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  1. Yeah. You're right Gandaal, it's like Roran is just there to pad the book, he is incredibly boring. By the end of the book you may well be sick of Arya as well.
  2. I dunno. I really liked Eragon, but was really let down by Eldest. I'm hoping for a good finish to the trilogy.
  3. He says he hasn't, I read an interview where he said his books were greatly influenced by LotR and Anne Mccaffery's books, so I don't see why he'd hide the fact of being influenced by WoT. Personally, in all fantasy no-adays I could find some similarities to Wot and LotR so I don't think it's any big deal.
  4. Yeah. It'll be interesting. Since it's gonna be on tv, they probably won't have as many big names as they would if it were in theaters.
  5. http://www.objectivistcenter.org/ct-1695-Goodkind.aspx Here is a review by a fellow objectivist.
  6. http://trashotron.com/agony/indexes/audio_interview_index.htm Here is the site, scroll down a ways and then you'll find his interview. Think about what you're hearing, some will realize how smart he is. The list also has an interview of RJ.
  7. (For Egwene) Just so you know, TG is a devout objectivist (a philosophy made by an author named Ayn Rand) and he infuses his ideals into his books just like Ayn Rand did in "Atlas Shrugged". Sorry but TG doesn't read fantasy, he said he read those two series, but he usually just reads non-fiction and Ayn Rand and a guy named Dean Koontz. If anyone here wants to listen to an interview to get their facts straight just say so and I'll give you the link for it.
  8. Yeah! Another fan! Way to go loki! Is it just coincidence or is your forumname based on Jilian's raven in Chainfire?
  9. So you've read the books. Big deal. I've read every one several times and could read them again right now. Sam Raimi, the director for the SoT series is a huge fan of Goodkind, so it won't be a waste of his talent. In my opinion, Goodkind's books have gotten better over time, starting with Faith of the Fallen. Naked Empire was also spectacular. I, personally can't wait for the mini-series to come out, although I hope they don't ruin it. P.S. The descriptions of the brutality of the Imperial order didn't bother me because in an interview TG said that he was trying to show people just how e
  10. To get back on topic, here are my 10 favorite authors. In order. 1. Terry Goodkind 2. Terry Brooks 3. R.A. Salvatore 4. Ayn Rand 5. Joel C. Rosenberg 6. Robert Jordan 7. Eldon Thompson 8. Tad Williams 9. Douglas Preston & Lincoln Childs 10. Stephen King
  11. Not that I am saying you are right in this, Werhead. Because I will always think that you are dead wrong. I could argue this point till the day I died, but I don't think it would get me anywhere.
  12. No. He said Rand was the greatest philosopher since aristotle. He never said she was living. And Richard's decision to lay waste to the old world was no different than General Sherman's sacking of the south in the Civil War. He also only mentioned canada as an example that the US was the only FREE nation. ALSO, who cares if he said he doesn't write fantasy. He said that he chose the genre because it is the one in which he could write about heroes most effectively. HE WAS RIGHT. ALSO, objectivism IS NOT an outdated philosophy, it's been around since Rand created it and it is still around today.
  14. Uhhhh..... Stevenator..... Where is Terry Goodkind on that list?
  15. Uh... I just borrowed mine from a character in Blade: Trinity
  16. That's what I thought too, but then she seemed to get dissapointed when Perrin threw her(berlain) out of his tent. Huh, maybe I'll never know.
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