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  1. LOA thread

    I am going to be on an UNLIMITED LOLA. I am in hospital and using tablet, which is difficult for me.
  2. September 2017 Roll Call

    I don't know how it came to be September so fast!
  3. September Roll Call

    I am late with cleaning.
  4. September Roll Call 2017

    I like autumn because of the cooler weather.
  5. July 2017 Roll Call

    I'm here. No big plans for the month. JUst resting and doing therapy.
  6. Roll Call: July 2017

    metallic blue goes well with black....
  7. July Seduction Sig

    I'm wearing it now.
  8. July 2017 Roll Call

  9. Welcome to Al!

    Thank you, for serving.
  10. Two Truths and One Lie - Shayol Ghul style

    winner. I hate the musical Grease and I hate getting grease on my hands, it's so hard to get off. Why would I hate Greece? Afaik they haven't started any wars with the USA or done any terrorist attacks???
  11. Two Truths and One Lie - Shayol Ghul style

    cool beanies.... 1. I hate Grease 2. I hate Greece 3. I hate grease
  12. A Dance With Dragons by George R.R. Martin
  13. April Roll Call

    I don't normally have anything to do. However, I am transitioning to group home so have to make lists of questions and stuff. Other than that, I've been on a "vacation" for 2 years.