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  1. Rand cannot kill the DO, that would put the wheel out of balance ( like Moridin says “I doubt you can understand the magnitude of the stupidity in your statement” [To Rand, when Rand says he intends to kill the Dark One, The Gathering Storm, Chapter 15]). The pattern needs balance the Creator to the DO, Saidin to Saidar, etc. killing the DO, would unravel the pattern, there is a reason the DO is still around after so many turnings. if the pattern did not unravel I'm sure it would just generate another DO, he is unkillable because we need him for the balance My pet theory about Fain is that he will be killed by Renald Falwer (the farmer from the prologue of tGS)
  2. wait.. And the Lord of the Evening shall face the Broken Champion, and shall spill his blood and bring us the Darkness so beautiful From the shadow prophecies, Epilogue ToM this seems to be part of both prophecies, has anyone given thought to how the shadow could use Rands blood (Harry Potter-Voldemort crossover). So obviously Rand can't win by nose-bleeding at Shayol Ghul
  3. I believe that those are just people who have decided to fight the dark tide and not to run around like headless chickens, sort of like Renald Fanwar (the farmer from the prologue of tGS)
  4. actually i'm talking about the birthday/ gender box inside there
  5. unfortunately Cape Town is just better.. actually, how do I edit my profile?
  6. Ok cape town Bellville South biltong would be great Take 2 (noted) I got in first back in Grade 7, the school librarian recommended it. then I saw it on a bookshelf in highschool and decided to keep on going. Wanted to get some more info and got into the wikia page and later the 4th age podcast (which I love). gotta stop now my fingers are getting cold again
  7. {SPOILERS AHEAD} ok, lets see.. ummm... hi. my real name be Ismail. ( the "be" was intentional,a homage to Bayle Domon) i live in South Africa. currently I'm 15 years old, yes I started early. i've been listening to the podcast for about a year, though I still miss a lot, especially Asmodean, that went RIGHT over my head, never thought about it until I saw all the hubbub about it. i have completed the entire series and plan on a total readthrough before aMoL,because I have missed much before I actually started taking notice of everything going on. My favourite characters.... between Lews therin and Perrin, why? Lews Therin: he's crazy. I like that. Perrin: I personally relate to him, I love his entire character, the mild mannered blacksmith, though i do like Mat as well for his insane luck, comic relief and the fact that he's cowed into wearing lace ive got myself some crazy theories. might have to find where to put those. i got really ticked off when ToM came out more than a month after the US release,I was not happy though I got it then waited until I went on holiday, why?? 6+ hour drive, so I got most of the book done there, it was good that I had a stop in the middle because I had just read the part where Aviendha sees the future, I figured that out pretty quick but I had a mental meltdown the further I got in, so yes my mind exploded. I play Nethack ( if you don't know what that is dont worry its a game wherein you control a little dungeon adventurer whose goal is to retrieve an amulet then get back up the dungeon to sacrifice the amulet to your god [it's harder than it sounds]) I read "the sword of Truth" series by terry goodkind,also heavy fantasy currently tackling the lord of the rings so thanks for reading all that bye!!!
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