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  1. Well it comes from Raven in "Viking" XD I wanted a more fighter - like - name lol
  2. well ... it seems that it"s not the right one LOL XD and "simon's" necronomicon and i have to say that it was weird lol (the name of the writer is not written anywhere on the covers). I think I'll have to be more careful when I buy books *shame*
  3. Hrafnhildr


    <3 Great great entry so yes you totally met it ! Sorry for overlooking this :'( Don't hesitate to share it in other places. You really did well
  4. Now that is a good question lol
  5. ooooh I love cherry diet coke <3 Well I used to love it, they changed the taste here and renamed it Feisty Cherry Coke... It really burned my throat and had a very bad aftertaste :'( I guess I am allergic to one of the ingredients or something?
  6. For now I am mainly playing to Elder Scrolls Online - that's for the video game part. For the board games I created a ludo with legos are the girls really love it ^^
  7. Well all drinks are on me today ! points at the new name
  8. Little update for you guys : I changed my name *nods proudly* So don't PM Chaelca but Hrafnhildr
  9. no worries * hands a drink * SO ! how did you get that leather bikini ? lol
  10. LOL I got You got: the Junk Lady You're a hoarder and you have trouble keeping your hands to yourself. XD
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