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  1. Look on the bright side. They could have stuck us with the Legend of the Seeker version of Zedd instead of the book version.Far as I can tell, the only bit from the TV version is the pic they used for the character.
  2. I know it's outside the fantasy realm, but this has been one of my favorite genres (unless you count it as a subgenre) for a very long time. I was loaned Harry Turtledove's Agent of Byzantium when I was in high school and devoured it over the course of one weekend. As I grew older, I found other works, some of which I really enjoyed and others which I found to be garbage. William Gibson and Bruce Sterling's The Difference Engine blew my mind, and if they should ever return to that world I would snap up a sequel as soon as it came out. On the other hand, I'd recommend to anyone to stay away fro
  3. I read NS before the rest of the series, and had absolutely no trouble figuring out what all that stuff meant. It seems fairly easy to tell from the context what Aes Sedai or the True Power were. While I don't know if he ever made any statements on the subject, I felt that RJ wrote it with the expectation that some people would read the series in the order it takes place, and thus NS would be their introduction to WoT. But if I had it to do over again, I would have started with Eye of the World. I normally prefer to read a series in publication order, even when I know the author has gone on re
  4. The one currently in my sig is one that hit home for me as it is a lesson I have learned painfully in real life, even before I ever began reading WoT. I also like "Death is lighter as a feather, duty heavier than a mountain" (both from TSR).
  5. Another one which should be up there is Eric Flint and Co.'s 1632 series (which Weber has also had a prominent hand in). Just the published novels aren't much of a time-sink. But when you toss in the Ring of Fire shared-universe anthologies, and the ongoing Grantville Gazette online fiction (which is officially considered as canon as the stuff on paper, which I consider a pretty radical step), it can get pretty extensive.
  6. Agreed wholeheartedly on this one. I read the first three in high school and not only enjoyed them immensely, but had the pleasure of turning on the school's other big SF&F reader to the series. Some of Gerrold's tangents are hilarious; there are significant stretches where it's easy to remember this is the same man who introduced the world to tribbles. I read the first Covenant book and doubt I will bother with any more. I found it difficult to get sucked into the world and absorbed by the story, which made it a very slow read for me. Not only that, but there is no way I am willi
  7. If we are sticking solely to fantasy, then I would say Drizzt. Otherwise, I would go with Spock. (Does being half-human disqualify a character from consideration?)
  8. I've been meaning to start this series at some point (my to-read list is ten miles long!), and while I don't have HBO, I'm looking forward to watching the adaptation at some point. Regarding the incomplete series issues, maybe having the books adapted for TV will be just the impetus to finish it that GRRM needs. If HBO sticks with it, and doesn't cancel the series before they get to the last book that is currently done, GRRM will start to feel the pressure at some point to get the next book out so that it can be filmed. Otherwise, he will leave the network and its subscribers hanging.
  9. This is beginning to confuse me, but I'm a bit lost when it comes to where posts unconnected to WoT go. Ther'es a whole Entertainment section, divided into movies, music, sports, etc. But when I browse in any of the social groups, there's also a profusion of off-topic stuff in there as well. It seems like many of the social groups have threads devoted to the same things that are being discussed in the entertainment section. This strikes me as a little redundant. Can anyone explain a little?
  10. I've given the social areas some thought but not sure which one fits me, especially if I choose to stay true to the Basel character as shown in the books. Do those that take a WoT-based screen name feel a need to play themselves in a style close to that character? And is your WT group limited to female channelers and Warders, or is it open to all?
  11. I just registered; I've been working my way through WoT for the first time and decided to check out what seems like a vibrant and fun community based around it. I'm about halfway into reading TFoH and enjoying it muchly. I've heard the series gets less interesting as RJ began dragging things out too long around this point, but I'm still having fun seeing what happens. There are several other novel series I'm in the middle of, so I have no clue when I'm going to fully catch up to everyone else!
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