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  1. That they can, but this isn't why Delana can't sense her ability to channel. You may remember from the prologue that Aran'gar used to be male and the Dark One transmigrated his soul into a female body. He - now she - still channels Saidin, as the soul is still male.


    I had been wondering about that. I figured becoming a woman would transfer her channeling over to saidar by default.

  2. As things currently stand, I'm not planning on getting an e-reader, ever. Of course, I said that about cell phones and DVD players, well after much of the world had already made those particular switches. I don't have much problem with waiting till the paperback is out, since my main goal at the moment is trying to squeeze in books 3 and 4 in between a massive WoT marathon designed to finish in time for J-con 2013. I thin k much of my reading for the next 18 months is confined to just two series.

  3. He got clocked really hard with Reek/Ramsay's fist with a gauntlet on it, and his cheekbone got smashed. The end of that chapter just seemed to me like it wanted to sound like he died, without actually making it official, which makes for an interesting cliffhanger. Since that sort of thing has happened in the first two books now, I'm wondering if it will happen in every book. Or even most of them.

  4. The variety in belief systems wasn't something I'd noticed to be missing in WoT till after I began ASOIAF. In WoT, the whole continent is under one religion, with the only differences being more parallel to different denominations than different faiths altogether. The Children of the Light don't see eye to eye with the Aes Sedai (or with a lot of others), but they all worship the Creator and oppose the Dark One. Except for the Darkfriends, who I suppose are parallel to Satanists.When I got to reading AGOT, the multiple faiths leapt out at me.

  5. That's been how I've been reading Theon in this book so far. More than anything else, he wants acceptance. Except he wants it now, and is willing to take shortcuts to getting it. He doesn't seem to realize that real acceptance is built up over time. Even in the previous book, before you got into his mind, he seemed at times to be a bit of an outsider looking in.

  6. I enjoy all the multidirectional intrigue, even in parts when I'm not actually rooting for anyone. I've been pulling for the Starks so far, even though they have long odds of coming out winners in the end. I'd also likely to see Tyrion do well on an individual level, regardless of how the Lannisters do. He's more likable than the rest of his family, and his skill with words is awesome. Martin's action scenes are very well written, too.

  7. One thing I noticed but forgot about is that Dragonstone is mentioned as having a volcanic mountain (with "hot vents") called Dragonmont. Now that's just gotta be a Jordan reference! As for Melisandre, I sure hope they pick the right actress to play her in the TV series. They need an absolute hottie, but one that has a formidable screen presence, not a gorgeous woman who can't do anything but look gorgeous. And they have to get the red hair right, if not a real redhead then someone who can make a dye job look realistic.

  8. I wasn't really surprised much by Ned's death by itself, given the way he bungled everything leading up to it. He was practically begging for stuff to come back and bite him in the ass. The way it happened surprised me as I wasn't expecting any of the plotters to offer him any kind of way out. Nor was I expecting Joff to override that deal once it was made, since as I noted, he has no legal authority to override his regent-mother because he is underage. If an underage king was judged fit to rule, he wouldn't have a regent anyway. I'm definitely planning on blogging the other books too, as well as whatever WoT books I still have to read.

  9. I don't see what would be wrong with Sanderson doing prequels and outriggers in the world of WoT, once the main series is done. RJ had planned for New Spring to be the first book in a prequel trilogy, and the novel version of NS sort of leaves things hanging at the end. When I read NS, I got a definite impression that RJ was trying to leave himself an opening for more stories before TEoTW. RJ also planned for two or three outrigger books. How much work he actually did on any of these is a key point, but even a story idea would make for a good starting place for Sanderson. If RJ himself planned to do these books, then I wouldn't consider it capitalizing on his name to complete his intentions. What would be capitalizing would be to do what has happened with the Dune series: endless prequels, sequels, and even interquels, to the point where Frank Herbert should consider haunting his son to get him to allow the series to die an honorable death.


    Corki, I really liked the Goodkind example, cause I found it to be quite appropriate. The big difference here is that Sanderson has had more success outside WoT than Goodkind has outside Sword of Truth, so BS can write in other series, and begin new ones, without departing too far from what his core fans want. Goodkind's attempt at a crime thriller flopped, I gather. So he went back to giving his followers what they want: more Sword of Truth. In essence, Goodkind got typecast as a writer, while Sanderson hasn't been. Another factor, I suppose, is that when you are a writer, intending to stop a world doesn't prevent you from getting story ideas in that world. And when an idea hits you, sometimes you just have to tell that story.


    Oh, and a question for you. You mentioned buying the first two parts of the first Mistborn book. If it's a single book, what do you mean by buying the first two parts? Has it been subdivided at some point into smaller volumes? Wouldn't it be easier and cheaper to just buy the entire novel in one piece?

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