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  1. Is there a thread for favorite book? I don't know the acclaim for all, so I'll just post my rankings of the books, and that should say which one I think is most under-rated if it is not as critically acclaimed as others. 1. The Fires of Heaven - loved this book, especially its sad ending 2. Lord of Chaos - great continuation to TFoH and with some big shocks 3. Eye of the World - fantastic way to start the series 4. The Dragon Reborn - loved the ending in Tear 5. The Shadow Rising - something about the earlier books just seems more "magical" 6. The Great Hunt - almost as
  2. I've not been here for a while, and I don't know if there is a thread dedicated to discussing the Forsaken, but if there is, can someone please bump it for me? Anyways, I just love the Forsaken. They're my favorite characters, and Robert Jordan alls keeps me in the dark waiting for more about them. I'm only up to Knife of Dreams right now, so I can only discuss their characters as far as that book, but I loved the chapter "At the Gardens", chapter 3 of the book Knife of Dreams. Also, the events at the end of "Winter's Heart" were amazing. There's so many interesting things about the
  3. I can definitely fathom how it would be more of a Parliament and King/Queen thing considering the books take place at a similar time as the eighteenth century. It even features the starts of an Industrial Revolution, in some respects, for there are numerous schools where inventors are inventing some new (and recognizable) things.
  4. I thought it could be Aginor, too. Afterall, the first ones that died were he and Balthamael, and since Balthamael became Aran'gar, I toyed with the idea that Aginor would be Osan'gar. That also fits into the irony of him "being the hero of the day" for he was so quick to be defeated. I could have sworn Ishamael created the shadowspawn, but I guess I was mistaken.
  5. I just finished Winter's Heart today. The ending with the Choedan Kal was phenomenal. It was the first time we get so many of the Forsaken striking at Rand at once. It also revealed a lot. Previously, I had guessed Lanfear was either Moridin (Naeblis) or Cyndane. I was therefore unsurprised when the chapter revealed she was Cyndane. I also knew Aran'gar was Balthamael. Now I have one question concerning Osan'gar. In his appearance in the chapter, he claims to be the creator of the Trollocs and, by extent, the Mydraul. Now, I can't recall exactly, but wasn't Ishamael the creator of the Trollocs
  6. I see people talking about the earlier novels here, so I want to discuss my reactions to them. I was actually disappointed somewhat at the end of Eye of the World when *spoiler*Rand "kills" Ba'alzamon*end spoiler*. It made the Dark One seem weak and I was thinking it would detract from their final battle. Then Ba'alzamon comes back at the end of The Great Hunt, and the battle in the sky was amazing, but again it made me think Ba'alzamon was weak and I was kind of annoyed by how Rand keeps defeating him. AND AGAIN the same thing happens in The Dragon Reborn, and when Ba'alzamon is killed, I was
  7. That's what I'm saying. Wheel of Time, while it does combine elements from other fantasy sources (and while Eye of the World is so similar to Fellowship), is unique in how it blends those elements. It crafts a very complex epic, but it's just better than Lord of the Rings. I have read reviews that call it a rip-off of Lord of the Rings and just thought that to be so absurd. It's very good, but this is like the kettle talking to the tea pot.
  8. I imagine a lot would agree here since this is a "WoT" fanboard. But I think some people who haven't bothered to read the "WoT" books unfairly call it a rip-off of "LoTR"...and it's so much better than that trilogy.
  9. I've been reading fantasy books for years now. It was "Harry Potter" that actually got me interested in the genre. But I had rarely read epics, so I would never have imagined reading "The Wheel of Time." Thrice I have tried to read "The Lord of the Rings", but something about the beginning of the first book bores me to tears, so I've never been able to get far into "Fellowship" before dropping it and reading something else. I had read all of "The Hobbit", and it was incredible (pwns "LoTR" book-wise, althought he LoTR movies rock!). Anyways, my mom started dating a guy, and he was apparently a
  10. If there are any other new users or fans looking, this does contain SPOILERS! Hey, just started reading these about a year and four months ago. I got the first book for my birthday in 2009 and thought it would be something I'd never be into. I immediately looked at the cover and said, "It looks like some Medieval bullcrap." But I guess the saying "Never judge a book by its cover" really paid off, because right after Winternight in 'The Eye of the World' things got extremely interesting, and now I'm on book nine and loving it. I'm just amazed by how epic this series really is. It's very com
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