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  1. The library should be your best friend! None of us "need" to own a book to enjoy its story. Perhaps owning the book is convenient, but not necessary to be able to read and enjoy it like everyone else. At most, you will have to wait a week for the book to come in to the library. Enjoy the series!
  2. I am still hooked. I am on book ten right now and I'm loving it. I finally made it to the double digits! Wooohooo! Anyway, My boyfriend at the time about 2 years ago would read New Spring to me and forced me to listen every night before we went to bed. I couldn't stand it because it was forced on me. I had no idea what was going on. Then we went on a road trip last year and we had EOTW on audio book playing the whole time... By the time we listened to The Great Hunt on Audio book I was sooooooo hooked! I finally got why he loved the series. It is just so complex and really appeals to my intelligence. I feel like it treats the reader as someone who is capable of memorizing lots of details, places, names and figure out how situations connect to everything that makes up a world. I have broken up with the guy, but Wheel of Time will always be with me :D
  3. I have New Spring and book 9-13 left. If anyone interested?
  4. I live in MA. I have some people interested in select books, so I am waiting to see what they want. But send me an email and we can go from there. Basically, whoever sets this up with me first is going to get them. Yay for spring cleaning :)
  5. I am not sure, I could look it up for you id you'd like. They would be the latest editions.
  6. Hi everyone, I am cleaning out my apartment, trying to downsize so I can move more easily and have the complete (except for AMOL) books series, including the World Of Robert Jordan (the big white book) all in hardcover. They are all in brand new condition. I have most of the books on my kindle and it is easier for me to move around that way. That being said, does anyone here want or know anyone who would want them? I was thinking about $60 bucks plus whatever it'll cost me to ship them out. I can sell them individually if anyone wanted to do that for $10 a book. Let me know. Thanks! You can respond here or email me at jonathan.b.barbato@gmail.com. -Jonathan
  7. So last night at was on a team for a Trivabee and we got the question: Who is the greek god of dreams? I cannot tell you how annoyed I was that all that kept screaming in my head was Lanfear! Lanfear! I just had to say I dont know becuase I wouldnt have said her name. I wanted to so bad. I KNOW it is Morpheues, but Wheel of Time has invaded my mind...
  8. I am so glad! :D I have no Idea who it is going to be, but I hope he gets a nice boyfriend.
  9. Hey guys, have you seen the new Wheel of Time News Series posted on the main site? http://www.dragonmount.com/index.php/News/videonews/wot_news_launches
  10. Hi everyone! I am new to the site and wanted to say hi! I learned about Wheel of Time last year and have been reading the series non-stop. I am still about halfway through and I am so very in love with this series. I started off with reading a New Spring and then Eye of the World and so on. I was so shocked to find out that Suian was the Arymalin in EotW. I think most people usually are not because they read that book first. So that is my unique perspective on the story. I am looking forward to making some great friends here and becoming a part of this community!
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