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  1. Hey Dan! :biggrin: (It is Dan right? It's been so long... I have forgotten many things.)
  2. Dried blueberries - I basically found the best looking oatmeal raisin cookie recipe i could find, and replaced the raisins with dried blueberries. The guy who brought them to JordanCon posted his recipe after i showed a photo of mine, but it was generally similar. I never considered it before he brought them to JCon, but they are the best. thing. ever.
  3. I hope to feel like baking cookies this weekend. Jonesing for a batch of oatmeal blueberry (my new favorite since JordanCon).
  4. Oh dear lord, Ramin Djawadi deserves an emmy.
  5. My company made a major acquisition last year that made my entire department basically redundant and all of us are being moved into new positions in the company we bought... And my hours changed, so now I'm having to get up super early in the morning and i am not a happy camper.
  6. In the immortal words of someone I used to have a crush on, "this whole 'getting up before noon' thing has GOT to go."
  7. I considered Brown pretty strongly, but at heart, my love for reading is more entertainment than learning, and I am much less of a curious person. My second choice was Yellow - in college, I was a member of an improvisational comedy troupe, and I know where to go for warm hugs and lighthearted conversation. Blue felt like *home*. I have found my nerds and I love them.
  8. I think the show suffered a bit from not taking the same path to the ending as GRRM plans to. There were certain things that were ridiculously underwhelming (hello, Golden Company?) but overall I was satisfied with the way things ended, and look forward to seeing how George makes it all tie together BECAUSE I DO BELIEVE HE WILL FINISH THE BOOKS. FITE ME. The acting was great. The production values were amazing. The writing was... mostly a'ight. (Bryan Cogman's episode was fantastic.)
  9. *scampers through the lounge giving squishy hugs* Hello friends
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