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  1. I'm also a long time History of Westeros/Radio Westeros fan...  (And Alt-Shift-X when it's ASoIaF related)


    Other podcasts I've been loving:
    Not A Podcast ASoIaF (A Song of Ice and Fire chapter-by-chapter reread)

    WoT Spoilers (Wheel of Time reread - in depth with spoilers)

    Mistborn Spoilers (same guys, obv, but with Sanderson's Mistborn series)

    The Legendarium Podcast (lots of Fantasy and a smattering of sci fi and pop culture)

    The Wheel Weaves Podcast (Wheel of Time first readthrough)


    Current favorite YouTube channels:

    Passion of the Nerd (Buffy/Angel/Firefly episode guides + movie reviews)

    Daniel Greene (fantasy book reviews/news & discussion on adaptations)
    Nae'Blis (in depth Wheel of Time stuff)

    Emergency Awesome (news and reviews for all things geek media)

    Dominic Noble (compares books with their film/TV adaptations, hilariously)

    Merphy Napier (another great book YouTuber who also does audiobook narration)

    Emily Noel (beauty and lifestyle videos)

    Jessica Braun (another beauty/lifestyle channel)

    Cindy Guentert-Baldo (planning/lettering/art/NSFW language)

    Plant Based Bride (bullet journaling!)

    Boyce Avenue (amazing cover songs and original music)


    I've got a buuuunch more subscriptions, but these have been the ones I tend to watch everything they release.


  2. 17 hours ago, Niniel said:


    That sounds like a great group. 


    Oh it was :wub:



    7 hours ago, Mrs. Cindy Gill said:

    We still haven't seen endgame 😕 


    Get on that!  (Totally worth it!)


    5 hours ago, Niniel said:

    I hope you can see it when they release the dvd. It’s a must.


    *nod nod*  If you have watched and enjoyed most - even a good chunk - of the MCU movies, it is so very satisfying.

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