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  1. Random COT happening: Marks the only occasion whence it's detailed that the character Mat wears a hat, other than his trademark chapeau. ...Hence, Mat's Spare Hat. BOOooooommmmmuh huh..huh *sputtered coughing Er...go light?
  2. When I picked up WoT, it was after having been really, really into series' like Forgotten Realms, and Dragonlance - Keep in mind this was like early/mid 90's, middle-school...Anyway, at that point, by comparison, WoT felt like a significant step up, in terms of literary scope, and quality of writing. One of the most significant issues, for me, concerning BS' representation of the series' end, is that it felt as though the writing quality, even between consecutive chapters, was so maddeningly inconsistent - to the point where some scenes came off as being pleasantly comparable to RJ levels of
  3. He already did share his thoughts/theory. They're in the first handful of pages in the thread...Rafo. Sheesh...
  4. Bayle Domon just a simple man who grew up an orphan, on the mean streets, until taken in, and raised further in the company of other like individuals, playing upon the masquerade of being in the service of a particular deity, while in reality, becoming a quirky troupe of highly skilled thieves under the tutelage of er uh...ahem *cough Because, er..smugglers gotta smugg..le? Go Light?
  5. Yeah, I trust both the UC and CSU systems. Thirded..unless you're that Jordan Zumwalt character *slantey eyes
  6. Superficial gripe: When ToM came out, and I looked at the cover, in association with the lead-up through the series that Mat giving up half the light of the world to save the world, that Moiraine was going to be a pivotal figure in terms of conflict resolution...So I was all oouuurigh, been looking forward to this! Then the whole time reading it, it was like when Tebow was still at Florida, and all you ever heard on espn & associated broadcasts, was Tebow, tebow-tebow-tebow?, Tebow te-bow, tebow! Except with ToM it was Perrin perrin-perrin, Perrin?, Ah! Perrin, and then Perrin! Perrin o
  7. He means apples and oranges in terms of the natural progression of an overreaching narrative as it goes through the phases & goings on applicable to middle acts(apples), versus material & attributes that are demonstrative of final acts(oranges). Thereby to compare the intrinsic properties of middle books, versus those of the tail end of the series, is to compare apples & oranges; two fundamentally different things. An aside though, Quadrillium, you're a big microwave user, aren't you?
  8. One could also say that experiencing outpourings of public support, at conventions, while on book-tours, signing events, random encounters in airports since he seems to enjoy posting photos of those on his twitter feed, in house go-team-go feedback from his publisher, and industry awards - that BS experiences overwhelming positive emotional compensation, to make up for any number of threads on internet message boards, of which he probably personally visits & participates in at an effective rate of zilch. If you want to relate that to how your two friends experiencing corporeal pain, from
  9. I'm sorry, and you would be in the know, as to the personal thoughts and emotions of one B. Sanderson, and all of Team Jordan, with specific regard to the entirety of the WoT Community? One could infer that BS exclaimed his own position of not even taking into consideration fan reaction, as I recall he exclaimed at one point I believe, as per an interaction with Luckers, that he didn't take on this project for the fans - he did it for Harriet, and RJ. So to come round about with the concept that he somehow thinks 'so much less' of the WoT community is rather uncouth - as to say, by his own ad
  10. I think Ares was more so stating that if you look at Sandertar-er..Sanderson, and you say okay, whether or not he was going to spend that other time on another project, whether it was writing, on vacation, grocery shopping, schlepping around town - It was time that wouldn't have been spent on WoT, in any case, irregardless of what he chose to do in that time off. Thus, it's not a question of spending not enough time on WoT, as a direct result of spending too much other time on something else, but more so of a question of does/did the writer have the balls to actually follow through on the lev
  11. Lord help that poor soul, if his or her microwave ever quits... Nothing important happens in ten pages?! But I want it NNOOOOWWWWwwwaahhhh!
  12. Aside: It really grinds my gears to read the author talk about how he might have done more, etc., if he hadn't been limited by time constraints - and yet here we have pages worth of material, released after the fact, river of souls for instance, or even if you wanted to take into account what must have been an inordinate amount of time spent on Perrin vs. Slayer XVIII, or scenes like whose got the bigger dick, a la Rand & Mat, take your pick really...And in addressing the treatment of any given character, Fain in this instance, down the line, to bring up that you were under time constrain
  13. Rationality kind of takes a backseat when you're talking about an absolute monarchy eh?
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