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  1. Once more into the breach... Chapter 39 (Eddard X): So now Ned wakes up. I found his dream worth noting. Not because I expect it to fill in the puzzle, or foreshadow stuff in the future, but just because it gave some useful backstory and fleshed things out a bit. Seven against three, but when the three were defeated, five of the seven were dead. Jaime has fled the city... no surprise there, if the story of the attack on Ned's men turns against him, he would be wise to be far off. But Ned has been out cold for six days, giving the Lannister's plenty of time to put their own spin on things. Sin
  2. Jean: living close to Canada, the different prices have been noticeable sometimes (right now the USD is pretty much on par with Canadian dollars), but it's the appearance of their money that really throws me for a loop more than anything else. I remember thinking it was weird back when they abandoned dollar bills and switched completely to $1 coins, then they did the same for the $2. And the $2 coin isn't even all one color. Then there's the multicolored bills, way before America began introducing its own multicolored money. US bills all still have green as a common color element, regardless o
  3. Moon: Caffeinated root beer??? I don't know if I've ever heard of any brand of root beer being caffeinated. I've never checked Barq's to see if it was; I'd always just assumed it was decaf because other root beers were. I'll be spending next weekend in Texas, so I'll be sure to check that out! As for culture shock I've experienced, going to other parts of the USA has given me some shocks. I've walked though some parts of St. Louis and was stunned to find even large and well-traveled intersections sometimes had no button for pedestrians to push so the light would change and they could cros
  4. Chapter 35 (Eddard IX): So Eddard finds the brothel he was looking for. He interviews the woman there that had one of Robert's bastard kids, and then leaves. Ned takes note of the baby's dark hair, and reflects that Robert's previous bastard had dark hair too. Interesting, that part. I have a funny feeling it will prove important later on somehow. He comes down to see one of his men playing forfeits, which seems from the description to be the old kid's game of Memory crossed with strip poker. There's talk of Robert's other illicit children, including one conceived at Stannis's wedding. Cersei
  5. It's been a bit since I've been able to get another batch posted, since I had a computer on the fritz for a couple of days. These chapters had some serious development going on. Chapter 32 (Arya III): Hoo-boy. There's key pieces to the puzzle held by a kid, and the people she needs to hear it either won't listen, or won't believe. Arya's telling of the story to Ned did sound a little crazy the way she said it all. The two men she was listening to add another layer - or two! - of conspiarcy. I think going by the descriptions and the conversation, these have to be Varys and Illyrio. Varys se
  6. I can't eat ice cream at all. My lactose issues are quite severe. Cheese isn't quite so bad, if you know what to eat. Up here in the Northeast there is a brand of cheese named Cabot which is treated with lactase enzyme and is safe to eat. There's no taste difference that I can tell.Lactaid milk has a noticeable taste difference that I can tolerate, but my mother (who I inherited this from) can only tolerate it in her coffee as it grosses her out to drink it straight.
  7. Things pick up notably in the next few chapters. Oh what a tangled web we weave... Chapter 28 (Catelyn V): I found the tale of Catelyn's previous times at the inn amusing. I think I would have trouble not cringing if Masha Heddle smiled at me. And I don't know if I could handle being in a room that close to the meal bell if it's as loud as described here. The meal that Catelyn and Rodrik are given sounds awesome...bread, skewered meat (which is strangely never identified... Mystery Meat, maybe Masha Heddle's distant descendants worked in school cafeterias), onions, peppers, and mushrooms.
  8. This has got to be the first time I ever heard of or even imagined anyone being assigned to read King for a class.
  9. A few things here and there leap out at me, but this latest installment is hit and miss. Chapter 25 (Eddard V): There's something about this book Jon Arryn was reading.. There has to be. Given the subject matter of the book, it sounds like it will take Ned quite a bit of digging to find whatever it is in there. Iced milk sweetened with honey sounds good on a hot summer day. I'm not sure whether I'd want that much honey in it, or if I'd prefer it more like Ned. I didn't find it all that surprising that Ned is being watched, really. Not much about this chapter say "Boo" to me, it mostly seem
  10. Dany's chapters are interesting on their own; I'm liking the way her character is developing so far from meekly staying under her brother's thumb towards finding her own path in life. All the same, I'll be happy when it ties into the rest of the story (and I'm logically assuming that it will, otherwise it wouldn't be included).
