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  1. Yeah, I wouldn't be able to focus on them while doing anything but sitting there with my eyes closed. Or reading the physical books. My attention would wander and I'd miss large chunks of the story, which would bother me with a new to me book.
  2. The citadel wouldn't be the palace, though... Palace with a library in an impressive city.... hmmmm...... Was the library in Cairhien officially part of the palace? Trying to think of other SF/F series where there are libraries mentioned. I am less helpful than I want to be.
  3. *gasp* BRB, moving in with Cindy and Basel and gaining 80 pounds.
  4. OK, may not be able to check back in until after work (I'll try, but if you don't hear from me for about 9 hours don't panic)... but here's the next one. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
  5. Not yet. I fully intend to subscribe eventually - mostly because my dream job is narrating audiobooks (and has been for many years, was really cool when Merphy Napier started doing it and decided to post videos about her lessons learned). But i know myself and I would not be able to listen to new books on audio - my attention wanders if i'm looking at anything unrelated to what i'm hearing, and next thing I know I'll have tuned out the audio and started thinking about something entirely different. I plan to get the WoT audiobooks for sure, for rereads and because I've heard that Michael Kramer and Kate Reading are masters of the narrating craft. But it's not a high priority on my goals list just yet.
  6. So many cool fantasy adaptations in the works right now! I haven't read those books... so many things to read, so little time. *sigh*
  7. Anyone reading any good fantasy lit lately?
  8. I'm having leftover chili, with shredded sharp cheddar cheese, sour cream and Fritos.
  9. Sorry, yesterday got away from me. First thing that popped to mind was Tar Valon - if we don't get penalized for incorrect guesses, I'd go there, otherwise wait for more clues.
  10. Hey Dan! :biggrin: (It is Dan right? It's been so long... I have forgotten many things.)
  11. Dried blueberries - I basically found the best looking oatmeal raisin cookie recipe i could find, and replaced the raisins with dried blueberries. The guy who brought them to JordanCon posted his recipe after i showed a photo of mine, but it was generally similar. I never considered it before he brought them to JCon, but they are the best. thing. ever.
  12. I hope to feel like baking cookies this weekend. Jonesing for a batch of oatmeal blueberry (my new favorite since JordanCon).
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