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  1. awwww... aye, tis very important, displeasure from teh kitteh overlords is... unnecessary.
  2. this post has inspired a strange need in me to look through a kaleidoscope
  3. snerk? um. nvm... well hai! anyway ohai :) hit me up with a shot of saidin while i'm here, yeah? it's been a while. I'm not sure if a saidin shot exists, or is anywhere near legal but kitty pictures make the internet go round
  4. Order up! I'm not a coffee drinker so I hope this suffices. Unlike brownies. Brownies may as well be my Talent.
  5. Late, late, late, why do we always have to be late. For once it would be good to have everything go on time. Ayla and Smiley scurried around their as yet unopened café. Handling sweet, tainted saidin Smiley put out tables and chairs, while Ayla was, *ahem* checking on their nutella stocks. Smiley hopped over to the counter and began sorting out the tea and coffee as well as the pastry displays. Ayla hurried out from the kitchen with a plate heaped with brownies - tainted to perfection. She was muttering about having to sort out the llamas again, it seemed like they had protested for greater nana allowances... When everything seemed to be sorted out and in it's place smiley poured himself some tea. Rooibos. In his favourite dinosaur mug. Rawr. With a little push of Air he flung open the wide doors of the café. The Black Tower Tainted Tea room is now declared OPEN
  6. Oh Narg, What is your favourite colour?
  7. Rand, control your spelling, you're making us look uneducated *note proper use of your/you're :P In my defense i was on my phone typing really fast. gwneral; siscussion; goos; magia; spcial; forbfun
  8. Rand, control your spelling, you're making us look uneducated *note proper use of your/you're :P
  9. Well, I'm finally bonded to Ayla, that only took a couple months :P

  10. I sort of skimmed your post about why you don't like snow --> wow

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    you, sir, have said it all right
  12. Smiley73


    Lightsong is boss. That is all. much agreed.
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