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  1. Who cares about street cred? True answers are true. I offer true answers to people that wonder what happened. I'll wait until someone posts an actual question, then I'll update my first post with their question and the answer. Like I said, no theories. Say "When do we know Verin is Black Ajah for sure?" I say Book 2 and why, you say "Who are the whitecloaks that attack rand with crossbows in book 6?" I say Those are Fain's guys and tell you why.
  2. I thought people might actually have questions instead of just being retarded. Haters gonna hate proven again.
  3. Feel free to jump into the "Ask a Simple Question" thread as I'm sure that is where they will continue to be directed. In the mean time why don't you wow us with some theories mate. BTW wonder if this is the guy Luckers was telling us about from his work? I don't work with theories. I can only answer what can be proven in the books already written. Read the subtitle of the topic.
  4. I know more than you about WOT. If you have a question about the books that CAN be answered, I will tell you the answer. I'm not trying to be rude, it's just a simple fact. I'm offering a service to people who have wondered about something that happened they could not figure out.
  5. Also, did you know you know for sure that Verin is black ajah in book 2? Fun times.
  6. It was Fain. Later on in the book Fain admits to it. Look at the part where Fain is talking about how his ambush failed when his white cloaks tried to kill Rand. NOTE: Yes, I realize that you are not talking about the attack on Rand... That's just the part where what I am talking about is located. I really don't like getting quotes for myself... just accept it. I've read the entire series for 3 years over and over via audio book on my ipod. Takes me a few months until I reread them again. Fain Attack on Rand (The white cloaks say "I'll walk in the light again" also notice their dirty cloaks) Also, fain says "That was just a test" when he's stroking the boy's face. When he found out about the Gray Man attack on Rand. "Only a few remained of his one time children of the light" search for that in book 6. Anyway, I'm right. Period. It's because I am a GURU Baby.
  7. Is everybody in the whole bloody series going to be added to the horn?
  8. I don't know about the rest of you, but I saw this coming back in Eye of the World...... ;) Note: That was after I was re-reading the series again.
  9. Look, it's not complicated. If the warder's old lady dies... they get all emo and seek out death unless someone fixes them. It's not easy to fix an emo though. Simple concept to grasp.
  10. Rand will die and the story will shift to the other main characters in the aftermath. Every good savior needs to die at the end of the story... Come on, everyone knows this.
  11. I think it's more than that, but that is part of it for sure. I honestly feel like Sanderson did not really understand the depth that the character actually had before he started writing. I guess it's unrealistic to ask for Sanderson to understand each character like RJ understood them though. Read Books 9-11 then read Sanderson's version of mat... Not the same character.
  12. Since we are assuming that intersexed people exist in the WOT world, we'll assume that fundamental genetic principles exist. If they have a y-chromosome they can channel the male... if they don't have a y-chromosome they can channel the female half. If they are the Dark One's bitch, they can channel the True Power either way. Unless of course their Midi-chlorians are not enough to allow them to channel anyway.
  13. Obviously they would kill the one power.... or die trying. I think the main point is that they seek out death when their Aes Sedai dies.
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