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  1. To be honest, I never really thought about him and thought his show was pretty lame. But when I heard he died, I was sort of shocked. He was brave enough to go after crocs and much more, and it's sort of odd to hear that he actually got killed. It's too bad, he will be sorely missed. I feel for his wife and the two young kids he left behind. They will be in my prayers.
  2. Here is my review. Man oh man was that a good book!!!! I just finished last night, 6 hours after getting it in the mail. I was so engrossed that I forgot about dinner and getting ready for bed. I have so far heard a surprising number of people complain about the brutal descriptions of the IO. I don't understand this. TG has said many times that we have to recognize the evil that evil is doing, and that is what he was showing us. I was totally surprised by the significance of the boxes and the BoCs. So know that the boxes have been put into play under richard's name, I can only imagine
  3. First off werthead. TG has managed to craft one of the best series in fantasy even while battling dyslexia(some disease that hampers reading and spelling). He is excellent at creating interesting C's, including Richard Rahl who is one of the best characters in fantasy ever. His plot has held together throughout all of his books. Icould count the number of times a main C has been taken prisoner on one hand. TG wrote his ideals into Richard's actions, he is totally against fascism and believes it to be a great evil.
  4. Hey, papabear. I'd deefinately suggest "Elantris" by: Brandon Sanderson. It is outstanding and has political, magic and adventure all mixed in. It is one of the best fantasy books I have read in the past year.
  5. *blink* *blink* I'm sorry' date=' but Mr. Goodkind is not fit to touch Mr. Martin's word processor. That is all.[/quote'] Whatever.
  6. Read R.A. Salvatore, he is the king of forgotten realms and creator of Drizzt.
  7. SoT, I'm thinking, is gonna be on Showtime or HBO so that it can be given a MA rating and show brutality. On cable tv, I can't see Fox showing anything even remotely brutal.
  8. I read game of thrones and was totally unimpressed with Martin. Goodkind puts him to shame.
  9. Sorry Egwene, WoT would be a strict R. SoT(if it were in a theater which it won't be) would also be an R. WoT would suck to hell if it were made into a pg movie.
  10. Ahhhh such a intelligent thought and then you finish like that.... too bad.
  11. I do agree with Egwene. The last thing that I want is for a good series to be slaughtered by hollywood. But since the director is a TG fan, then the Sot movie can't be that bad.
  12. NOT COOL!!! :twisted: It's gonna be AMAZING! :P
  13. Not cool. Movie's gonna be awesome. :twisted:
  14. HAH! I am determined not to let you have the last word on this subject.
  15. I do have to agree with Melcom on one account though. I don't particularly care for the way TG seems to have a aversion to faith in his books. Although it is expected, since he is an objectivist and that is a primaril atheistic philosophy.
  16. I liked the magic kingdom of landover series, and the books that Anne Mccaffery and her son do together.
  17. Yelling Dice? Who is yelling? Ahh the glory of edits. Okay, I promise that I will no longer shout in computer language or be uncivilized. Let me just put it this way, I will gladly take Goodkind's word that he doesn't usually care for reading fantasy. I also believe that he is a good enough individual and will not lie to his fans about ripoffs.
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