  11. I'll take some of these. I found DM via a link on the WOT encyclopedia site, which I've often had to use to look up assorted things from past books when I can't recall who someone is or whatever. I'd been using the encyclopedia website since I was reading TGH and had trouble recalling stuff from TEoTW, but never bothered checking out the community until about a month ago. I've actually been reading the books for about three years, but not all in a row, so it's taken a while just to get as far as I have. The books were recommended to me on a forum for an RPG which I lost interest in a long time
  12. Chapter 21 (Tyrion III): I love Tyrion's sense of humor. He cracks me up during the dinner scene in this chapter. Alliser once again shows himself to have absolutely no sense of humor. Then Tyrion goes up to the top of the Wall for one last look He meets Jon, and their friendship deepens with a handshake that really carries some weight. I'm hoping this bit is done just as effectively on screen. He mentions to Jon he will be stopping at Winterfell on his way back south. Since he knows (through Jon) that Bran is alive and awake, this gave me some trepidation. Yet for all the evidence against Tyr
  13. Do Browns, being the bookish sort, generally prefer actual books when they read, or do electronic means suffice?
  14. As a longtime fan of what-ifs, I just loved this chapter.
  15. OK, so things take a few interesting turns in my next chunk of the novel.... Chapter 17 (Bran III): Bran wakes up. But I found his dream to be far more interesting. Apparently Bran has some psychic visions while he is sleeping. He accurately sees his mother and Ser Rodrik on a ship, complete with Ser Rodrik retching his guts out. He sees the events surrounding Ned, Sansa, and Arya dealing with the stuff from the previous two chapters. He sees some men in armor. The first one is obviously the Hound. The second has shiny golden armor and might be Jaime. I can't recall for sure seeing any des
  16. Chapter 13 (Tyrion II): This chapter is unsettling for Jon. Here he finds out for the first time that joining the Night's Watch is not the noble calling he always envisioned. I have a feeling the two rapers will be back in future chapters, even after the group gets to the Wall. Even with the Watch being full of the dregs of society and scum of the earth, Jon should be glad to be there. For the first time in his life, he is somewhere that he can be judged solely on his merit. His parentage won't be an issue serving on the Wall. If he serves well, he will presumably advance and be held in high r
  17. She improves considerably the next time we see her. I'll get into that more when I write up the next entry.
  18. Point well made, and thanks for the input. All I know for sure is that if someone told me I should be in a coma fighting for my life rather than her son, I would consider it to be seriously over the line. Ned does care for her, and wanted to do what he felt was the honorable thing. The bits where we see things from her view come out better on how she looks as a person. The rights of women are always a thorny issue to deal with in fantasy/medieval tales, and GRRM seems well aware he is potentially walking through a minefield there. Do you treat things with some historical accuracy and have some
  19. Chapter 9 (Tyrion I): BRAN IS ALIVE!! I thought sure that fall would kill him. Joff here shows that he isn't ready for the world of political intrigue quite yet when he can't be bothered to go to Ned and Catelyn and express his sorrow over Bran.Not only is he a jerk, but he is a dope (granted, he's only twelve). Sure, Bran doesn't matter to him, but the forms must be followed. Tyrion so far seems like the only likable Lannister there is. But I'm assuming he will still work toward the Lannister cause, no matter how much of a bunch of jerks the rest of his family is. Tyrion's choice of breakfast
  20. That's not an inaccurate description. Between Joff and Viserys, though, if I just say goblin-shit, someone is bound to say "Which one?"
  21. I'll keep that in mind for future installments. If I'm not too lazy, I may even edit what I've already written.Thanks for the info.
  22. "Shocking. Positively shocking." Sean Connery as James Bond in Goldfinger Chapter 6 (Catelyn II): I seem to have gotten to the series first major bombshells. In hindsight, it isn't hard believing that Jon Arryn was murdered. Hand of the King seems like the sort of job that comes with a giant bullseye on your back. Murder... "murder most foul"... would certainly explain Arryn's sudden illness when he had been the picture of good health just a couple of weeks before. I bet it was poison of some kind. Given the way that medieval times worked, I can't see anything wrong with the decisions on w
  23. Chapter 2 (Catelyn 1) I think the concept of a godswood is interesting. Catelyn's faith in the seven faces of god sounds worth exploring a bit as well. I'm hoping to see the religion of Westeros explored a little more in-depth. I don't have much more reflection on the second chapter, other than noting with interest Ned's refusal to believe in the Others. If he sends an army north to "deal with this King-beyond-the-Wall for good and all", then boy is he gonna be in for a nasty surprise! I wonder if the men stationed at the Wall have ever gotten comfortably numb. Chapter 3 (Danaerys 1): I th
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