starting writing on the final climax of WoT. If Perrin's story has been told and he hasn't written Perrin in awhile, this makes me think Perrin doesn't have much to do with the final wrap-up. Perrin was one of my favorite characters in the first few books (then Faile happened) and I just always assumed the end would be a massive epic series of events and POV swaps (think the Cleansing or Dumai's Wells) of non-stop action with everyone coming together.
  16. I wouldn't consider that using it as a weapon. Novices are punished aka 'switched' with weaves of the power all the time. Also, much like the discussion above, it all comes from the believe of the channeler. If Moiraine didn't think it was a weapon, then she can do it.
  17. This drives me insane. What is the correct pronunciation for Damane? I agree that both words are pronounced the same, but it was never really a problem because the context of each word rarely allowed the terms to be confused for me. Early on, I found that with so many characters I was losing track of who was who, most notably with Aes Sedai. Just a few examples: Alanna (AH-LAH-NUH), Leane (LEE-AH-NUH), ane Liandrin (LEE-AHN-DRIN) Annoura (AH-NOR-UH), Anaiya (AH-NIE-UH), and Elaida (AH-LIE-DUH) Elayne (EL-ANE) and Lelaine (LEL-ANE) Early on when most of these characters are barely developed and you're meeting so many for the first time, you tend to forget which is which.
  18. I just thought of another. About halfway through the series, Rhuidean switches from ROY-DE-ON to REW-ID-E-ON.
  19. Also, mass-produced doesn't necessarily mean they were on a conveyer belt in a factory being made as exact copies. The dragons being 'mass-produced' by the bell-founders are based off of the same plans, but I'm sure you'd find variations from one to another. They're still all made individually.
  20. Well there are multiple Oath Rods, Dream Spikes, multiple glass columns within Rhuidean as well as the testing arches in both Rhuidean and the White Tower that are similar in nature, two twisted red doorframe gateways leading to the Fins land, multiple wells (same function just varied in power/design), there are 3 independent guardians blocking the One Power in Far Madding, etc. Consider this. The Forsaken can recall TONS of common items from the AoL and not a single one like the shocklance, view-walls, sho-wings, glowbulbs, air exchangers, etc has made it to this age. Every single one was destroyed with the exception of what was found in the stasis boxes (of which there were multiple stasis boxes and they also presumably used the OP to function). Before you say that these items were just the technologic Randland equivalent of Light Bulbs and Air Conditioners and not ter'angreal, remember that Sammael found some of these and was using them. I don't think Randland has electricity, so that would be hard to pull off, plus Moridin later confirms they're objects of the OP. Now consider in today's real world how many technologic items are mass produced. How many unique ter'angreal items have we seen in Randland that we know their use? maybe 30? What are the chances you look around yourself right now and find of the next 30 mass-produced things you see, many are duplicates?
  21. Didn't RJ originally plan to write some other side stories in Randland (like Tolkien did in Middle Earth) but then tabled the idea to work on finishing the main series? With such a popular series, I'd be a little surprised if they don't have BS use additional notes from RJ to write some side stories. I'm not sure I'd care for them, but they'd allow BS to be a bit more creative with them.
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