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  1. All of it. Lol where is it? For me there has been a lot. I know this version is pushing a potential female dragon and ignoring the male and female sides of the one power but I think the boys dreams with Ba'alzamon would have been very creepy but they're using sloppy misdirection away from Rand so that's a no go. Not having Bayle Domon and the journey to Whitebridge or Elyas or Min was tough to swallow. If I had to pick any one sequence it would probably be cutting Caemlyn out and having a pointless Tar Valon story instead.  We missed out on Rand falling into the garden and meeting Elayne, Gawyn and Galad and then Morgase, Elaida, Gareth, Tallanvor and co. I just think the scene with Rand on Domon's mast and then the sequence with the garden and the queen really is the early signs of how powerful ta'veren really is. When the boys finally tell of the dreams that is the urgency behind taking the ways as well as their plan on finding the eye of the world. I feel like they wasted time on Tar Valon politics instead of developing the lore and the characters. I wish Judkins and co cared more about adapting an amazing story and less about non gender binary nonsense. You want that, write your own high fantasy epic. This show would be a lot more enjoyable if I didn't know these books like the back of my hand.

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