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  1. Sure, let's do it. Worst case, we have more guesses!
  2. *skitters through the thread giving squishy Saturday hugs*
  3. We are now officially done with on the job training at my new position. Aaaaand i feel marginally prepared to go on with minimal assistance, maybe.
  4. Oh it was Get on that! (Totally worth it!) *nod nod* If you have watched and enjoyed most - even a good chunk - of the MCU movies, it is so very satisfying.
  5. I mean, going to see Avengers: Endgame on opening weekend at the end of JordanCon with @keyholder21, @Hallia, @ed2funy and his roommate was pretty awesome. But most movies just aren't that special.
  6. That looks like it might help me forget about the frustration that is my new job. It also may help me forget my name as well as lose all motor function.
  7. I still need to see that... might wait for that to come out on digital, though. He's just adorable. TRUTH! (And pausing when you need to go to the bathroom, total plus.)
  8. That sounds wonderful. I slept a lot and rewatched Avengers: Endgame (bought the digital copy the day it was released).
  9. Yeahhhh so many options. We haven't had any Wheel of Time ones yet so I'm not opposed to guessing the Two Rivers, lol... I expect we'll have to get at least one more clue to get anywhere on this one.
  10. I am an excellent procrastinator. It's like, my biggest talent.
  11. That was a good alternate option, and from what I can tell from the wiki, I still like it.
  12. Mmmmm..... i do like Narishma a lot. Also Logain.
  13. I keep threatening to make cookies and not actually doing it. Doesn't look like tonight is the night either
  14. Do it! I don't think we have a better guess yet
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