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  1. I'd never even heard of Sanderson or any of his existing work until sometime in 2009 when I learned he'd been chosen to finish WoT (while my memory is fuzzy on this, it may have also been when I first learned that Jordan was dead). I'm not sure I would have bothered trying his stuff at all if not for WoT, although I would almost certainly have heard of him somehow in the last ten years. He's become big enough that I would have to be living in a cave otherwise.
  2. I usedto drink the caffeinated ones like crazy, but I got to notice more and more the negative effects they were having on me. These days I have one of the 20-ounce bottles split between two days in the mornings at work to help me function, and that's all the caffeine I allow myself. The rest of the time I drink non-caffeinated brands, but just as often I will have a bottled water instead. Canada Dry's blackberry ginger ale is delicious, and I like their ginger ale and lemonade flavor. We have a 12-pack of their new ginger ale and orangeade, but I haven't actually tried any yet. An
  3. So as of 745 AM this morning, I finally finished the mainline Harry Potter series. (Not counting the play or all the assorted side books.)
  4. A bunch of little things like someone telling Elaida maybe somebody will learn to make ter'angreal again, which Elayne eventually does. And Bertome thinks to himself that whatever Weiramon wants, it isn't what it seems on the surface. "Even this Tairen oaf was not that simple."
  5. So far (I'm about ten chapters into their coverage of TGH), they seem to average about an hour.
  6. I have The Blade Itself on my Kindle. I might actually get around to reading it someday.
  7. I finished TPOD a few weeks ago for the second time and mostly in my second read I've been catching foreshadowing all over the place.
  8. @Songstress I checked out Not a Podcast and those episodes are ridiculously long. I don't think I understand how they can possibly find two hours and then some worth of discussion in nearly every chapter.
  9. The Legendarium is pretty good. For ASOIAF and GoT, Binge Mode and Boars, Gore and Swords are my favorites. I enjoy WoT Spoilers, and I had been enjoying TWoTcast until they caught up to where I am on my current reread, so I decided to put them on hold for a bit.
  10. That sounds like a pretty good guess.
  11. Pineapple on pizza depends greatly on what else is on the pizza. A BBQ chicken pizza, either white or with BBQ sauce instead of pizza sauce, is delicious. Several years ago we made a pizza with mahimahi, BBQ sauce, and pineapple, and it was excellent.
  12. Could also be somewhere on Tatooine.
  13. You mean, when she began interacting with a character who died before the first episode and we only see as a corpse? I think Pike will be excellent. I mostly know her from her Bond character but I hear she has been really good in other stuff.
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