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  1. @Mashiara about Fain serving as a buffer in the sealing. Why do you think that the DO struck out blindly during the sealing? RJ said that both saidar and saidin would have been tainted if both were used then. And there is a really big tell in TGS when LTT says this


    It didn't work, Lews Therin whispered. We used saidin, but we touched it to the Dark One. It was the only way! Something has to touch him, something to close the gap, but he was able to taint it.


    @ElderHaman The ability to channel will remain after the LB. in TOM Min has a viewing of a woman who will learn to channel and become an Aes Sedai. This can not happen before the LB.


    BS said that Myrddraal can't channel

    Interview: Nov 14th, 2009


    TGS Signing Report - Aubree Pham (Paraphrased)


    Brandon Sanderson


    Myrddraal are not Trollocs who can channel. Their powers are totally independent from the One Power. They really are just throwbacks to the human stock. Harriet added that there are also animal throwbacks, but they just die.

    and RJ said that the ability to channel TP and OP is the same. I agree that Shaidar Haran most likely can channel TP. The description of him burning a spear in aCoS, ch 40 is very similar to the description of Ishy using TP in early books. and he has a dark aura too. But SH is all kinds of special and what's true of him need not be true of regular Myrddraal.


    BTW, BS also pretty much said straight out that it wasn't SH but Elza who broke the ward on Cadsuane's box.



    Interview: Nov 10th, 2009





    TGS Signing Report - Lexington, KY (Paraphrased)


    Brandon Sanderson


    Brandon hinted at some severe limitations on Shaidar Haran to affect the physical world. He says that a lot of actions that people assume to be those of Shaidar Haran in the book in one particular scene were physically carried out by Elza. He further indicated that Shadar Haran would have been incapable of physically placing the collar himself.

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