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  1. Agitel: That's pretty much what someone on Westeros said about the seasons, as well. I've been posting the same thoughts on their first-read subforum for AGoT. It's just a bit different since they don't have member blogs over there.
  2. Well, such as it is. I finally finished off The Fires of Heaven and began AGOT tonight. I could have read farther, but I wanted to get my thoughts down while they are still fresh in my mind. "We should start back," Gared urged as the woods began to grow dark around them. "The wildlings are dead." Not a bad first line, but not a great one either. I found Ser Waymar Royce to be an arrogant bastard if there ever was one. He doesn't know everything, but thinks he does just because he holds the authority at the moment. I've worked with jerks like this. I wasn't sorry to see him killed so ea
  3. I've been surfing around the public areas the SGs have and looking at their info threads, but I haven't been able to find one thing. Is there any SG that has food as one of its themes? I'm by no means a serious foodie, but I do occasionally try something interesting when I wonder what happens if I fix something with such-and-such ingredients.
  4. I think Elayne would be well played by Scarlett Johansson.
  5. Well, Amazon delivered my copy of AGOT today. It looks hefty, even in paperback. I still have about 100 pages left in Fires of Heaven before I can start SoIaF. After that, I'm planning on returning to the Enderverse and beginning the Bean stories for the first time.
  6. Yay, my order from Amazon came today! Now all I have to do is finish the last 100 pages or so of The Fires of Heaven... when I'm not working, and there isn't an NHL playoff game on.
  7. I'd still like to know what sets the premium forum apart from the rest of the forum. What is different about the goings-on in the premium section that it is for paying members?
  8. The announcement of the first-time reader area is dated Apr. 9th this year. The Feast for Crows subforum might have been for when that book was newer, and it seemed logical to have a section for the latest installment. There's already a section in the main area for book 5.
  9. Woooh, a rant just feels good sometimes. I already got a reply back from the site admins, and the challenge question is just for registration, not for accessing a specific account. That's a good sign. Whoever "Elio" is, but did admit the system was likely counter-productive to their attempt to welcome people just finding the series and that I had a fair point. Now that I've cooled down some, I'm going to take my own advice, and google the challenge answer. It sounds like it might be something straightforward and easy to find online.
  10. I decided to register for a Westeros forum account and maybe post my take on the first book in SoIaF. Right away, I discovered that whoever designed their registration page seems to be a moron. They ask the standard questions: what username do you want, what password do you want, what's your email, type in this text to prove you are a human, etc. And, like many websites, they have a challenge question which you can use if you ever need to log in and forget your password. Problem is, the challenge question, no matter how many times I reset the form, was always a trivia question asking some bit
  11. Isgrimner, thanks for the site. I noticed that Westeros has subforums just for those reading each book for the first time; I thought that was a great idea. Although I'm kinda puzzled as to why there is no such first-read forum for book four.
  12. It took me several hours to decide whether to do this as a blog or an ongoing forum thread. I'm still trying to figure out whether I want to find a SoIaF board and post my reflections there as well.
  13. This is going to be a First Time Read. I've been thinking of getting into SoIaF for several months now, but hadn't got around to it yet. With the HBO series starting in just a few days, now is as good a time as any. I'd actually been considering reading it before I ever heard of the TV adaptation. I don't have HBO, and will likely wait to watch it when it comes out on disc. In any event, I want to be done with the book before I watch any of the show. I just ordered the novel in paperback from Amazon tonight. I tend to prefer holding a physical book in my hands to reading an ebook. I thought ab
  14. Are you reading an old copy of TGH? This could be one of those things that got corrected in later editions after later books had stuff that contradicts what was originally written.
  15. Is the magic property of this sword rigging every Oscar night? Keeping Atlantis off the maps? The Martians under wraps? HA! I did not even catch that!
  16. this is pretty badass. are there any other ones like this? The question is, are there any of the ebook covers that aren't like this. Answer: No, all of them are badass.
  17. What's special about the Premium Account forum? What is discussed in there that can't be brought up in the rest of the forums? Just a reference to a premium forum without any description of it tells us nothing about what we are getting for our money.
  18. Except that Sweet has failed to achieve much consistency, even with his own work. Half the characters he uses multiple times don't even look the same. TGH and the roleplay cover both have an Ogier depicted, but they clearly aren't the same Ogier by appearance, even though both are supposed to be Loial. Moraine on EotW looks shorter and older than on TSR, enough to be two completely different people. Then there's Mat's spear, which manages to radically change appearance every single time it is shown. Speaking of Mat, what's with the cowboy look on the covers for CoT and ToM? I haven't read
  19. Leigh Butler is doing a first time read on Tor.com. She's about six chapters in, I think. I might check that out sometime, but I won't do so immediately. Not just to avoid spoilers, but because if I post a First Read, I don't want my reflections on the book to be influenced by what she has to say. I'd rather have my reactions be my own, so that anything I have to say will be originating from within me.
  20. OK, thanks for the info. I suppose when I finish off Fires of Heaven I'll switch series for a bit and start on AGoT. I was thinking of doing a First Time Reading thread to go along with.
  21. I've been considering starting this series, but I'm a bit unnerved by what I'm reading about the use of rape in the story. One big question I have is, are there any parts where the reader is expected to forgive, or even root for, the characters who commit these rapes? That was a huge, enormous problem for me with the Thomas Covenant series, in that the central character, the alleged hero of the series, was a rapist. I finished the first Covenant book and have yet to begin book two, and I'm not sure I ever will, due to that moral issue. Depiction of rape, or other violence against women, doesn'
  22. Drizzt named his scimitars Twinkle and Icingdeath. I don't think Roland Deschain's guns had names.
  23. The DM General Discussion forum.
  24. Vanion, this entry was very well written. Not only do I agree with what you have to say, but I found it to be well argued (those two things do not always go hand-in-hand in my world). Many democracies include some form of freedom of religion in their governmental principles, and while most of the citizens of these nations claim to consider freedom of religion a good thing, surprisingly few of them are good at observing it.
  25. Before the second season began in syndication, SyFy ran a marathon of the first season. I wanted to claw my eyes out after two episodes, so I gave up from that point. The actors were horrible. The show basically manages to keep everything Goodkind got wrong, while tossing in the trash the stuff Goodkind managed to do well.
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