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  1. I must be picking up a pancake addiction from somewhere >.>
  2. yes that thing. Bewares the fire-breathing Ithi-drake They are made of awesome
  3. velociraptor, what else? I dunno, did the patronuses have any out and out symbolism?
  4. *wonders where everyone has been* >.> I'm sure I didn't spike the tea with forkroot... this time...
  5. *tries to lip-read what she be saying* ...pandaclap? oh, so that's where the name's from what's where what from? twas the title of the image http://imgur.com/user/smiley73/likes/W9BmBO5
  6. yarr, lots. *tries to lip-read what she be saying* ...pandaclap? oh, so that's where the name's from that looks delightful
  7. just glad you could make it :) Hi!! *looks at the tainted brownie for a while and then at the cool bow ties, but still can't decide which of those she should eat first* whynotboth.gif
  8. I can definitely see Bedouin and Zulu in the Aiel, bedouin for the dress and desert-ness (and maybe even part of the honour system, Zulu for spear warriors/hide bucklers) I think the Seanchan fit more with Japanese cultural strictness than the Aiel though. maybe Tairens? Well, good Tairen bloodstock is referenced often enough. Saldea have a heavy cavalry, but yeah, closest would be Tairens IIRC With their expertise using spears and bows, plus the ability to run very long distances, the Aiel's fighting style reminds me most of the Zulu tribes of Africa. Zulus were only one tribe, mate. But the same logic holds with others I suppose, like the Masai, maybe even more the masai because of the tallness
  9. you obviously never heard you dad telling you not to play with the power tools
  10. yeah like this, I was thinking of mentioning a coin one as well
  11. no, any particles that might have carried the sound vibrations would be pulled into the black hole faster than they were moving. Maybe if you were in the black hole as well... again space is a near vacuum so there wouldn't be much to carry sound in the first place... tl;dr: no
  12. and now I'm remembering cool stuff Did anyone ever go to a science centre type place where they had a black hole display, you throw in a pool ball and it spirals towards the centre faster and faster because of the slope? I'm remembering the sound right now
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