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  1. I'm fine with that. I had heard it would come out next March or thereabout, but I wouldn't have gotten to it until some time in 2013 anyways. Gives me time to re-read the series, even though I haven't yet completed my first read.
  2. ^ I've seen (at least) three characters getting a lot of bad rep around here: Elayne, Egwene, and Faile. Only one of those three deserves it, and that would be Faile, who, while not an awful character, is just so damn bland and tipsy.
  3. I don't think Shai'ton can "die", literally. Figuratively, his death would relate to a fading memory of his existence, but literally, a "being" like him shouldn't be able to die. I would argue that he's not technically "alive", just that he "is". It's a whole paradox that involves actually observing what Shai'ton is, and, quite frankly, I don't think one could call him something that's living to begin with. It's just the embodiment of evil, the antithesis to the good will created by the Creator, which I also figure to just be a "thing" or embodiment. So unless you can completely destroy evil (
  4. I know Led Zeppelin was strongly inspired by Lord of the Rings, for some of their songs anyways, but I can't help but think of the Wheel of Time whenever I hear "Battle of Evermore". The light and airy backdrop with a foreboding forefront just reminds me of the earlier volumes in the series, when Rand was discovering who he was and when the Shadow was just re-emerging. Especially this line: "The Dark Lord rides in force tonight, and time will tell its woe."
  5. I loved Romanda's revelation, too. The moment Delana said "I need a breath of fresh air" and walked out, I had a feeling they would discover Halima. Great chapter.
  6. I don't remember Jarra. So BOOM!
  7. This can get frustrating at times. I just realized yesterday that Meidani (sp?) in TGS was earlier featured in...I don't remember which book, but probably WH...and was revealed a rebel before Yukiri, Saerin, Seain (god change their names!!!), and Pevara.
  8. Fourth Age? Phaw! That's not coming after the DO destroys the Pattern, silly.
  9. The Dragkar pic looks like something out of a sexual fetish pornsite.
  10. I agree with your comments about Lanfear. Beautiful and powerful. I like. I also like Mesaana's backstory, her failure at the university, and her manipulation of children, which she apparently used in the War of Power as weapons. And I love her black, white, and silver Illusion. Reading through TGS, I really wish Semirhage had been featured more prominently in some of the earlier books. She's so...nasty. She would have made a chilling villain if she had been used more.
  11. ^ Some of those are pretty good, especially Mesaana, Lanfear, and Graendal. I don't like the one for Sammael, though, and Rahvin's looks a bit off-putting. Balthamel's is kind of...creepily ironic (?).
  12. TDR was awesome first time around (and I hope it will be the second time, too). I have such fond memories of reading it in the warmth of spring mornings on my outside patio just over a year and a third ago. But it just gets better after that. If you though TEotW was great, and then thought TGH was greater, and then thought TDR was greatest, then you're in for a surprise. TSR and especially (to me, anyways) TFoH and LoC are the best books in the series. From what I've read (I'm only up to TGS, which so far is great), KoD would also be up there.
  13. I agree that Semirhage is scariest, based on psycho status. She was so wicked when she described to the Aes Sedai how she once removed a man's blood and replaced it with poison. And her butchering of the Seanchan Royal Family just came across as inhumanely brutal. Definitely a monstrous hellspawn. I always thought Lanfear was second strongest, but it seems hard to compare Saidar to Saidin. But I imagine Lanfear to be stronger than all the males, aside from Ishamael, and probably just slightly above Demandred at that. I was unaware of Aginor's strength, but I guess I overlooked that. As far
  14. "Wheel of Time" is truer than the Bible. Jordan*! That's awesome. *Obviously, Jordan is the Creator.
  15. I'm a girl, so I was actually looking up bathing suits, not models. Hey,it could still be another excuse. Maybe you're "that" type of girl.
  16. ^ You're just looking for an excuse to look up and post women models.
  17. Whoa, whoa, whoa...is this really true? Someone posted a link to the WoT wiki for the Forsaken page and the description for Aginor listed him as the second strongest among the males to Ishamael? Surely Demandred is second, although there was debate on the page that he could be. I thought Aginor was one of the weaker ones. The page went on to say Moghedian was weakest of the females, but I thought it was Mesaana. So what are the rankings by strength, for male and female Forsaken, at least in your opinion? Mine: Male 1. Ishamael/Moridin 2. Demandred 3. Aginor (according to the
  18. Re-read the last chapters.Often meanings are revealed near the end. Oh, that was sarcasm on my point. I thought that was obvious that I was saying the title blatantly refers to the Eye of the World.
  19. A Memory of Light: The Shadow has triumphed, the Dark One rules supreme and sets to destroy the Pattern, and Rand al'Thor and buddies are dead. So all that remains is but a memory of Light...it is no more. By the way, this is the best title of the books.
  20. Eye of the World: Maybe it has to do with the WAygates or Shadar Logoth, but surely nothing with the Eye of the World. The Great Hunt: The hunt to return the Horn of Valere to Illian, to reclaim it from Fain and the Darkfriends, and in general, a hunt against the Shadow itself...for example, the Black Ajah first surface and the hunt for them also begins here The Dragon Reborn: Rand finds a dragon's egg. Duh. The Shadow Rising: The Forsaken are on the move now more than ever. Moiraine revealed this at the end of TDR when Ba'alzamon was just Ishamael. And other Darkfriends are surfac
  21. Lanfear should look more seductive. My eyes should be blinded by her beauty. I wish.
  22. Sure, sure. No, better yet, Taim is Asmodean. He came to Rand just shortly after Asmodean died. Makes perfect sense.
  23. The more I think on Demandred, I begin to believe he must be at this Isle of Madness (I think that's what it's called). There are people who can channel there, and Demandred told Moridin his army is prepared. Graendal observed the only armies on the move were those of the Borderlanders, but I don't think Jordan would cop out with Demandred's identity as being that simple that Graendal's puzzling it out already. Plus, Demandred is supposed to do something great (well, terribly great) in AMoL, and an army of madmen channeling for the Dark One would be something big, if they wipe out the Asha'man
  24. Oh, yes, I meant to say capture a few posts earlier. Obviously the fireballs were not Moridin's orders.
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