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  1. The reason they were in more danger when Nynaeve came was because all together, there group was of great importents. A lot of importent threads in one place, if they all got snaped at once than the patter would fall apart. Also as you mentiond, she could have been followed,increasing the imidiate threat. Hope that helps and sorry for all my misspellings. there are many


    I'd always assumed that the reason Min said they were in more danger when Nynaeve arrived was not so much because of Nynaeve's arrival, but because of something that Rand did while he and Mat were out exploring the city 'round the time when Nynaeve showed up. That literally did put them in more immediate danger, as opposed to - as Sunny said - Nynaeve's arrival, which was only a matter of time. She'd already started after them by the first time Min saw the "fellowship".


    *shrug* I could always be wrong. I'm relatively new around here myself, only on my second full read-through :D

  2. I've not run across any IRL WOT names, but when I was playing WoW there were quite a few WOT-inspired names on my server. I remember a warrior named Asmodean, and someone was using Lanfear (although I can't recall what class that one was)... One of my guildies had a paladin named Alysandra after Lan and Moiraine's aliases... and another one had characters named after both Nynaeve and Egwene.



    When Nynaeve grumbles about Teodrin's attempts to break her block.

    “I am not very good at surrendering,” she said. Unless there was no point in fighting, anyway. Only a fool went on where there was no chance at all. She could not breathe under water, she could not fly by flapping her arms—and she could not channel except when angry.

    -LoC, Ch 13

    well, I doubt Nyn will ever fly by flapping her arms but the other two come to pass eventually.


    I'm re-reading right now (first full re-read, but then I'm a newbie) and just came across this the other day. Loved it. :)

  4. There is a slight mistake in your list. can't comment any further as it involves ToM stuff.


    There is a way to post spoilers without them being visible to everyone. One way is to click the list menu that says "Other styles" in the top left of the post editor before you post your reply. Another easy way is to simply type (spoiler)Example text(/spoiler) except using square brackets [] instead of parentheses. This is what it looks like:


    Example text



    That way only people who want to see the spoiler text will see it. That code can be used within quoted text from another post as well as with just normal text. Not saying you didn't know Herid, thought I'd post that just in case. It isn't there in the "Forum Rules & FAQ" thread in this board and all the links in the Forum Basics thread in the Forums 101 board are broken so unless you figured it yourself, the knowledge isn't available. I know I'd have liked to know how to do that before I learned by fiddling around a bit. It really ought to be in the FAQ thread in a board like this that requires no ToM spoilers.

    Thanks for the info! I did not know of this. I'm not sure I'm allowed to post ToM spoilers on this board even in this form but I'll keep this in mind.

    Actually, I thought about it and I can say it without using anything from ToM. It's pretty certain as of tGS that Moiraine didn't die when she fell into the ter'angreal doorway with Lanfear. therefore there is no reason to assume that Lanfear died in the process either. something more interesting must have happened.


    Actually there is another status change that we find out in ToM, but since that truly is a spoiler at the mod's request I won't even hint at which one it concerns.

  5. Just as a side note, now that this thread is pretty much back on topic :laugh:


    Does Elayne have the right to Andor's throne, under the laws and traditions of Andor? Yes. Colavere had the right to Cairhein's throne, under the laws and traditions of Cairhein. If Rand had wanted Elayne's story to end like Colavere's, it would have.


    Slight diff in that Elayne was Daughter Heir who went about securing her throne in the honored tradition of Andoran nobility while Colavere was a cold blooded murderer.


    From Moiraine's description in NS, it sounded like cold blooded murder was the honored tradition of Cairheinin nobility. :wink:


    1. She is a personality chameleon with no sense of her own self or loyalties. She switches thought and loyalties based on whatever group she happens to be around. When she was in the TR she couldn't wait to braid her hair and train to be a Wisdom. As soon as Moiraine shows up and tells her she can channel the braid comes out because AS don't braid their hair. As soon as she joins the Aiel she doesn't worry much at all about being AS and tries to be a perfect Aiel. During this time she also abandons her loyalties to the man she thought she would marry (this has nothing to do with Rand in particular but just another point of her shifting loyalties) to help the AS and Aiel WOs spy on him. Once she gets the call from the WT she abandons the Aiel and tries to become perfect AS. At this point you she her worry very little about the Aiel and their council, despite the fact that her own personal experiences should have shown her that the Aiel are a more honorable and capable group of women with less political manipulations and it appears likely less darkfriends. Her own personal opinions shift easily at this point as illustrated by her stance on the Oaths which she originally (and correctly) believed to be a bad idea but then changed her point of view to the WT's standard operating robot thinking really quickly.


    I was just talking to my friend who introduced me to the series yesterday... She's only read EotW and the first part of tGH, but is looking forward to catching up on the rest of the books when she has a chance.


    She said at the beginning of the book, she really liked Egwene, but by the end of the first book she'd started to find her annoying for just this very reason. I had to laugh realizing how much more of it she'd have to put up with for the rest of the series.


    But honestly, while her attitude (read arrogance) is a bit grating, I can see how in the end it may make Egwene a stronger person and a better leader if she can take the best of what she's learned from every experience, the strengths of every group she's associated with, and acknowledge and integrate them all into who she finally becomes. In the meantime, she's young and still learning who she is and wants to be. I'm willing to cut her some slack for the sake of the story, just hoping that by the end of AMoL it's proved to be worth it.

