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  1. i thought the title lord of luck is already given to mat in towers of midnight( the chapter in which mat goes into a tavern and gambles with some one incognito,someone mentions that there is someone called mat cauthon who is lord of luck outside city gates)
  2. thank you jack of shadows.mark,as jack said,moridin can indirectly affect mat using TP so i don't think there is any chance of mat winning even with his awesome luck. this event was great hopefully there will be more like this
  3. what!!! this is simply fan favoritism .... :/.but the win of lan against fain can also be put to that.
  4. i was so caught up with faile perrin relationship in dragon reborn that i skipped all the non perrin chapters and read them first.(although the rand part was awesome)
  5. "THE ONE POWER AND IT'S SHADIER USES " by balthamel/aran'gar/halima
  6. why is the scene is full oh darkness? didnt he do it morning? other than this silly complaint this rendering awesome.
  7. i dont think eyes of trollocs in first pic looks like human.
  8. one of the funniest things i have ever seen on wot
  9. please donot stop this column,i love it!
  10. adeepu9


    iam anudeep from india. iam a new fan,just starting from 2009.i used to think that no one can write better than jk rowling before.
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