  7. I still don't get why neither Min nor Avi had told Rand that Elayne is pregnant, BTW.


    Maybe Min got so drunk she forgot about the infamous viewing about Elayne's babies, but why didn't Avi told Rand when they were together in Arad Doman? Even Nynaeve could've told him after she learned about in ToM, yet she didn't. You'd have expected her to berate him for having premarital sex and babies out of wedlock against the Two Rivers customs. ;)


    I guess Jordan has planned for it to be a major surprise for Rand and to affect the plot in some important way.


    Imagine if you will that you are Elayne.


    You have finally come to grips with the fact that the man you hope to marry is also in love with two other women - you're going to have to share him for whatever time he has left before he's destined to sacrifice himself to save the world, or whatever... and both of these other women, however much you may like them, have been to bed with him already... and one of them is constantly with him as he's off traveling the world without you. But hey, even if you're the last to bed him, you'll be the first to have his babies!


    How utterly pissed off would you be if someone else decided to be the one to break the happy news?


    Perhaps Min and Aviendha are conscious of how this would make Elayne feel, and don't think it's their place to tell Rand.

  8. I'm a WoT noob - picked up the series for the first time in October of last year... I was requesting individual books from Paperbackswap.com for the first few books, until I decided I was thoroughly hooked and started requesting 2 or 3 at a time. The person who was supposed to send me book 6 took a bit longer than I expected to get the book in the mail, so I went back and re-read 1-5 while waiting for it to arrive. Now that I'm fully caught up, including NS and ToM, I'm giving myself a short break (re-reading ASoIaF, and a couple of random other books are waiting on my nightstand for that to finish) before I start back at book 1 and see how much I missed the first time through. Or rather, how much I missed that I haven't had pointed out here on the boards :)

  9. The body swap theory does explain a lot of the prophecy/viewings about Rand's death, to be sure - I'll be fascinated by however it turns out.


    Just a thought... perhaps the body swap theory also explains the "something odd" about Min's viewing of Aviendha's babies.



    That's my theory too. There are elements in Towers of Midnight that touch on this [Aviendha's kids, not the veracity or lack thereof of this theory], and the board is still spoiler free. I might change that soon.


    Just read that part last night. And yes, I see what you mean.

  10. The body swap theory does explain a lot of the prophecy/viewings about Rand's death, to be sure - I'll be fascinated by however it turns out.


    Just a thought... perhaps the body swap theory also explains the "something odd" about Min's viewing of Aviendha's babies.



    That's my theory too. There are elements in Towers of Midnight that touch on this [Aviendha's kids, not the veracity or lack thereof of this theory], and the board is still spoiler free. I might change that soon.


    My copy of ToM just arrived an hour ago. I've got the whole day free to devour as much as I can... and once I'm done, I can finally venture into the ToM spoilers section of the board. *happy dance*

  11. The body swap theory does explain a lot of the prophecy/viewings about Rand's death, to be sure - I'll be fascinated by however it turns out.


    Just a thought... perhaps the body swap theory also explains the "something odd" about Min's viewing of Aviendha's babies.

  12. I was there at the beginning. 1990 or 91. I'm not sure. I was attending Southern Illinois University at the time.



    Go you Salukis! I'd have been at SIU myself 'round that time, but alas, I didn't discover WoT until last year.


    Over the years I've dabbled a bit in reading fantasy (Terry Brooks was my favorite for a good long time) but my primary genre was mystery/thriller.


    My late husband was a gamer geek, and he got me into playing World of Warcraft about 5 years ago. From there I started picking up the Warcraft universe novels just to pick up on some of the backstory of the game... and when I burned through as many of those as I could get my hands on, I asked some of my guildies in WoW for recommendations of other authors or series. One of my guildies at the time had named their character Alysandra after Lan and Moiraine's aliases, but I didn't hear as many recommendations for Wheel of Time as I did very vocal support for A Song of Ice and Fire, so a bit over a year ago I picked up Game of Thrones and got seriously sucked in. I joined the Westeros forums, and started following GRRM's blog for hints on progress on A Dance With Dragons... and I recall reading GRRM's version of the Jaime vs. Rand Suvudu cage match battle with some curiosity, being completely unfamiliar with WoT.


    I was taking about ASoIaF with a good friend last year, and she brought up Wheel of Time - she'd only read EotW and part of tGH, but she was very impressed and was planning on starting over at the beginning when she had time (after she finished reading my copy of The Stand, which she's still poking through, she reads very slowly and has at least 3 things she's working on at any given time). In October of last year, being stuck waiting for ADWD and having no fresh reading material on hand at the time, I hopped on my favorite used book swapping website and ordered EotW for myself.


    By the time I was 2/3 done with EotW I knew I wanted to read the next one, so I ordered tGH and had to wait a week or so after I finished for the next book to arrive. A third of the way into tGH, I said "why wait?" and ordered books 3 and 4, then by the time I finished book 2 I ordered 5... and by the time I was done with book 4 I said "oh heck" and requested copies of all the rest of them that were available. By the time I finished KoD, there was still a long wish list waiting for tGS, so I bought a new copy of the paperback. And I'm anxiously awaiting my new hardback copy of ToM which should be arriving any day. :)

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